New Avengers issues 1-20 (up to Civil War) for the Iron Man / Captain America or ficcing fan.

* = Iron Man or Cap appears in the story
** = Iron Man and Cap appear in the story
*** = Iron Man or Cap has a major plot OR Iron Man and Cap have significant interaction
**** = Iron Man and Cap have a major plot
***** = The plot is significant to their personal arc
****** =The plot is significant to both of their personal arcs.

#= Forgettable or actively awful
##= Decent issue with actual Avengers content
###= A good plot OR significant personal interaction between Avengers OR something of great fannish interest happens.
####= More than one of the above
#####= Must-read classic or significant to an Avengers character's arc in an important, lasting way.

Note: In no way are most of these intended as reviews or judgement calls. They're just meant as a way of telling how much Iron Man and Captain America content an issue has - with slight snark thrown in to keep me from getting bored.


New Avengers issue 1 =* / ####
Oh no! Prison break! Captain America appears. Iron Man does not.

New Avengers issue 2 =* /####
Escaping prisoners! Captain America appears, Iron Man has a cameo on the last page or two.


New Avengers issue 3 =****** /#####
Captain America convinces Iron Man to restart the team together with him. Also, Tony knows Cap's favorite flavor of bagel. Half of the issue is narrated as one long conversation between the two of them. The rest is Cap doing recruiting.

New Avengers issue 4 =**** /####
The new team meets for the first time and action starts immediately. They're hunting escaped superpowered prisoners.

New Avengers issue 5 =**** /####
Prisoner hunt in The Savage Land.

New Avengers issue 6 =**** /####
Prisoner hunt in The Savage Land plus Tony and Cap have a heated discussion about the morals and fate of the team.

New Avengers issue 7 =** /##
Captain America and Iron Man go forth in search of the elusive superhero Sentry. Iron Man, as Tony Stark, meets with his fellow Illuminati. Also, the Wrecking Crew strike.

New Avengers issue 8 =** /###
Iron Man tries to talk Wolverine into joining the team and in doing so, explains his thoughts on the team's future. Also, exploration of The Sentry's backstory.

New Avengers issue 9 =* /##
Iron Man, as Tony Stark, back with the Illuminati. Meanwhile, more on Sentry as Emma Frost tries to save him.

New Avengers issue 10 =*** /##
Iron Man works out his Wanda-guilt issues by helping Sentry. Captain America appears.

New Avengers issue 11 =** /##
Captain America seeks out some mysterious help for a Japanese mission.

New Avengers issue 12 =*** /###
The mysterious Ronin comes to the aid of the Avengers. Also, a discussion of Cap's sense of humor. Captain America and Iron Man fight like a particularly well oiled team in this issue. Also, Power Man has an extremely funny scene.

New Avengers issue 13 =*** /###
The Avengers fight The Hand. The Silver Samurai grandstands. Spider-Woman acts squirrelly. Ronin is a woman! Cap and Iron Man have a heart to heart about the need for PR and Steve's angst.

New Avengers issue 14 =** /###
Cap is firm, smart and angry and demands the truth, in detail. Spider-Woman's secrets - she's a double agent pretending to work for Hydra. Iron Man only gets a walk on role.


New Avengers issue 15 =*** /###
Cap and Iron Man verbally tag team J. Jonah Jameson to defend Spider-Man's honor. They're great at it. Cap and Warbird (Ms. Marvel / Carol Danvers) bond and Carol says she's going to do solo heroing for a while. Carol fangirls Cap on her blog. The press is... the press.

New Avengers issue 16 =** /##
Luke Cage decides The Avengers should do some community policing. A big irrational glowy man shows up and causes havok. Iron Man tries to reason with him.

New Avengers issue 17 =**/#
The glowy man causes havok. He zaps Carol and suddenly she is powered up and her hair is made of fire. Cap... feels the need to beg the Sentry for help. (REALLY, Bendis?)

New Avengers issue 18 =** /#
The glowy man causes havok. He zaps Iron Man and his armor pops off, leaving him in his silly gold bodysuit. Oh look, Sentry to the rescue. Woo. The Young Avengers guest star in a very short cameo.

New Avengers issue 19 =** /#
Maria Hill is a controlling jerk who captures her allies and telepathically brainscans them, when a polite question would do. Why? Dunno! The Avengers are displeased. Meanwhile the glowy man continues to rampage.

New Avengers issue 20 =** /##
Technically Civil War according to the cover, but contains no real Civil War content of note. It's the end of this storyline, to tidy things up. Maria Hill is a jerk. Sentry and quasi-retired SHIELD agent Daisy Johnson save the day.


Here ends this guide, many other people have covered the territory of Civil War and what happens after.