Well, Hardly Ever

by Jen B.

There was a problem with being out in public, and that problem was, well, the public. Generally Klaus took solace in the fact that very few people were allowed past Mitzi, the very persuasive six-foot-ten bouncer, but tonight the failsafe appeared to have betrayed him.

"My goodness, there are a lot of fellows in here! Having a drink, feeling pride in your sex. What ho, eh, old boys?"

The voice was loud, tasteless, and had something resembling a 60s American movie British accent. It was just too much to be real, and Klaus recognized it immediately. He stared down at his scotch and suddenly felt much too sober. The bar was real oak under the varnish, he noted in some desperate corner of his mind begging for distraction.

He refused to turn around, but apparently even that wasn't enough.

"Major! There you are!" Laurence threw a revolting arm around his shoulders. "I thought I saw you go into this jolly place. Everyone here looks so gay and friendly."

Despite his best efforts, Klaus felt himself smiling. "Do they?"

Sometimes Laurence was more right then he knew.

Illustration by Esda