Touched By a What!

by Grey Bard
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"Thanks for having me over. The tv at my place is shot and it's been a long time since I got a chance to do this." Ezekiel Stone said as he sat down with Andrew in front of the television to watch the World Series. Life was good.

"Is this so hard?" asked his new friend, passing him a root beer and offering the popcorn. "You should take more time for things like this. It's the simple pleasures that really make life worthwhile."

"Tell me about it." Stone said, shaking his head and sipping his drink. "Man, look at that pitch. I haven't seen anything that pathetic in years."

"You know," Andrew admonished, "You should relax and enjoy the little things more often, Zeke. You only get one chance to live, and in a job as harsh as yours, you could work yourself into an early grave."

Stone sighed, "Don't I wish I had a choice."

"You do!" said his friend, "Take charge of your life."

Zeke smiled grimly, "You don't know my boss, do you? He's the very devil to work for."

"You see, more stress! Ezekiel, look at me," commanded Andrew, smiling beatifically.

"Yeah, so what? No offense, but the game's more interesting." Stone replied.

"I am an Angel of the Lord," said Andrew. "And I am sure God loves you very much."

"What was in your root beer? You running a fever or something?" laughed Stone.

"Aren't I doing the glowing halo of light, twittering doves thing?" asked Andrew, puzzled.

"Not that I can see." said Zeke. "Still, the tv's good and the popcorn's free. Want to watch that game now?"

"Yeah, I guess" mumbled Andrew, shaken. "I was sure that worked on mortals. Tessa said you had to be dead not to see it..."




Grey Bard