The Avengers Vol. 1 (The 90's) For the Iron Man / Captain America or ficcing fan.

* = Iron Man or Cap appears in the story
** = Iron Man and Cap appear in the story
*** = Iron Man or Cap has a major plot OR Iron Man and Cap have significant interaction
**** = Iron Man and Cap have a major plot
***** = The plot is significant to their personal arc
****** =The plot is significant to both of their personal arcs.

#= Forgettable or actively awful
##= Decent issue with actual Avengers content
###= A good plot OR significant personal interaction between Avengers OR something of great fannish interest happens.
####= More than one of the above
#####= Must-read classic or significant to an Avengers character's arc in an important, lasting way.

Note: In no way are most of these intended as in depth reviews or judgement calls. They're just meant as a way of telling how much relevant Iron Man and Captain America content an issue has and whether it would be of significant fan interest - with slight snark thrown in to keep me from getting bored


The Avengers 313= */##

Everyone suddenly hates the Avengers, who admit that they're bad at PR. The Mandarin kills a bunch of guys while Doom and the Red Skull watch him on their big screen and debate his technique. Wanda is catatonic because her children turned out to possibly be imaginary.

Iron Man does not appear.

The Avengers 314= **/##

"Doomsday part 1" The "New" Iron Man, who Cap is pretty sure is the same old Iron Man - and also, you know, Tony Stark - oversees reconstruction of Avengers HQ. Sersi the Eternal hits on Steve and decides to join the Avengers. Nebula messes with reality in her plan to become all-powerful.

The Avengers 315= */##

"Doomsday part 2" Nebula's machinations accidentally vanish most of the universe, except the part she's in and the part the Avengers are in. OOPS. Everyone copes badly.

Iron Man does not appear in this issue. Captain America and Spider-Man are extremely brave.

The Avengers 316= **/#

Iron Man and Vision fly in pursuit of Nebula to rescue Starfox.

The Avengers 317= **/#

The Stranger shows up to fight Nebula who, inconveniently, was just defeated and rendered harmless. So now the Avengers feel duty-bound to defend her. Oops

The Avengers 318= **/#

And the Avengers fight Nebula again.

The Avengers 319= */#

"The Crossing Line 1" Russian ninja pirates take over a British warship. Peggy Carter calls in the Avengers. Russian superheroes also show up to try to catch them. Avengers staff backup comic.

The Avengers 320= */#

"The Crossing Line 2" Avengers and Russian superheroes vs. Russian ninja pirates vs. angry Atlanteans. Avengers staff backup comic.

The Avengers 321= */#

"The Crossing Line 3" Avengers and Russian superheroes vs. Russian ninja pirates vs. angry Atlanteans vs. Alpha Flight. Avengers staff backup comic.

The Avengers 322= */#

"The Crossing Line 4" Avengers and Russian superheroes vs. Russian ninja pirates vs. angry Atlanteans vs. Alpha Flight. Avengers staff backup comic. Meanwhile in the backup comic, Peggy's dead sister's fiery ghost may or may not kill her.

The Avengers 323= */#

"The Crossing Line 5" Avengers and Russian superheroes vs. Russian ninja pirates vs. Alpha Flight. Avengers staff backup comic. Meanwhile, in the backup comic, a totally different plot and Peggy perfectly alive and well.

The Avengers 324= */#

"The Crossing Line 6" Avengers and Russian superheroes vs. Russian ninja pirates vs. Alpha Flight. Avengers staff backup comic.

The Avengers 325= */##

Sersi hits on Cap again, and decides to throw a party. Meanwhile, some villains have bugged their lair. Hilarity ensues

The Avengers 326= **/##

More Avengers HQ reconstruction. She-Hulk and "The New Iron Man" (who is totally actually Tony Stark) help with the building. Ramskov, a Russian superhero made dangerous by Chernobyl comes to the US for medical treatment and causes havoc while delusional. Meanwhile, an angry black superhero called Rage gets into a dustup with Captain America and says the Avengers are elitist and suspiciously all-white.

The Avengers 327= **/##

Iron Man helps contain and rescue poor Ramskov. Meanwhile, the Avengers lose their charter with the government as part of the post Cold War arms limitation treaty. Rage is full of rage.


The Avengers 328= */#

While trying to help Ramskov, the Avengers and Rage randomly fight aliens or demons - it's not clear. Guess what, you guys? Rage's backstory is that he's really angry!

The Avengers 329= **/#

Let's have an issue about The Avengers getting a new charter from the U.N.! Do you want an issue of bureacracy and people hitting alien/demons? You've got it!

The Avengers 330= */#

The Avengers (now including Black Widow) fight the Tetrarchs of Entropy - basically, space demons.

The Avengers 331= */#

Despite the current fight, the Avengers are still throwing a reception for the UN representative and Avengers past and present.

The Avengers 332= **/#

The party goes on. She-Hulk and Black Widow have also figured out that Tony is Tony and are amused that he thinks he's fooling people. Randomly, Doctor Doom crashes the party too.

The Avengers 333= */#

Rage takes down a Doombot with a cupcake. This is the highlight of the storyarc.

The Avengers 334= */##

"The Collection Obsession 1" The Avengers are contacted by the Inhumans for help. The Brethren, evil aliens led by Thane Ector, have invaded the Moon.

The Avengers 335= */##

"The Collection Obsession 2" The Brethren turn their eyes to invading Earth. The Avengers try to stop them. Black Panther, Ant Man and Beast join the quest to stop them.

The Avengers 336= **/##

"The Collection Obsession 3" The Brethren continue to invade Earth. Iron Man joins the fight. Meanwhile, Ector has a thing for Sersi.

The Avengers 337= **/##

"The Collection Obsession 4" Ector tells Sersi the Angsty Secret of the Brethren. They continue to invade the Earth.

The Avengers 338= **/##

"The Collection Obsession 5" OMG, the Brethren were DUPED! The real enemy is the Collector!

The Avengers 339= **/###

"The Collection Obsession 6" The weirdly touching tragic finale.

The Avengers 340= */#

Jan, The Wasp, is back on the team. The Wasp and Captain America rescue some children. The art budget appears to be $2.

The Avengers 341= */##

Marvel Comics addresses the serious issue of police brutality in a reasoned, well thought out way. Yes, right, sure they do. By giving Rage anger management issues. The Falcon thinks Rage needs to calm down. Also, the racist Sons of the Serpent show up to cause trouble.

The Avengers 342= */##

Racial tensions continue to abound, and The Hatemonger turns out to be behind it. Cap, Black Widow, The Falcon and Rage try to handle the situation. After the day is saved, Rage decides to leave the Avengers, go home and help people in his own neighborhood.


The Avengers 343= */##

The Inhuman Crystal joins The Avengers with her infant daughter Luna and her giant alien dog Lockjaw in tow. Vision has baby issues over his children being vanished/imaginary. The new team lineup includes Captain America, Black Widow, Not!Thor (he's a new guy filling in and taking on the title, don't ask), the Greek demi-god Hercules, Black Knight, Crystal and Vision.

Meanwhile, Captain America angsts that the team's revolving door might make being an Avenger mean less. Includes the line "Steve, you always make maudlin speeches... That's why we love you" from Black Widow.

The Avengers 344= */##

The Swordsman claims he's not dead and the Avengers left him in Hades. The Avengers are confused. A fight ensues. Jarvis squabbles with Marilla, Luna's nanny. Meanwhile Sersi returns to the mansion.

The Avengers 345= */##

Part of the "Galactic Storm" crossover. The superpowered Avengers go to investigate a disturbance in space. Captain America and Black Widow stay home since they can't fly in space without a spaceship. Hank Pym shrank some alien prisoners down to ant size and... put them in a little box. Which he carries around to the Avengers meeting.

Apparently the Kree and Shi'ar both are using the Sun as a fuel source and don't care if they destablize our star. Obviously, this is a job for the Avengers. Cap splits them into two teams, one of which contains The Scarlet Witch, her ex-husband and her boyfriend. Good call, Cap. Meanwhile, fighting aliens has given Hawkeye an inferiority complex, and he decides to borrow Hank Pym's growth serum. This causes Steve to quite literally facepalm and say "I knew it was going to be one of those days."

The Avengers 346= */#

The Avengers sneak into the Kree capitol city to get them to stop playing with the Sun. Starforce, basically Kree superheroes, fight them.

The Avengers 347= ***/## (Probably deserves more stars if read in context of the mega-crossover)

The death toll and aftermath of the bloody Kree / Shi'ar war. Cap and some other Avengers refuse to kill the Kree Intelligence in cold blood for its massive war crimes. Iron Man argues with him for its death, and surprisingly, he wins the agreement of the rest of the Avengers. (But not Steve.)

The Avengers 348= 0 stars/###

Vision tries to get his ability to feel emotions back using science. It fails. Then he helps a grieving family. Crystal and Natasha bond with Carol Danvers (Binary at the moment, sometimes Ms. Marvel, sometimes War Bird) when she's in the hospital.

The Avengers 349= 0 stars/##

Not!Thor is driven mad by godly meddlers, who use him to beat up Hercules in the middle of a childrens' hospital meet and greet. Awkward! Meanwhile, Hercules meets a cute lady doctor named Taylor.

The Avengers 350= 0 stars/##

The Starjammers fight The Avengers for the life of Black Knight. Black Knight and Sersi hook up. Also, a backup comic about Jarvis and the Avengers Staff, groundplans for the latest layout of the Avengers Mansion, and a reprint of a story from Avengers #110 - Magneto vs. the Avengers.

The Avengers 351= 0 stars/##

The Starjammers and the Avengers conclude their fight.

The Avengers 352= 0 stars/#

The Grim Reaper - an evil sorceror, not Death itself - kills planes and trains full of people because he is evil. The Avengers fight him.

The Avengers 353= 0 stars/#

The Avengers fight The Grim Reaper's undead minions.

The Avengers 354= 0 stars/#

Conclusion of the Grim Reaper fight.

The Avengers 355= 0 stars/#

Magdalene, Swordsman and Cassandra attack the Avengers. Meanwhile, Black Widow has no patience with Hercules's dating incompetence and micromanages his love life.

The Avengers 356= 0 stars/#

The villains from the previous issue take the fight to Wakanda.

The Avengers 357= 0 stars/#

The Avengers throw a dinner party.


The Avengers 358= 0 stars/##

Dinosaurs and alien technobarbarians led by Arkon the Magnificent invade Earth. But then it all turns out to be a misunderstanding and actually it's a Save The Girl From Ritual Human Sacrifice plot.

The Avengers 359= 0 stars/##

More of the Save The Girl From Human Sacrifice plot, now the Avengers are on Arkon's homeworld. Also, the women are all randomly wearing sweatband headbands.

The Avengers 360= 0 stars=/##

Proctor of the Gatherers, an evil alien villain, decides to switch The Vision's mind into a different synthezoid body, and the mind of his own AI into the Vision's body. Why? Because he has a thing for Sersi. The Vision has angst. Sersi, meanwhile, has I-Executed-A-Villain-Last-Issue angst and believes she is going mad. The Vision's new body looks like his first body - red and green, not shiny and metallic.

The Avengers 361= */##

Captain America returns, Sersi's family shows up to drag her home, Sersi proclaims that she intends to make Black Knight her eternal soulmate, which surprises him somewhat. Ikaris forcefully soul-marries them without Black Knight's consent, which he takes badly. Proctor's AI (masquerading as the Vision) is snarky and Machiavellian. And then Black Knight secretly proclaims his love for Crystal, who is still married to Quicksilver. This can't possibly go wrong!

The Avengers 362= */##

Evil Fake!Vision is Machiavellian and snarky and reveals himself as Evil Fake!Vision. Lots of fights ensue.

The Avengers 363= */##

The Avengers take the fight to Proctor. Hank Pym shows up to help a wounded Avenger with Super Science. Proctor explains, mid-fight, that he loves Sersi and therefore knows that she needs to die, for her own good. No, it doesn't make any sense to the Avengers either. Then he forces Black Knight to kill him, which also doesn't make sense.

The Avengers 364= */#

The Real Vision rejoins the team. Also, the Shi'ar empress Lillandra sends one of her soldiers, Deathcry, to help the Avengers. Then they fight rebel Kree robots and soldiers out for revenge. Cap actually actively leads the team again.

The Avenger 365= */#

Sersi is unstable, the Avengers fight Kree.

The Avengers 366= */##

Sersi is unstable but saves the day, the Avengers fight Kree. In a backup comic, Swordsman, Blood Wraith, Deadpool and the Black Knight fight with swords.

The Avengers 367= */## (If you like Vision having angst)

The Vision has I-have-no-feelings angst. Cap and Black Widow are cute together sparring, Hercules has truly random romantic angst, Swordsman revives and is reunited with Magdelene, Hank has I-Miss-Jan romantic angst. Deathcry hits on the Vision, and he's not into it, which also causes him angst. This is the entire plot of the issue.

The Avengers 368= */##

Beginning of the Bloodties X-Men crossover event. Crystal and Quicksilver's toddler daughter Luna is abducted by Genoshan mutants as a political statement.The Avengers are told not to get involved in the Genoshan mutant uprising, but are tempted to anyway. Meanwhile former Avenger Beast (Hank McCoy) finds out that Trish Trilby, a pro-mutant reporter and his ex-girlfriend, is in danger from the Genoshan government.

The Avengers 369= */##

Part 5 of the Bloodties crossover.The Avengers are in Genosha, neck deep in the crisis there, and are trying to rescue Luna. War Machine appears, and so do the X-Men.


The Avengers 370= */#

The Avengers fight Brother Karygmax and his Deviant Horde and his will-sapping brain mines. Also, many extremely random events and character appear.

The Avengers 371= */#

The Avengers are held as mindless captives by Karygmax for a while before they escape.

The Avengers 372= */#

Cap invites Quicksilver back on the Avengers. Everyone else headdesks. Natasha drags Steve aside to explain Black Knight's thing for Crystal to him and shake her head at Steve's obliviousness. People keep coming to kill or capture Sersi, convinced she'll doom the world.

The Avengers 373= */#

Apparently Proctor has been gaslighting Sersi all along and messing with her. And now he's set her up to be accused of murder and go mad. Because he loved alternate universe her and they broke up. Worst Boyfriend EVER.

Meanwhile, Quicksilver asks Black Knight to stop romancing Crystal.

The Avengers 374= */#

Everyone fights Proctor, including Not!Thor who has returned and renamed himself Thunderstrike. Proctor turns out to be Black Knight's evil magically enhanced centuries older alternate universe self. Black Knight is appropriately appalled.

The Avengers 375= */##

Stuff happens and there is a heroic and touching ending to the Sersi and Black Knight arc.

The Avengers 376= 0 stars/#

Random one-shot in which a scientist tries to steal the secret of Inhuman DNA and Crystal stops her.

The Avengers 377= 0 stars/#

Random one-shot in which some crazy fellow mutant was obsessed with Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) when they both were teenagers, but Pietro (Quicksilver) kept getting in the way. And he's never let it go, so when he meets Quicksilver as an adult, he tries to beat him up.

The Avengers 378= */#

The alien members of the team and The Vision get drawn into an ancient Shi'ar feud. Meanwhile, the rest of the Avengers back at the mansion discuss their various personal issues.

The Avengers 379= */#

Deathcry's new mentor, a legendary Shi'ar general, is interestingly skeptical about the modern Shi'ar Imperium. Deathcry doesn't get it, and just wants to beat up Kree.

The Avengers 380= */#

Crystal and Quicksilver go to visit Bova, a dying friend, and get drawn into a fight on top of a mysterious mountain. Meanwhile, Black Widow suspects Captain America has a tragic secret. In an Giant-Man aka Ant-Man backup story, Hank Pym has mental health issues and angst.

The Avengers 381= */#

Crystal and Quicksilver quarrel with the High Evolutionary. Continued from the last issue, Hank continues to have angst and now Jan appears to be delusional, as well as transformed to giant size.


The Avengers 382= */#

Still on the High Evolutionary's mountain, Crystal, Quicksilver and company discover the real villain is the fanatic Exodus. Meanwhile, Steve appears to be ill, which brings out squishy feelings in Natasha.

The Avengers 383= 0/#

Shatterstar, brainwashed into the identity of Arides of the Kree, abducts Crystal. Quicksilver gets mad.

The Avengers 384= 0/#

Hercules is in love and happy as an Avenger, but then Hera shows up to cause trouble and take the Avengers hostage. But then it turns out that Hercules's girlfriend Taylor is not actually real, and was created by Zeus. Why? Because he's a jerk like that.

The Avengers 385=0/##

Black Widow's mentor Ivan Bezukhov sends her and the Avengers off to investigate a mysterious and suspicious crater in the frozen north of Canada.

The Avengers 386=*/#

Oh no! The Red Skull was lurking in the crater! The Avengers must fight him. The Avengers then meet a dying Captain America. (Continued in Captain America 440)

The Avengers 387=*/#

Meanwhile, The Avengers are fighting AIM goons in Boca Caliente. The Cosmic Cube is somehow involved. We see a glimpse of Pietro's adopted father and a fake "Bucky".

The Avengers 388=*/#

The Avengers fight AIM goons and Modok. Captain America doesn't die and isn't paralyzed after all. Are you shocked?

The Avengers 389=0/#

The Avengers fight a Mandroid, then they get into a legal slapfight with Henry Gyrich of the National Security Council.

The Avengers 390=0/#

The active members of the Avengers are on vacation in the Adirondacks. Meanwhile, Jan (The Wasp) and Hank Pym (Ant Man) have found that their company is mysteriously being financially destroyed.

The Avengers 391=0/#

An alien assasin has killed the Avengers nanny and is back to kill Avengers.

The Avengers 392=*/#

Iron Man decides to seal off the Avengers Mansion, to keep people from going in or out. Wait, what?

The Avengers 393=*/#

"Iron Man" flips out and fights the other Avengers and wounds Jan. Hank is full of angst. Then Masque shows up. Meanwhile Kang and Mantis are up to something.

NOTE: This is a crossover - entitled "The Crossing" - with many, many other Marvel books. Apparently Kang is mind-controlling Tony and even Tony didn't know it. One of the most disliked megacrossovers in Marvel history.


The Avengers 394=*/#

Mantis and Kang are causing trouble. Quicksilver and Crystal's daughter Luna has been kidnapped. Pym is angsting.

The Avengers 395=***/# (Extra stars for being an important plot to Tony Stark's timeline)

In order to have a non-mindcontrolled Tony Stark on hand, Teen!Tony has been imported from the past. I'm not kidding. Adult!Tony dies saving everything, feeling guilty for the murders he was mind-controlled into doing. No, really, he's dead. Luckily the universe will get quasi-rebooted soon, regular Tony returns and this arguably may or may not have ever happened.

P.S. Luna is returned safe and sound and was kidnapped for her own good by a family friend from the future.

The Avengers 396=**/#

Part 4 of yet another crossover event. "First Sign". The "Zodiac Machine" is trapping Manhattan inside a forcefield. The Avengers are on top of one of the major bridges trying to shut the machine down or at least make a gap in it on the bridge to let people out. Teen!Tony does something stupidly self-sacrificial, but does not actually die. The forcefield is broken.

Meanwhile, Wanda and Clint are doing something for SHIELD out in the desert.

The Avengers 397= 0/##

Black Widow, Thor and a group of Avengers discover evidence that the Hulk is probably dead. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch are in a suspicious plane crash, and The Wasp and Hank Pym (Giant Man, this week...) have uncomfortable relationship drama while looking for them.

The Avengers 398= 0/##

Clint and Natasha enjoy an extremely intense rivalry-filled sparring session in the gym. Quicksilver and The Vision snarl at each other a bit and Thor is attacked by what can only be described as mechanical tentacles that make him into a fake ghost. Two Avengers are taken by Shi'ar soldiers and two are knocked unconscious by a mysterious assassin.

The Avengers 399= 0/##

Black Widow is super suspicious of new team member, the mysterious Masque, fearing she is connected with the mysterious assassin who went after Pietro and Wanda. Clint thinks she's just jealous or something.

Also, apparently Hank Pym at some point in the past implanted a subcutaneous lojack in his ex-wife. Without telling her. Jan finds out and is not amused. Smooth, Hank.

Meanwhile, Deathcry and Hercules escape their captors and Deathcry finds a way home to her planet.

The Avengers 400= **/###

Tyfon, a time traveler from the future, warns Jarvis that the Avengers will die today and only Jarvis can stop it. Meanwhile, the Avengers fight a wide variety of ridiculous villains to intentionally comic effect.

Mark Waid wrote this issue and it shows: this is quite possibly the Mark-Waidiest comic ever created. Also, the art is actually good, which is shocking in this run.

The Avengers 401= **/##

Part of the "Onslaught" storyline. Charles Xavier has gone insane and become the excessively superpowered Onslaught. The X-Men come to visit, including Magneto. The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Magneto's estranged children Wanda and Pietro, have bad memories and daddy issues.

The Avengers 402= **/#

Part of the "Onslaught" storyline. The Avengers protect people from Onslaught. Last issue of Avengers Volume 1.