The Better Part of Valor

by Grey Bard
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Ronon's lived with a woman before, it's twice as hard as just sleeping with one. So, it should be about the same as sleeping with two.

Turns out that's not true. It's weirder. More weird since they like each other.

He walked into the mess hall today and they both had stopped talking. Then they both started talking again, all secret and smiling.

Sheppard came up behind him and nodded at both of them. Elizabeth and Teyla.

"Well, they're... getting along," he had said, and shrugged.

Ronon just looked at him.

He raised his hands. "Not that they shouldn't. Just, you know, with stuff. Stuff that apparently isn't a problem." Sheppard had been confused and trying to hide it.

He's not alone.

Teyla says Elizabeth is understanding. Elizabeth calls Teyla very wise. They know. They have to know. Sometimes he believes that's not all they know.

Ronon is sleeping with two women. He feels left out.



Grey Bard