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Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy & Utopia
This was an invaluable source for me to find gynotopias, and was in fact my chief resource. Some especially relevant pages:
Skewed gender ratios
All-woman worlds encounter men
Gender separatism
Single-sexed species
Also the site now includes a wiki!

Lost Race Guide
Compiled by Amazon scholar Jessica Amanda Salmonson. This was the other most fruitful research source I used.

TV Tropes pages about gynotopias
One Gender Race
Mars Needs Women

Wikipedia on the single-gender world
Legends of an island of women warriors

Lesbian Science Fiction
There is a page on all-female worlds.

The Last Man On Earth
This blog is actually about apocalyptic fiction where there is only one person left on earth, but a few "gendercide" works have been discussed.

Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy by Robin Anne Reid

Uranian Worlds: A Reader's Guide to Alternative Sexuality in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Fiction Online

Delightful Science Fiction webcomic. Most human males have been killed by a plague, leaving women to fend for themselves in starships, war, and love. The storylines are full of both humor and angst and deal with Lesbian romance and soldierly camaraderie. I highly recommend it.

The classic of the gynotopian genre.

A lesser-known but equally fascinating utopian novel.

Sultana's Dream
An Indian fantasy about a world where men are secluded in a sort of reverse purdah. "Men, who do or at least are capable of doing no end of mischief, are let loose and the innocent women, shut up in the zenana! How can you trust those untrained men out of doors?"

Angel Island
This novel does not really fit, but I have included it because it was on some of the lists I used in my research. It is about a few young men who settle on a deserted island and discover that lovely winged women visit it. The winged women apparently come from a mysterious land where everyone is winged, but whether there are men there or not is never explained. Certainly they don't seem to have any understanding of the male sex. The men capture the winged women, cut off their wings, and marry them, and all sorts of feminist metaphors ensue.

Consider Her Ways
Famous science fiction story. Was made into a Night Gallery episode.

Men Are Trouble by James Patrick Kelly
A hardboiled private eye story set in a time when aliens have taken away all of the men of Earth.
"She studied her hands. I don't know why; they weren't doing anything. They were just sitting in her lap, minding their own business."

Granville, Ernest. In Search of the Okapi A Story of Adventure in Central Africa

Brantenberg, Gerd. Egalia's daughters: a satire of the sexes

Cowan, Frank. Revi Lona: A Romance of Love in a Marvelous Land, 1879.

Science Fiction story reviewed on my Feminists page.

The Immortal by Robert Chambers

Mandeville, Sir John. The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, 1371

The Screwfly Solution by Raccoona Sheldon
Note: Raccoona Sheldon was a pen name for Alice Sheldon, better known as James Tiptree.
Aliens who wish to claim Earth for themselves kill all the women with a plague and subsequently wait for the men to die off.
Made into a "Masters of Horror" episode which can be viewed online at Netflix.

Glory Season
In this futuristic science fiction novel, women are the majority on this matriarchal planet. The founder of the planet's society genetically engineered its inhabitants so that heterosexual intercourse usually triggers parthenogenesis. This novel falls into the "pleasant but stultifying" category of gynotopian speculation. It's also well written and a good read.
"Their aim wasn't to stop science as such, but to prevent a certain kind of scientific fever. A cultural madness, if you will. The sort of epoch in which questioning becomes almost a devotional act. In which all of life's certainties melt, and folk compulsively doubt old ways, heedless of whatever validity those ways once had. Ego and 'personal fulfillment' take precedence over values based on community and tradition."

Y: The Last Man On Earth
PDF file of the first issue.
This is a highly intelligent series about a plague that instantly kills all of the males on earth except one. It does contain the anti-Republican potshots which are apparently required by law and perpetuates the myth of Israeli female soldiers (in real life, a woman in the Israeli army is called a "filing clerk"), but in most respects this is a convincing exploration of how women might fare without men.

Androtopian Fiction

The Strange Experience of a Misogynist by Jack London

Lucian's 2nd-century work The Works of Lucian of Samosata describes an utopian all-male society which lives on the moon.

A Voyage to Cacklogallinia with a Description of the Religion, Policy, Customs, and Manners of that Country by Captain Samuel Brunt, written in 1727. Like Lucian's work, this depicts an all-male utopia on the moon.

World Without Women
This is a comedic webisode series.

Nonfiction Online

The Amazons by Guy Cadogan Rothery (1910)

Religious Cults Associated With the Amazons by Florence Mary Bennett (1912)

The mothers : a study of the origins of sentiments and institutions by Robert Briffault (1927)

Amazon Research Network

"Women's town" to put men in their place
BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese tourism authorities are seeking investment to build a novel concept attraction -- the world's first "women's town," where men get punished for disobedience, an official said Thursday.
The 2.3-square-km Longshuihu village in the Shuangqiao district of Chongqing municipality, also known as "women's town," was based on the local traditional concept of "women rule and men obey," a tourism official told Reuters.
"Traditional women dominate and men have to be obedient in the areas of Sichuan province and Chongqing, and now we are using it as an idea to attract tourists and boost tourism," the official, surname Li, said by telephone.

A Place Where Women Rule
All-Female Village in Kenya Is a Sign Of Burgeoning Feminism Across Africa

Amazon Heroic Fantasy
A critical overview by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

A militaristic Amazon race in Marvel Comics.

What would the world be like without men?
Human hybrids by the million. Clones bred in the lab. And men exterminated. In the week MPs voted to change what it means to be human, A.N. WILSON imagines a truly terrifying future

Self-fertilizing females to take over the world
Just kidding. But research suggests female-only conception may be possible.

Shojo Kageki
In the Orient, all-female opera or theatre troupes have been a custom for some time.

Non-Gynotopian Fiction

This is my guide to fiction about worlds where homosexuality is the norm.

The Isle of Maids: A Romance of the Mediterranean by M. T. Hainsselin
This was on one or two of the guides I used in my research, but unfortunately it turned out not to be gynotopian at all. Some lads on vacation land on an island on which three or four young women are spending the summer. The girls decided to dress like ancient Greeks because it's fun, which seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Whom The Gods Destroy by Alfred Gordon Bennett was also on a list I used in research, but there is no gynotopia and no Amazons. It's a fun read for those who like pulp fiction of bygone days, which I do. It has India, a beautiful girl with mysterious origins, yogi magic and yetis, but no Amazons.

Ritual of Proof by Dara Joy
This was recommended to me by a friend when I told her about this hobby of mine. It isn't about an all-female society, though, but a role reversal society. In the far future, humans have colonized another planet and have forgotten all about Earth. Young men are carefully chaperoned by their families until it is time for them to marry an older woman, who will of course expect her new husband to be a virgin. This is a romance novel, in the genre sense, and is also a very fun read.