Legends: Fallen Star

by Grey Bard
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She is the Lost One. The great betrayer. She who was tainted beyond all redemption. She would have been the best of us.

She was born of the best of their generation, daughter of a hundred cycles of service on either side. She was so very young and so highly promising. Kept a pilot, kept from administrative duties, because anything else would have been a waste. Kept in a position to be pushed to the limits of her endurance to maintain the edge on her perfect reflexes. Unknowingly shielded from the situations that could have made weaknesses of her strengths.

So honorable, so sure, so very loyal. It is hard to retain one of that kind. She was so trusting of us and maintained that way with great difficulty. Carefully exposed to only the most black and white of missions. Shielded from anything that would make her doubt, shielded so that her loyalties would remain pure, that the qualities that made her valuable would not be lost to us. She could have been the greatest living weapon that we as Peacekeepers ever had.

She would never have had so much as a whiff of politics, of course. That was the point. She was so obviously honorable and strong and honest that any doubt in those below her would have died immediately. She could have someday commanded respect and allegiance of a kind we have long lost. She would have been the face that we showed to the universe and our strong right arm. Tough but honest. Glorious and fierce triumph personified.

She was our future, guided, guarded and sculpted all unknowing. Of all our hopes, the most brightly shining. And she threw it all away for a flash of eyes, a breath of freedom and a glimpse of truth.



Grey Bard