Mermaids by Green Tiger Press

In 1982 Green Tiger Press published this little booklet - the size of the average greeting card - about mermaids. Someone who knew of my mania for mermaids found a copy and got it for me and I have always treasured it. It is almost impossible to find, so I have decided to share the entire booklet with my fellow mermaid fanatics. Most of the images and poems will be familiar to any mermaid lover.

I have seen the quotation above on numerous mermaid sites and I believe this booklet is the source of them. I have been trying to find the entire poem since the 1980's and haven't yet. I have sought out Anne Marie Ewing's work. There is a novel about a jazz musician called Little Gate; no mermaid poetry there. I have also bought two books of poetry by her, Something New in Deities and Gold of a Certain Kind, and searched them both carefully. There is nary a mention of mermaids in either, and she does not appear to have any other books. Possibly the poem was published in a magazine and never put in a book. If anyone is able to find it, I hope they'll drop me a line.