The Curse of Bast
(By Kate the Cat)


Bast, god of the cats decreed that one - only one - Idol be created such as this: the body made of bronze, the eyes of diamonds and in the shape of a cat. Then, years later, Egypt split in half, and many men fought over which country would own it. Bast didn't like unnecessary blood being spilled so each country got one of the eyes. Upper Egypt got robbed of theirs, so now there is only one Cat's eye diamond. Bast was angry, so he gave a curse to the remaining diamond.

Chapter 1: The Movie

It was a dark and stormy night. Kate, Laura and Ginger were all very, very, very scared. Kate was under the covers, Laura was hiding in the closet, and Ginger was sitting on Kate. (Ginger is Kate's "pet" Siamese cat.) They had watched "return of the Mummy" and that was one frightening movie. Now we all know that dark and stormy nights are the absolute worst time to watch monster movies, but it had only been sprinkling when the movie began and they couldn't just turn it off in the middle, could they?

Chapter 2: The Museum

A dark figure appeared before them, the girls SCREAMED! "Calm down girls, it's only me," said Mom. "Go to bed, it's 9:30, and tomorrow we're going to the Egypt exhibit at the art museum. Then you'll see that there's more to Egypt than mummies." That morning the girls went to the museum bright and early. Ginger liked the statues of the sacred cats best because they look just like her. Kate liked the old paintings of food best because she was hungry and Laura liked the hair picks best of all.

Chapter 3: The Theft

All of a sudden the lights went out and there was a scream, and five minutes later the back up power came on and the Cat's Eye diamond was gone! The Cat's Eye diamond was the light blue of the sea against the rocks of lower Egypt, the light blue gleam of the eyes of a sacred cat, very much like the gleam in Ginger's eyes. Some said that Bast created a curse to the thief who stole it and said that a cat who was like the sacred cats of old Egypt would carry it out along with some friends.

Chapter 4: The Search

Ginger felt it her duty to find the diamond with a little help because she was a cat and Bast was her god. Kate felt it her duty to find the diamond with a little help because she was a junior detective and Laura felt it her duty to be that little help.

Chapter 5: The Curator

The curator of the Egypt exhibit was a funny old man muttering "Oh my, lordy, lordy, lordy what should I do?" Kate stepped out and said "What's the matter?" The curator replied "You see, I got this note. It says that the museum will pay dearly or never see the diamond again..."

Chapter 6: The Note

"Let me see that note," said Kate.

The following is a copy of that note:

"I have the diamond, to get it back the museum must put $10000 in a brown paper sack and leave it behind the third table in the museum cafeteria at noon today."

"So let's get the money prepared," said Laura.

" No," Kate said, "We don't need to..............."

And so they hatched the plan: They would put a stack of play money in place of the $10000 and then hide in wait for the crooks.

Chapter 7: The Ambush

Laura yawned, Kate muffled her. They had been waiting behind the third table, first row, for some time now eating lunch - maybe fifteen minutes. Then, Ginger alerts them from her post in the potted plants. The crook has taken the bait and is off and running. Kate launches a lemon meringue pie while Laura sneaks up the flank with a pie and a hope to get that gal darned diamond - she hits and runs. Yes, she's got the diamond. Ginger covers for her and leaps on the criminal, criminal throws a pie too! This is a full fledged pie fight - the police close in on the stunned offender AND IT'S ALL OVER FOR THE CRIMINAL!

Epilogue: What Happened After

Mr. Slick (the criminal) is in jail. Kate, Laura, Mom and Ginger got an all expense paid trip to Egypt. Plus, the diamond is back in the temple of the cats.


Grey Bard