"Whoopie-ti-yo-yo, git along little doggie," sang Dorian in a terrible Midwestern accent. He was fresh from the shower and wrapped in Klaus' robe.

"I guess your headache is gone," said Klaus with subtle intent.

"Mostly," replied Dorian, unwrapping the towel from his hair. He apparently did not catch the suggestive undertone of Klaus' query. "Thanks for the aspirin, Lovie-pie. I owe you one."

"You can start by dropping about half of those stupid pet names."

"Which ones, Muffin-butt?"

"That one for starters!"

"Pookie-nose. Sweetie-pants. Snuggle-bunny."

"Idiot!" There was no fierceness behind it.

"Well you can drop that one yourself!" the Earl chuckled, dabbing on rose oil. "Cuddle-lump."

"Shed ep," Klaus drawled in an equally distasteful accent.

Dorian threw the towel at him. "I want to go to art museums today. And horseback riding."

"You do?"

"Yes. We went to your dreary old military museum yesterday."

"And to your wretched discotheque last night."

Dorian grimaced. "Oh, yes. Last night. Dreadfully sorry, Darling. How embarrassing. Let's never go back to that restaurant again."

"Oh, no worry there. The have probably plastered you photo up on the front door with 'Do not allow this person to enter' printed beneath it."

"Oh, God," groaned the Earl. "And I'm British! I'm supposed to be a representative of the Crown!"

"God save the Queen," razzed Klaus.

"Indeed," muttered Dorian, who threw open a dresser drawer.

Klaus, who was still in his pyjamas in bed, wanted to fool around some and see if he could get aroused again. He reached out to touch Dorian, but the flighty butterfly turned and yanked open another set of drawers. "Where is my silk step-in?"

Klaus grabbed the end of Dorian's flaring robe. "Who cares?"

The Earl's sapphire eyes opened wide. "Beg pardon?" He then winced.

"What is it?" asked Klaus, concerned.

"My headache. It's nothing. What were you saying?"

Poor Dorian was probably not in the mood to experiment. And Klaus needed a completely well and eager partner or else he just might lose his confidence. "Nothing, Angel." He got up and kissed Dorian's cheek. "Do you need some more aspirin?"

"No, just some fresh air and a good walk. Can we please go to a museum? There's one next to the zoo." He pinched Klaus' cheek. "They've got airplanes," he sing-songed. "And lots of military crap. You'll like that."

"Well, you know how I love crap," Klaus grinned wickedly and pulled Dorian to him by the waist and kissed him briefly on the lips.

"Piss off!" the Earl exclaimed in mock-indignation.


The Kirkpatrick Center was more than a mere military or art museum. There was also a domed planetarium, a science museum filled with experiments, games, and displays, and a small but lovely garden.

Dorian looked adorable in his magenta one-piece short romper and gold sandals. Klaus watched the Earl try out a centrifugal force exhibit and simply enjoyed him. He had always admired the Earl's good looks and athletic build, but now... the sight of Dorian made him feel warm and affectionate. Dorian, spinning crazily, hair flying, was his soul joy. His soul's joy. His other half. What had Dorian said about two mirrors reflecting each other and themselves to infinity? Was it that then that made Klaus feel complete? Finding the rest of himself in Dorian?

The Earl staggered off of the display, dizzy. "Whoa, Klaus. Flashback to last night!"

Klaus chuckled and put an arm around Dorian to steady him. A pair of young teens stared at them. Klaus found he didn't care.

"Oooh, look, Major! A shadowbox!"

"Was ist das?" said Klaus, following Dorian's gaze toward a huge dark box where kids flocked.

Inside, a bunch of kids stood pressed up against a large white wall, utterly motionless except for their laughter. On the other side of the box was a black object. There came a beeping from the black object, then a flash of light. The kids stepped away from the wall, but their shadows remained.

"How fun!" exclaimed Dorian. "Let's!"

They found a spot in the midst of the kids. Klaus had on a tight "Bundeswehr" t-shirt, so his torso was sharply defined. He assumed a manly, feel-apart, hands-on-hips stance. Dorian looked like a showgirl, arms outstretched, leg kicked up.

Beep Beep Beep Beep FLASH!

"You know," whispered Dorian, admiring their silhouettes, "if these kids weren't in here and we were alone..."

"Some interesting shadows, I am sure," finished Klaus.

They wandered around the complex all day, having a wonderful time at all of the exhibits and museums. Klaus spent hours looking at the spacecraft and military crap. Dorian was drooling at the display of Admiral Growler's hat collection. Upstairs was all art and photography, except for one room full of inaugural gowns of all the state's first ladies.

"Tacky. Too frumpy. Oh, elegant," judged the Earl.

By the time they left, they were tired and famished. Heavy dark clouds pressed down on from horizon to horizon.

"'S gonna pour," remarked a woman passing by with her two children.

"Gut," replied Klaus. "Perhaps it will cool off this blasted inferno."

The sky burst apart, dumping sheets of rain just as Klaus and Dorian reached the highway.

"Should we just go back and dine at the motel restaurant?" asked Dorian.

"I would rather," said Klaus, "eat razor-blades in the middle of a golf course while wearing metal underwear." Lightning flashed to emphasise the point.

With some luck and driving, they came across a little Italian restaurant that didn't look too crowded or posh. Inside, it was very red and very dimly lit. Terrible Italian music played on a jukebox.

"It's precious," giggled Dorian. They were seated in a booth in a far corner. Dorian's silk step-in was soaked. Klaus noted, with some chagrin, that in the chill of the air-conditioned restaurant, his own nipples stood out under the tight wet fabric of his t-shirt.

"Got a smoke?" asked Dorian.

Klaus started for his shirt pocket before realizing he didn't have one. "In the car."

"Oh, well. Just as well. I've been trying to quit."

"Good for you. Your lungs are probably still recovering."

"I'm fine, Darling."

In the low light, Dorian's delicately sun-burned face looked ever so young. Klaus could fairly picture what Dorian looked like as a youth. Dorian was still so much a child. Before, that had always annoyed and infuriated Klaus, but now, he found it sweet and delightful. He even found himself being drawn into Dorian's play, and enjoying it. Too soon he'd have to go back to being Iron Klaus again. If NATO would accept his insistence that he was recovered without a psychiatrist's approval.

"Something wrong?" asked Dorian.

"Just thinking about work. I hope they take me at my word that I am fit for duty."

"Oh. Well, you have to see a shrink first."

"No. I will not. I do not need one. You have helped me. I am all right."

"Look, Major, I'm glad I was able to help but I'm no psychiatrist. I don't think a note from me is going to reassure them that you're okay."

"There must be another way."

Dorian shrugged.


“Can we stop somewhere and get a souvenir?" asked Dorian.

The rain had ended as suddenly as it had started. Now only great rolling clouds of warm mist dampened the night air.

"At this hour?" asked Klaus. "Where?"

"I know a place."

Klaus gave him a dubious sidelong glance. "Where?"

"Just off the highway by the Kirkpatrick, sort of. Let me drive."

Klaus was very suspicious. "Why?"

"Because I know where it is."

"Just direct me," replied Klaus.

The look of frustration on Dorian's face confirmed the Major's suspicions: Dorian was up to something. "What are you plotting, Red Gloria?"

"Nothing. I just want a souvenir."

"What sort and from where?"

"Go that way and I'll show you," replied Dorian, pointing east.

"No." They were already at the inn and Klaus stopped the car. "No souvenirs, Dah--link."

Dorian sat in the car and sulked.

"Forget it, Dorian. It worked last night but not this time."

The Earl gave him a saucy look and got out of the car. He smiled and put his arms around Klaus' waist. "You know me too well, my love. Kiss me."

"Wait until we get inside."

"No. Now."

There were no people outside to see. Klaus leaned over to peck him on the cheek. Suddenly, Dorian tripped him backwards and grabbed the car keys.

"Nein!" shouted Klaus, but it was too late. Dorian was in the driver's seat, revving the engine. Klaus tried to open the door but it was locked. The Earl backed out carefully. Klaus leapt over the hood and tried the passenger side door. It was unlocked. He jumped in and grabbed Dorian's hands. The Earl hit the gas and the car sped in reverse, almost hitting the metal fence behind them. Klaus yelled and covered his head. With a sudden lurch, the car moved forward into the street.

"Stop this car right now!" commanded Klaus.

"Don't fuck with me," said Dorian. "The roads are wet and it's dark out."


"Shut up, Sweetheart, and let me drive."

Klaus was dumbstruck. When Dorian meant business, he really meant business. Klaus sat back and waited. He could foil Dorian when they got wherever they were going.

"Put on your seatbelt," said Dorian.

"Good idea."

They took the highway east for a long while. Sure enough, Dorian exited at the off-ramp to the Kirkpatrick Center, but instead of going south, turned north, back under the highway and then headed west on the frontage road.

They passed the Cowboy Hall of Fame, then Dorian turned off onto another access road and did a U-turn.

"No!" gasped Klaus. "You can't be serious!"

"Why not? They have the best Oklahoma souvenirs in town."

"You do not have your tools with you. And you are not dressed properly."

The Earl just smiled and jumped the curb, stopping the cat in a copse of trees. He kicked off his sandals. "I'll be back," he said ala Schwarzenegger.

"You will not, because--" but Dorian was gone, racing barefoot through the trees towards the surrounding fence of the museum. With a curse, Klaus ran after him.

The fence was a cinch to jump. The parking lot was empty, save for a single security vehicle, parked and empty. Dorian disappeared around the back of the building. When Klaus reached it, he found the back door standing open.

"Dorian!" he hissed. "The alarms!"

No reply. He looked around for a silent alarm system. On the floor, he spotted a laser alarm that had been jammed expertly with a butter knife. From the restaurant, no doubt. He was a professional, after all, Klaus mused.

A little further on he found the security guard, unconscious on the floor.

"Do-ri-an!" he growled.

The blond leapt down from an enormous statue of an Indian and his horse. "No, Darling. Eroica." He hefted a bronze statuette in his hand proudly.

Klaus stepped back and looked at his best friend. Yes, it was Eroica, wasn't it? His long-time nemesis and frustrator. He had been with Dorian ever since Freiburg. He hadn't seen Eroica at all. It was pleasantly comforting to be back in the old familiar swing of things.

"Put it back," he said without much conviction.

"Don't be silly, Major. It's my souvenir." With that, he bounded off down the corridor.

"Stop thief!" Klaus shouted, and gave chase. This was how it all began, wasn't it? The Eternal Major and the Prince of Thieves.

Outside, the night was still misty and warm. A huge, full moon cast a silver sheen on everything. He started to head for the car to see if Dorian was perhaps foolishly waiting for him.

"Yoo-hoo!" came a distant call. "Dar-ling!"

On the apposite side of the museum was a cliff which dropped down to the highway. Atop the cliff stood a colossal bronze sculpture of a horse and its cowboy rider, Eroica stood on the high marble pedestal, waving the small statuette at him.

Klaus ran over to him. "You come down here right now!" Klaus was almost laughing in delight. God, this felt right and good!

"Or else?" Typical Eroica question.

"Or else I will drag you down myself."

Eroica clambered onto the statue. "No. I don't think you can. "

Klaus gave him a Look and climbed onto the rain-slick marble pedestal. The thief squealed and started down the other side of the statue.

"Ha! No you don't!" Klaus sneered and reached between the horse's reared-up forelegs for a handful of Eroica's damp silk romper.

Eroica tried to pull away from him and Klaus lost his footing. He heard a 'rrrrrriiip!' as he fell backwards onto the soft, mushy ground.

"Major!" Eroica cried, leaping down and running over to him. "Darling, are you--" But his words were cut short when Klaus reached up and grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him down onto the soft earth. Eroica hadn't let go of the bronze, so Klaus pinned him beneath himself, holding him by both wrists.

The drizzle made the face below him glisten. Eroica's eyes were wide, pupils large and quite becoming. The thief struggled beneath him, giving little frustrated grunts. Klaus was suddenly and completely overwhelmed with the urge to kiss him long and hard and deep. The almost familiar ache began again and this time, there would be no interruptions. He'd kill to make sure of that.

Dorian's mouth responded eagerly to Klaus', and the Major's tongue tamed and claimed Dorian's possessively.

Body-hunger. Klaus' body wanted. It wanted Dorian. The thief seemed to be riding his own desire, moaning and squirming, but no longer trying to get away from Klaus.

The Major felt the cool bronze of the statuette against his hand. At once, he grabbed it, tearing it from the unsuspecting fingers. He leaned up on one elbow and smiled triumphantly.

Eroica was clearly disappointed. "Not fair," he said.

"All is fair in love and war," replied Klaus. "Just because we are lovers does not change the fact that you are a thief and I am a man of law."

The thief scowled a moment longer, then smiled. "This will make life ever so much more interesting, don't you think?"

"Oh, infinitely so." He tossed the statue away into the grass. Dorian tried to sit up, thinking the game was over.

"Not so fast," said Klaus, grabbing those strong but delicate wrists again. He lay back on top of the thief. "You still have something that belongs to me."

Dorian gave a vocal sigh and eagerly awaited another kiss. Klaus was literally almost bursting with his secret surprise. He nipped Dorian on the chin.

"Darling," Dorian moaned, his hard penis barely contained in the loose silk garment. Klaus moved to that his own erection pressed into the bend of Dorian's hip-thigh joint. The Earl moved slightly, checking to see if what he thought he detected was real. "Darling!!!"

Klaus beamed. He let go of Dorian's wrists and the angel threw his arms around him, hugging him tight. "My Darling."

Klaus buried his mouth against Dorian's neck. Such body-hunger. Dorian arched his neck up to him, sighing and moaning. Every sound and movement fed fire to Klaus' need.

Thunder boomed overhead. It reverberated through Klaus' body. He wanted Dorian. He didn't know exactly how, but he knew the solving of the mystery lay in Dorian's touch. Dorian slowly, sensuously wrapped his legs around Klaus' hips. They resumed hot kisses as rain began to fall in earnest. Neither cared.

Klaus had torn the front of Dorian's step-in when he'd fallen. It made it fabulously easy to pull the silk from the pale, perfect torso. He let Dorian go and the Earl removed his clothes completely. A flash of lightning illuminated the ivory flesh, the fevered eyes. Eroica straddled Klaus' hips and began pulling the Major's shirt up, bending to devour every inch of skin as it was revealed. Once top-bare, Klaus embraced Dorian and rolled over on top of him once more. He revelled in the heat of skin on skin. Dorian fumbled with the button on Klaus' trousers.

"God, Klaus, I want you," Dorian murmured, tugging the wet canvas down.

The release he felt with the removal of his trousers was immense. He rolled onto his back and kicked them all the way off, removing his shoes in the process. Dorian nearly ripped Klaus' underwear as he helped him off with them. Then the thief pulled him back on top of himself. The rain beat down on Klaus.

Dorian grasped one of Klaus' hands and brought it to his lips. "Oh, Lover," the Earl moaned between suckling and nibbling on Klaus' fingertips. "Sweet baby..."

Klaus felt himself begin to rise out of his own body. He had never been this aroused before. What he'd felt those other times had only been murmurs compared to the blaring passion he felt now. There was a loss of reason and control that somehow no longer frightened him. Dorian took one of Klaus' fingers deep into his mouth. He was very much back in his body then, feeling every nerve crackle.

"Angel," Klaus whispered, taking his hand away from Dorian s mouth.

"I want you," said the Earl.

"I want you too."

"Yes, but... it's been so long."

Klaus was in some other realm of reality. "Yes... so long..."

"Be gentle."

Klaus was brought around with a jar. Of course! Dorian hadn't had a lover in years. He was probably... like a virgin. Klaus looked tenderly into Dorian's large eyes. "Yes. I will. Anything for you."

Dorian stroked Klaus' wet face. He encircled Klaus’ waist with his legs. "I love you."

Klaus wished there was some way to envelop Dorian in the warmth that filled his heart. "I love you too."

Dorian instructed him to use his fingers first to open him. All squeamishness vanished the moment he felt the warmth inside Dorian. He slowly finger-fucked him, becoming more aroused every time Dorian twitched or gasped. He used two, then three fingers. Dorian clutched at him and made the most wonderful sounds.

"Now," the Earl moaned. "Fuck me."

Such guttural words from his sweet little Dorian both shocked and turned him on. Klaus slid his hand through the wet, cleansing grass and then slid the tip of his penis into Dorian's body. The Earl took a deep breath and held it. Klaus slid further in. Dorian's face twisted in pain and he turned his face away.

"Dorian, don't let me hurt you."

The Earl looked up at him. "It's all right. Don't stop. Trust me, my love. It's all right."

"I do not want to cause you pain."

"Don't stop. Fuck me, Klaus. Make love to me." Rain fell onto the beautiful face.


The thief held onto Klaus' ass and pulled him down deeper. "Please, Klaus."

No further argument was needed. Klaus thrust in and out, hoping he was doing at least something right. He hated to be selfish, but Dorian had insisted. He found a comfortable rhythm and let himself become lost again in the desire. Dorian tightened around him in time with his rhythm and that heightened the feelings.

It was terrifying and the terror was exhilarating. He wanted to scream as sensation on top of sensation ravaged every nerve, every fibre of his being. He wanted it to stop, yet knew if it did, he'd die. He was like a man in flames, running for water, the flames licking higher up his spine and down his shaft, growing hotter, more intense, consuming his senses. Running for water, seeking relief and release in the fulfilment of all the promises Dorian's willing body made beneath him.

Overhead, the thunder rolled. Angels did fall through. They fell through and here was one in his arms, under his body, his legs heavy as wings on Klaus' back.

He thought his heart would burst, that he would fly apart like an exploding star. Slowly but powerfully, his scattered senses found focus: a steady, pounding ache in his groin. Desire, like a distant star, a pinpoint of brilliance out of darkness. He climbed towards that star somewhere deep inside himself, holding tight to Dorian, wanting to take his lover with him.

At last, the light washed over him, at last the fire flashed but left him alive, crying out with the terror and ecstasy of being one with the star, being alive in the moment of creation. Of being everything. He cried out to his God.


Lightning struck the huge sculpture above them. Klaus arched up and shouted Dorian's name, haloed in electric blue light. The Earl felt the surge of electricity and thought for a moment he was dying.

Klaus cried out again and shuddered. Dorian felt it all the way inside himself. It hurt to take him, but Dear Goddess, Klaus was finally his. Completely. His beloved Major sank slowly onto him. Dorian embraced his lover gently but firmly. It had happened. It was over. At last they were together. Dorian began to weep.

Klaus lifted his head at once. "Dorian?"

Dorian clasped the handsome German face between his trembling hands. "You don't know how long I've waited for you."

"I think I do," said Klaus.

Dorian just smiled and sobbed. His lover seemed unsure, then simply laid his head on Dorian's shoulder and rested.

"We'd best be going," Dorian finally said. "That guard will be up in no time."

Klaus sat up. "I will make love to you again when we reach the inn," he stated matter-of-factly. "This time, your pleasure is... mine." He smiled.

Dorian gave him a naked hug.

Klaus pulled on his trousers. It was pointless to put on his rain-soaked underwear. Dorian was proud to note this triumph of logic over prudishness. "You may keep the statue," Klaus said.

"That ugly thing?" the Earl grinned. "I didn't really want it anyway."

Klaus gasped. "What? Then why--"

Dorian just gave him a secret smile.


Dorian lay on the bed, his heart pounding furiously. Klaus walked around the foot of the bed, naked and eyeing him devilishly. Just the caress of Klaus' gaze sent waves of desire crashing through Dorian. His penis stood stiff at attention as the Major paced back again. Dorian writhed. The waiting was exquisite.

Klaus crawled onto the bed. "I am going to kiss you," he said.

Dorian's sex leapt at the idea. "Yes, Major."

Klaus grinned almost wickedly. "And then I am going to run my tongue along your arms and hands."

Dorian could practically feel the warm, wet, strong tongue flickering over his skin. He moaned.

"And then your legs and even your feet."

Dorian clutched the bed sheets. Klaus was going to talk him to climax if he didn't hurry up and do something. Goddess, but that German was provocative!

Klaus lay down beside Dorian and slipped an arm beneath the waiting Earl's shoulders. He lowered his face till there was only an inch of air between their mouths.

"How natural I should love you," Klaus murmured.

Dorian would have giggled had he not been in such an agony of desire. How many times had Klaus called him "unnatural," "perverted," or "twisted" in the past? Oh, well. Klaus could now see and understand. It was all right.

"Kiss me," pleaded Dorian.

The Major smiled. "Not yet. I like to watch you squirm. And I think you like it too." He slowly slid one hand down Dorian's torso. The Earl did indeed squirm.

"Some things never change, eh, Ducks?" he gasped. When Klaus' fingers grazed along his shaft. Dorian threw his arms around Klaus and pulled himself upwards to kiss his beloved. The Major responded by clamping down possessively on both Dorian's mouth and penis. The Earl almost rose off the bed.

Klaus' mouth began its assault on Dorian's flesh, licking and biting its way down his neck. Dorian went wild, grasping at Klaus' flesh and hair, his hands sweeping across Klaus' back so fast that they began to burn.

Klaus didn't mind. He was revelling in yet another new discovery: he had lost all inhibitions or squeamishness. Nothing about Dorian's body was dirty or forbidden. He worked his way along both never-still arms. The skin at his command was warm and tasted like rain, smelled like roses. He suckled at pale fingertips that trembled at his touch. He gazed down at his lover and met blue eyes. What was that look in them? Surrender or triumph? Klaus had surrendered. He had given up everything to Dorian: his soul, his heart, his body. And yet had gained, not lost. He had sacrificed and found glory.

Even Dorian seemed somehow freer. Klaus kissed him over where Dorian's heart beat visibly beneath his flushed skin. He felt the pounding against his lips and felt it echoed in the throbbing phallus in his hand. He experimentally seized a tender nipple between his teeth. The Earl gave a throaty cry and arched up off the mattress. Klaus took that as a good sign and lingered there for a minute, then travelled not-so-leisurely to its mate. This time, Dorian seemed to arch the other way, curling around Klaus like a shell. Beneath his hand, a third erect protrusion throbbed for his attention. Klaus was curious and eager to please his lover. He slid down on the bed and laid his head on Dorian's belly. Except for that time in the shower, Klaus had never really seen Dorian this... personally.

The curls that surrounded Dorian's sex were dark blond and soft, and even they smelled like roses. Klaus smiled and turned his head to kiss Dorian's belly. On impulse, he slid his tongue into Dorian's navel and the Earl almost screamed.

"Kla-aus!" he insisted. The Major loved power. This control over Dorian's body was intoxicating, yet he had no desire to abuse it. In fact, it made him feel all the more tenderly for Dorian. He toyed with Dorian's navel again, running his tongue in and around it. Dorian's abdomen flinched and bucked, bopping Klaus in the nose a few times. Dorian's shaft was wet and slick with pre-ejaculate. Klaus masturbated him while he continued to tongue his navel.

Dorian's cries became muffled. Klaus looked up. The Earl had pulled the pillow out from under himself and was clutching it to his face.

"Dorian," Klaus called provocatively.

The Earl moaned.

"Dorian, will you not watch?"

Dorian lifted the pillow part-ways and peered down at him with enormous eyes.

Klaus felt so daring! In one swift move, he took Dorian's shaft completely into his mouth, startling them both with his boldness.

It tasted sweet, like sugar-water to Klaus. He pulled slowly off Dorian's penis, then looked up at the Earl. Dorian was lying flat on the bed, his head thrown back. The pillow was tossed carelessly to the floor. Klaus began to lick around the tip of Dorian's sex. Dorian held onto the hair at the back of Klaus' head and made some more of those wonderful sounds that he was capable of making.

Minutes ticked by unnoticed. The organ in his mouth became his sole focus, an object of worship. The pleasuring of Dorian was his sole mission. Behind his closed eyes he saw strange symmetrical patterns that shifted and changed to the steady, meditative rhythm of his sucking. Again, he was hyper-aware of his own body, yet seemed to be floating inside of it.

Dorian's need grew, and his desperate cries brought Klaus into focus. His own penis was hard and throbbing, ready again for a tangle with Dorian. But Dorian's pleasure came first. Soon he was taking the entire length in his mouth, to the back of his throat. Dorian guided him by tugging at the raven hair now snarled in his hand to suck and release, suck and release.

Dorian was really getting vocal now, going from love-words to swear-words, to inarticulate noises. And then he fell silent, holding his breath and raising his hips. Klaus moved faster, again seeing the mandala patterns, even with his eyes open.

There was a hot flood in his mouth and Dorian's cry filled the air. Klaus lifted his head and let Dorian's seed spill from his lips back onto Dorian's penis, back onto the sheets. Dorian's organ gave another spurt, then began to relax.

Klaus dried himself and Dorian off on the sheets.

"Klausy-pooey," Dorian sang weakly.

Klaus let him get away with that one. "Well, Dorian?" He collected his angel to him and lay down on his back. The Earl threw an arm and a leg over him.

"That was incredible," said Dorian, and then he began to very softly cry again.

Klaus understood somehow and did not worry. He just held Dorian close and stroked his sweaty skin.

"This is forever, isn't it?" Dorian finally sniffed.

Klaus couldn't imagine trying to live without Dorian now. "Yes."

Dorian broke into new, sweet sobs and climbed on top of Klaus, hiding his face in the Major's neck. "I love you so much," he moaned.

"And I thank God. I love you as well." Truth was, he didn't thank God. God had nothing to do with his happiness now. God wanted to keep the two men apart. So did the devil. In the whole of Heaven, there was no one who approved of this union. So to Hell with Heaven. Klaus silently thanked Dorian instead, for never giving up. For showing him what was real. For keeping the faith.