by Grey Bard
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You always thought that true love came along only once in a lifetime. That clear, blinding brilliance that defied logic or pain or reality. You burned for me. My god, you burned. So brightly that it hurt to watch. So hot that I could almost feel it begin to consume me. Is it any wonder that I turned away and kept turning?

You were so young. We were both so young that first time around. That's true despite the lifetime's worth of pain and loss you'd known even then. Scarred as you were, your love shone with a purity that shamed me. What was I supposed to do?

I tried, believe me, I tried. Things got so I wasn't sure which was for your own good, and which was selfish cruelty. I'm still a little unclear on that.

You always thought that true love only came once in a lifetime. I'm afraid you still do. I pray you were wrong just this once, for your sake, Jason Bard.



Grey Bard