The Complete Captain America Vol 3. for the ficcing fan

Volume 3, issues 1-38 are inexplicably unavailable on Marvel Digital Unlimited. This may be a good time to borrow a friend's Captain America Archive disk.

Note: In no way are most of these intended as in depth reviews or judgement calls. They're just meant as a way of telling how much relevant Captain America content an issue has - with slight snark thrown in to keep me from getting bored.

0 stars = Captain America appears in no significant way in this Captain America story.
*= Cap appears in the story
**= Cap *and* a major comics character (Tony, Sharon, Bucky, Sam, Clint etc.) appear in the story in a significant way.
***= Cap has a particularly good plot OR Cap has significant personal interaction OR something of great fannish interest happens.
****= More than one of the above options
*****= The plot is significant to Cap's personal arc

Vol. 3 (1998 - 2002)


Captain America issue 1 = **

After the world goes back to normal after Heroes Reborn, Cap reappears in Japan a month later than everyone else and is presumed dead. Also, a movie is being made of his life. Cap has Japanese fans. The author is under the mistaken impression the Japan is just Westernizing now. As opposed to fifty years ago.

Captain America issue 2 = **

Steve goes on - at length - about how much he loves his shield. He really loves his shield, you guys! And then he loses it saving a life. Oh no!

Captain America issue 3 = **

Cap sulks about losing his shield, and fights Hydra in a museum. Also, Sharon rejoins SHIELD.

Captain America issue 4 = ***

Steve fights Batroc using his old World War II shield. Cap is uncomfortable with how popular he is, Clint is amused and they pal around. Hydra is secretly plotting to make Cap temporarily more popular as part of a sinister plot.

Captain America issue 5 = *

OH NO, SKRULL CAPTAIN AMERICA! Thor appears for the duration of a fight scene. Oh god, a Skrull arc. Wooo.

Captain America issue 6 = **

Cap vs. Skrull Cap, Avengers appear, Steve has manpain.

Captain America issue 7 = **

Cap vs. Skrull Cap, Cap vs. celebrity, Cap makes a speech.

Captain America issue 8 = **

Cap and Warbird (Carol Danvers / Ms. Marvel) fight villains together. Carol throws a tantrum, Steve is unamused.

Captain America issue 9 = ***

Steve and Sharon are reunited. Steve claims "I know my way around cyberspace" and immediately proves he doesn't know how to properly use search engines, and is cute with small children. They fight the Rhino. Sharon gives Steve a glowy collapsible force field shield.

Captain America issue 10 = **

Steve and Sharon continue to fight the Rhino, and may possibly be on again. Some sinister force is driving people insane, and Cap voluntarily subjects himself to it. He is shocked that Sharon thinks this is a bad plan.

Captain America issue 11 = *

Steve is insane and hallucinating thanks to the mysterious force that he willingly subjected himself to that drives people insane. Good plan, Steve!

Captain America issue 12 = *

Steve is still insane and hallucinating thanks to the mysterious force that he willingly subjected himself to that drives people insane. Good plan, Steve!

Captain America and Iron Man Annual 1998 = ***

Cap and Iron Man squabble over the fact that Iron Man brainwashed the world into forgetting his secret identity. Cap has free will issues. Anviliciously, they visit a remote outpost where everyone lives in a happy hivemind. And the end, they have bonded again. MODOK is the villain of the day.


Captain America issue 13 = *

Steve is cute with kids, Sharon says they are NOT on again but they are friendly, Cap dabbles in politics and feels bad about it.

Captain America issue 14 = 0 stars

No Cap in a Cap comic. The issue is ENTIRELY the Red Skull speechifying internally. Also, he's racist and beat up his girlfriend when he realized she was mixed race, who knew?

Captain America issue 15 = ***

Iron Man informs Cap that his lost shield has been found and it is broken. Cap mourns. The fact that his forcefield shield can now do fancy tricks does not comfort him. Sharon think he's being silly. Cap meets a woman named Connie Ferrari at a law office and they immediately start flirting - in front of Sharon. And then the Red Skull is back! In a silly golden suit, having "internalized" the Cosmic Cube. OH NO!

Captain America issue 16 = *

The Red Skull is EVIL, I tell you

Captain America issue 17 = **

Cap is turned back into wee little Original Steve, sans serum, and fights the Red Skull anyway. He believes he kills the Red Skull to save the world. But then BOOM! Korvac appears and soaks up the Cosmic Cube! Uh oh.

Captain America issue 18 = ***

Cap follows Korvac into the future where the villain has become a tyrant who tries to destroy free will but keeps having to deal with rebellions. Cap leads many of them. Then he tricks Korvac into going back to last issue and undoing Red Skull's death.

Captain America issue 19 = ****

Cap pits Korvac against Red Skull in an astonishing Xanatos gambit that actually works. The Cosmic Cube is extracted, Red Skull may or may not be dead. Sharon takes off.

Captain America issue 20 = **

Steve is cute with kids, Steve flirts with Connie. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Sharon still has a trigger installed by the Red Skull - she randomly beats up some guy because she's attracted to him and he says his name is Steve. Cap saves some people.

Also, a Howling Commandos backup story!

Captain America issue 21 = **

Cap fights some villains, Steve anxiously hangs out with Tony while Tony analyzes his broken shield. Woe is Steve, his SHIELD!!!!

Captain America issue 22 = **

Cap fights some dude called Klaw (gee wonder if he's a villain), Steve angsts about vibranium and his shield. Steve talks to his old shield, now duct taped together, mournfully. Deus ex machina, the shield is magically repaired! Steve is a gleeful steve.

Captain America issue 23 = ** (Extra star for adorable dancing)

Steve goes swing dancing with Connie. Comicverse Steve can DANCE! Boy can he ever. ( Stupid detail note: Incongrously, while wearing period clothing to go dancing, he wears his hat indoors. This is not an ettiquette mistake Steve would make, because he was young in the days that hats were common.)

Steve goes undercover at a corrupt prison as the hilariously named "Buck Jones". Oh dear.

Captain America issue 24 = *

Filler issue, but not an unpleasant one - it actually contains Cap and superhero fighting and so on. Cap vs. Hydra and Crossbones

Captain America 1999 Annual = **

Cap and some Daily Bugle reporters (no not that one) work intersecting cases against Flag Smasher


Captain America issue 25 = *** (Extra star for Sam's prying and a talking dinosaur and stupid SHIELD rookies)

Cap saves the day in a hostage situation, Fury is chased through a swamp and stupid rookie SHIELD agents try to arrest Cap and get smacked down by Dum Dum Dugan. Meanwhile Sharon appears to be on a secret mission with a talking dinosaur-being. Cap and The Falcon go to rescue Fury and Sam wants to talk about Cap's love life. Cap... does not. The Hatemonger is evil.

Captain America issue 26 = *

The Hatemonger is EVIL, people! Are you shocked? I know I'm shocked. I've never been so shocked in all my life! Also, he chains up Cap and a half naked Fury in an egregiously bondagey fashion.

Captain America issue 27 = *** (Two extra stars for FANBOY STEVE!!!)

Cap and The Falcon successfully stop The Hatemonger and save Fury. Fury is so grateful that he brings Steve cds of The Midnight Racer, Steve's favoritest childhood pulp hero radio show. Steve is INCANDESCENT with childlike fanboy glee. tWO pages are devoted to the two of them listening to the show together and Steve geeking out about his love of The Midnight Racer. It is quite possibly the cutest thing ever published in a Cap comic.

Meanwhile, Sharon is still having heroic hijinks alongside a talking dinosaur being.

Captain America issue 28 = **

Steve romances Connie but then feels guilty when Fury says Sharon is in trouble. He heads off to the Savage Land to find Sharon and is assisted by Matthew Plunder, Ka-Zar's son.

Captain America issue 29 = **

Count Nefaria went to the and started making manbeasts. Oh no! Cap fights manbeasts. Sharon sticks up for her talking dinosaur being friend to a mad scientist.

Captain America issue 30 = **

While caged by the villain, Sharon and Steve have a relationship conversation about why they're not in a relationship. Namely Sharon thinks Steve is too bossy and on some level expects people to follow his lead, which Sharon does not want in a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, the talking dinosaur being narrates. Nefaria is defeated.

Connie has le angst for non-Steve reasons. Also, Fury is stalking her.

Captain America issue 31 = *

Ka-zar isn't really dead, handwave handwave, Sharon asserts firmly she has no interest in dating Steve, and Fury takes a leave of absence, putting Sharon in charge of SHIELD.

Captain America issue 32 = **

Melodramatic World War II flashback issue with touching ending.

Captain America issue 33 = **

Captain America and the Falcon vs. internet conspiracy theorists and mysterious evil people

Captain America 34 = **

Cap and the Falcon and an internet conspiracy theorist vs. a holodeck, and mysterious evil people still lurk.

Captain America 35 = *

Cap goes on a date with Connie and fights an evil supersoldier called Protocide. Protocide has a shadowy backer.

Captain America 36 = **

Cap and Connie date, Cap vs. wacky aliens.

Captain America Annual 2000 = *

Super meta issue about whether or not Cap is outdated, showcasing Cap vs. Protocide as rival different super soldiers.


Captain America 37 = *

Cap vs. Protocide. Sharon gets to be head of SHIELD and do head of SHIELD stuff.

Captain America 38 = *

Cap vs. Protocide. Very overdramatic.

Captain America issue 39 = ***

Cap angsts about Bucky at Arlington National Cemetary, he & SHIELD fight lots of AIM villains, Connie, a defense lawyer who still doesn't know his secret identity, goes after Cap in court.

Captain America issue 40 = ***

Cap finds evidence against AIM, Connie zealously pursues justice

Captain America issue 41 = ***

Cap and Connie make up, Batroc and his ridiculous fake French arrive and fight Cap.

Captain America issue 42 = **

Cap fights the Crimson Dynamo and a mysterious masked man. Also, Cap fanboys The Midnight Racer

Captain America issue 43 = *

Cap gets tied up spreadeagled, Connie's brother is evil and crazy, Cap and Connie fight.

Captain America issue 44 = **

Connie leaves Steve, Steve angsts. Also, fights Taskmaster.

Captain America issue 45 = ***

Nick kicks Sharon out as head of SHIELD so he can take over again, Sharon objects. Cap does not want to talk about his breakup. Iron Man appears in a major role helping Cap and SHIELD find the missing Helicarrier. Yes, Red Skull managed to steal and hide a helicarrier.

Captain America issue 46 = **

Iron Man helps Cap and SHIELD find the helicarrier underwater, Cap fights Red Skull, Cap is presumed dead.

Captain America issue 47 = **

More flashbacks to how Steve "died" retrieving the helicarrier from the Hatemonger and the Red Skull. Iron Man appears too.

Captain America issue 48 = *

PSYCH! It's not Steve's funeral, it's Bucky's symbolic funeral.

Captain America 2001 Annual = ***

Invaders flashback special.


Captain America issue 49 = ***

Steve and Sam Wilson hang out and have a vacation together, fishing. Sam is Steve's relationship Yoda, Steve mends fences with Connie and professes his love to Sharon.

Captain America issue 50 = *

A prestige anthology that may or may not be entirely in continuity. Many of the installments are "What patriotism means to me" projects barely featuring Cap. Also, speechifying at Steve's funeral.