The Complete Captain America vol 2 (1996 - 1997) for the ficcing fan

Note: In no way are most of these intended as in depth reviews or judgement calls. They're just meant as a way of telling how much relevant Captain America content an issue has - with slight snark thrown in to keep me from getting bored.

Look, Captain America vol. 2 is part of the Marvel Reborn project. Continuity. Thing. Imagine if your giant crossover event lasted all year, and the theme of the event was "Let's throw out continuity and change everything to make Marvel more like 90's Image comics!!!" For good and for ill. The Captain America comic was drawn by Rob Liefeld and, um. Is sufficiently unintentionally funny to have spawned a million anatomically impossible icons.

Then it got walled off from continuity as a quasi-AU. The only thing to come to continuity from it is Rikki Barnes.

Most of the usual Captain America cast do not appear in any of these comics, nor do the Avengers, including Iron Man. However, despite lack of Iron Man and the bad art, it is kind of interesting and you may want to know more about it.

0 stars = Captain America appears in no significant way in this Captain America story.
*= Cap appears in the story
**= Cap *and* a major comics character (Tony, Sharon, Bucky, Sam, Clint etc.) appear in the story in a significant way.
***= Cap has a particularly good plot OR Cap has significant personal interaction OR something of great fannish interest happens.
****= More than one of the above options
*****= The plot is significant to Cap's personal arc


Captain America Vol 2 issue 1 = ***

In this issue, Cap thinks he is married and has a kid in this universe and is under the impression he is not a superhero. Also, he has manpain. No Iron Man this issue for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Rikki Barnes. (Gee, could this be AU girl!Bucky?)

Warning: Contains sacrificial black guy who exists only to die for Cap and cheap manpain.

Captain America vol 2 issue 2 = ***

Married? Not a superhero? Hah hah hah, you thought they might do something that original? No. MANPAIN AHOY!


Captain America vol 2 issue 3 = *

Cap has manpain, but eventually puts on the costume.

Captain America vol 2 issue 4 = ***

Cap begins to escape the villains.

Captain America vol 2 issue 5 = ***

Cap escapes the villains, assisted by Falcon and Rikki

Captain America vol 2 issue 6 = **

Cap and Cable vs. Modok. Has the unintentionally funny line from Cable "Cap, one thing you'll get to know about me. I ONLY have a Plan A and NEVER have a Plan B". And this is a boast. Rikki also appears and is now in full Bucky regalia.

Captain America vol 2 issue 7 = ***

Art not by Liefeld! Also, cameo by President Clinton. In the Reborn-verse, apparently S.H.I.E.L.D. intentionally put Captain America on ice because he didn't like the atomic bomb. OH NO! And apparently this is why they set him up with the fake life in issue 1 of this thing. Thanks for finally explaining, guys! No Rikki.

Captain America vol 2 issue 8 = *

Steve takes a roadtrip to find himself and fights the Sons of the Serpent. Basically no Rikki.

Captain America vol 2 issue 9 = *

Steve is still on that roadtrip to find himself and fights the Sons of the Serpent again. No Rikki.

Captain America vol 2 issue 10 = ***

Captain America and Rikki bond. Captain America and Falcon bond. More Sons of the Serpent.

Captain America vol 2 issue 11 = *

More Sons of the Serpent.

Captain America vol 2 issue 12 = **

Rikki vs Doom, Doom tries to save the world? Also, enter the Fantastic 4 and Rikki vs. Silver Surfer. Iron Man has a three line cameo.

Captain America vol 2 issue 13 = *? ***?

On one hand, it is important because it is the end of the Heroes Reborn arc. On the other hand, it makes no sense because it was the last part of a 4 part crossover story ending the arc and the other issues are in other comics. Also, it is crammed so full of other characters that Cap barely has a cameo in his own comic.