Further Research

Due to time constraints, I probably won't be adding a lot more to this site. This means there are a LOT of gynotopian or possibly gynotopian works I found out about and haven't gotten around to reading or watching. For those who are interested, I've compiled them in this list.

In addition to the works listed below, there are numerous works of interest at Amazon scholar Jessica Amanda Salmonson's Lost Race Guide; many of these lost races are Amazonian.

Reading list

Ackerman, Forrest J. The Radclyffe Effect

Allegra, Donna. "A Toast of Babatine", Sinister Wisdom #34

Beresford, J. D. A World of Women (also published as Goslings), 1913

Blake, Lillie Devereux. A Divided Republic: An Allegory of the Future, 1892

Boyd, John. Sex and the High Command

Brantenberg, Gerd. Egalia's daughters: a satire of the sexes

Busby, F. M. For a Daughter in Amazons II

Carr, Jayge. Leviathan's Deep

Chambers, Robert "The Immortal" in Police!!!, 1915

Cooper, Edmund. Five to Twelve

Cowan, Frank. Revi Lona: A Romance of Love in a Marvelous Land, 1879.

Culpepper, Cate, The Tristaine series. Inspired by the Xena fanfiction Battle.

Draulans, Dirk. The Red Queen: A Novel of the War Between the Sexes

Drummond, John Peter. The Seven Silver Skulls of L'Gonda

Dunton, James G. The Queen's Harem

Ellison, Harlan, World of Women

Estacada, Alix, and Marides Bona Dea. "Excerpt from Nozama." Women (Baltimore, Maryland), v. 5, no. 1 (1976).

Fletcher, Jane. The World Celaeno Chose

Forbes, Caroline. The Needle on Full

Foster, M. A. The Warriors of Dawn

Frank, Pat. Mr. Adam.

Gom, Leona. The Y Chromosome

Goulart, Ron. After Things Fell Apart

Granville, Ernest. In Search of the Okapi A Story of Adventure in Central Africa

Hall, Sandi. Wingwomen of Hera

Hamilton, Edmond. War of the Sexes, World Without Sex

Hauptmann, Gerhart. The Island of the Great Mother
An amusing summary of this novel can be read here.

Herbert, Frank. The White Plague

James, P. D. The Children of Men

Killough, Lee, A Voice Out of Ramah

Knight, Harry Adam (pseudonym for John Brosnan and Leroy Kettle). The Kettle (London: W. H. Allen, 1985)
I got this reference from the Feminist SFF site, but haven't been able to find any trace of the book. Since the title is the same as the last name of one of the authors, I suspect this was a transcription error. W. H. Allen did publish a book by Knight in 1985, but the title was The Fungus. (It was also released as Death Spores.) The summaries I've found only say that experiments in genetic engineering to feed our increasing population accidentally released deadly spores into the air. There wasn't any mention of gendercide, but I haven't read the book, so who knows.

Lapidus, Jacqueline. Design for the City of Women, Heresies, no. 3 (Fall 1977)

La Tourette, Aileen, Cry Wolf

Lessing, Doris. The Cleft

Mandeville, Sir John. The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, 1371. It seems Sir Mandeville encountered Amazons.

Mercer, Harold. Amazon Island

Merle, Robert. The Virility Factor

Morlan, A. R. The Best Lives of Our Years

Mushroom, Merril. Daughters of Khaton.

Ness, Patrick. The Knife of Never Letting Go

olsen, Nora. Swans & Klons

Powell, Jep. Amazons of a Weird Creation

Reed, Kit. Little Sisters of the Apocalypse

Richards, Leigh. Califia's Daughters

Sargent, Pamela. The Shore of Women

Savage, Timothy. The Amazonian Republic, Recently Discovered in the Interior of Peru, 1842

Slonczewski, Joan. A Door Into Ocean

Varley, John, Options

Vaughan, Richard. The Woman From Space, Spring 1932.

Vonarburg, Elisabeth.In the Mothers' Land

Webster, F. A. M., The Land of the Forgotten Women

Westerfeld, Scott. The Risen Empire

Weston, George. His First Million Women, 1934

Weston, Susan. Children of the Light

Williams, Liz. Banner of Souls

Williams, Robert Moore. World Without Men

Wittig, Monique. Les Guérillères and The Lesbian Body

Wylie, Philip. The Disappearance

Yaches, E. Bruce. Land of the Matriarchs

Yoshinaga, Fumi. Ooku, manga

Young, F. E. The War of the Sexes (1905)

Yourell, Agnes Bond. A Manless World (1891)

Zana. "Man Plague," Sinister Wisdom #34

Zanger, Molleen. The Year Seven



Sexes Segregated

Arnason, Eleanor's A Woman of the Iron People and Ring of Swords feature sexually segregated societies.

Bartter, M. A. Be Ye Perfect

In John Fores's 1928 Adventures in Southern Seas: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century, an explorer discovers the male and female islands reported by Marco Polo.

Le Guin, Ursula, The Matter of Seggri, Solitude

Spinrad, Norman, World Between



From IMDB: "Based on Sax Rohmer's cult novels, "Sumuru", the futuristic fantasy take you to an Earth colony in the far future in which woman rule and men are used to propagate the race and work in the mines..."

The Girl From Rio (also released as Future Women or La Ciudad Sin Hombres
From IMDB: "Sumuru, the beautiful leader of the all-female kingdom of Femina, plans to use her women to take over the world."

Planet of the Erotic Ape, also released as Babes In Kong Land

When the Man in the Moon Seeks a Wife 1908

"The film belongs to the 'migration cycle' in the Bulgarian cinema. It is about the drama of a group of women who have been left alone in their 'female kingdom' - a village deserted by its entire men folk." 1977

The Last Man on Earth
"An epidemic has killed off all of the fertile men on earth, except for Elmer Smith, a hillbilly who lives out in a cabin in the Ozarks, when he is discovered, every woman on the planet begins fighting over him." 1924

It's Great to Be Alive 1933
"An aviator who crash landed on an island in the South Pacific returns home to find that he is the last fertile man left on Earth after an epidemic of masculitus."

The Interplanetary Surplus Male and Amazon Women of Outer Space
Made in 2003, this seems to be another spoof of the "Love-Starved Amazons in Outer Space" genre.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Planet of the Amazon Women

Carry On Up The Jungle, 1970

Amazons, 1986. "An epic from the dark ages about the legendary lost tribe of warrior women!"

WIld Women, 1961. Explorers are taken prisoner by a tribe of white Amazons in some jungle or other. The Amazons wrestle over who gets the privilege of having sex with their captive males.

Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women, 1979. "Some men in a plane land on an uncharted island. They discover that it's inhabited by women. Women who don't trust men. They try to get them to help them."

Amazons in the Temple of Gold, 1986. "A woman, raised by an Amazon tribe after they killed her parents, seeks revenge on the tribe for their deaths by joining an expedition looking for the tribe's secret golden temple."

Lana - Königin der Amazonen, 1964. "A scientist and his nephew are hosts of Lana, queen of the Amazons. Meanwhile, other white men penetrate the Brazilian jungle, wishing to find and take hold of the legendary Amazons' treasure."
Dude. The hell with penetrating the jungle.

The Lustful Amazons, 1973.
"In medieval France, traveler Pygar tells he-man Karzan (Maciste in the French version) of his recent journey to a place called Antigua, and of its entire community of Amazons promising undreamed of sexual satisfaction to any man who comes upon them. More importantly, Pygar tells of a fortune in gold. Karzan/Maciste, is persuaded to undertake the journey in search of riches, unaware that Pygar is in collusion with the Amazon Queen to actually deliver Maciste as a slave stud to help rejuvenate the race."

Colossus and the Amazon Queen, 1960

Gold of the Amazon Women, 1979.
"An adventurer searches for the fabled Golden Cities of El Dorado and allies himself with a tribe of Amazon women against a murderous villain who is also after the treasure."

Gall Force
This anime series features an all-female race called the Solnoids.

Treasure of the Amazon

Phoenix the Warrior, also released as She-Wolves of the Wasteland.
From Netflix: "In a post-apocalyptic society where men have been eradicated, barely clad hotties battle for supremacy in junkyards and gravel pits. It is here where two tribes battle for control of one pregnant woman, and in turn, the fate of the human race."

Hell Comes to Frogtown, 1988.
From Netflix: "In the radioactive wasteland of the future, Sam Hell is one of the last fertile men on the planet. A female organization intent on repopulating kidnaps Sam and sends him on a deadly mission to impregnate a group of beautiful women. They all need rescuing from the violent bipedal amphibian leader of Frogtown. Will Sam and his "loaded weapon" survive the mission? This sci-fi action comedy cult favorite spawned two sequels."

The 14 Amazons
Chinese. From Netflix: "Based on a popular Chinese historical saga, the story of the Yang family and its heroic defense of the nation -- with an army led largely by women -- receives classic Shaw Brothers treatment in this 1972 film."

The Last Days of Man on Earth, 1973, also released as the Final Programme, apparently based on a story by Michael Moorcock

The Last Guy on Earth, 2006
From Netflix: "A long line of women... can't keep their hands off goldbricking landscaper JJ (Rob Schneider) when he's the last man left on Earth."

Amazons and Gladiators, 2001
From Netflix: "Fleeing inevitable execution for killing a Roman senator in self-defense, comely young slave girl Serena (Nichole Hiltz) joins the ranks of Queen Zenobia's (Mary Tamm) army and learns the ways of the Amazonian warriors."

Amazon Warrior, 1988
From Netflix: "Director Dennis Devine's fast-paced adventure finds an Amazonian woman, Tara, aching to avenge the systematic massacre of her entire tribe by an army regiment."

Untamed Women, 1952
"During World War II, an American bomber pilot is rescued after drifting at sea aboard a raft. After being administered truth serum, he tells the doctor a story of how he and the three survivors of his plane crash washed up on an island that was inhabited by a tribe of beautiful primitive cave-women, dinosaurs and a group of savage cavemen who are bent on abducting the women for breeding purposes."

Kilma, reina de las amazonas, 1975
"A sailor escapes a mutiny on his ship and finds himself stranded on a jungle island--with a tribe of gorgeous amazon women."

Die Insel der Amazonen, 1960

Beastmaster: Amazons

Children of Men

When Women Had Tails

Super Stooges vs the Wonder Women, 1975
Three men with supernatural powers interfere in a tribal warfare to prevent evil Amazons destroying the inhabitants of a village.

The New Adventures of Robin Hood: The Legend of the Amazons

Space Patrol: The Amazons of Cydonia 1954

Virgin of the Secret Service: The Amazons 1968

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle: Tarzan and the Amazon Princess 1977

The Canned Film Festival: Untamed Women 1986

The Warrior's Husband 1933

Sexmission, 1984. According to Netflix: "Director Juliusz Machulski's bawdy, fun comedy envisions a world where the only men left are Albert (Olgierd Lukaszewicz) and Maks (Jerzy Stuhr), two pals spared destruction because they were frozen as part of an experiment. When they awaken, the League of Women's Lib runs the planet, and their archeologists believe Albert and Maks are a species predating the female human race. Can the men repopulate the globe with their gender? Contains nudity."

Space: 1999: Devil's Planet 1976

Ooku, 2010. Japanese, based on the manga of the same name. "In the year 1716 a mysterious epidemic strickens the country of Japan, dropping the population of men to 1/4th of its prior state."

Island of Lost Women

Dinosaur Valley Girls

Androtopian Works

The below are androtopian works I have not read or watched, for the benefit of those who wish to explore further.

World Without Women
This is a comedic webisode series.

The Last Woman on Earth
Short film made in 2006.

The White Plague by Frank Herbert. From Amazon: "It begins in Ireland, but soon spreads throughout the entire world: a virulent new disease expressly designed to target only women. As fully half of the human race dies off at a frightening pace and life on Earth faces extinction, panicked people and governments struggle to cope with the global crisis. Infected areas are quarantined or burned to the ground. The few surviving women are locked away in hidden reserves, while frantic doctors and scientists race to find a cure. Anarchy and violence consume the planet."

Spartan Plan (originally False Fatherland) by A. Bertram Chandler.

Another Rib by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Juanita Coulson

Last Man by Jon Inouye.

AE: The Open Persuader by Auctor Ignotus depicts a gay male utopia.

The World Without Women by Virgilio Martini.

Lucian's 2nd-century work The Works of Lucian of Samosata describes an utopian all-male society which lives on the moon.

A Voyage to Cacklogallinia with a Description of the Religion, Policy, Customs, and Manners of that Country by Captain Samuel Brunt, written in 1727. Like Lucian's work, this depicts an all-male utopia on the moon.

World Without Women by Day Keene & Leonard Pruyn.

In The Disappearance, the men and women alternately disappear, leaving the other sex to try to get along without them.

The First Century After Beatrice by Amin Maalouf.
From Amazon: "a popular drug that ensures women will give birth only to boys has sharply reduced the world's female population and cut fertility rates. The industrialized nations, seeking to curb Third World population growth, have encouraged the drug's use in poorer countries, which collapse economically. Men everywhere, frustrated sexually and deprived of normal family life, turn to violence and delinquency. An American televangelist launches a massive airlift of impoverished newborn girls from Brazil, Egypt and the Philippines, transporting them to Europe and the U.S., where ethnic protest riots subsequently erupt."

Swastika Night by Katharine Burdekin. Sort-of androtopia: According to Amazon, "Published in 1937, twelve years before Orwell's 1984, this novel projects a totally male-controlled fascist world that has eliminated women as we know them. They are breeders, kept as cattle, while men in this post-Hitlerian world are embittered automatons, fearful of all feelings, having abolished all history, education, creativity, books, and art. Not even the memory of culture remains."

World Without Women by Thornton Ayre.
I know nothing about this story beyond the title, but it seems likely to be androtopian.

Hatching Stones by Anna Wilson.