Mermaid Movies

One of the most popular mermaid movies of all time. An idealistic, lonely man falls in love with a beautiful, mysterious blonde, but something's fishy about her....

Beautifully filmed movie about a dangerous mermaid being transported by Edwardian carnival workers.

The Mermaids of Tiburon
Lovely movie, only recently available, about a diver who comes upon a mermaid grotto.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
The fourth Pirates movie features a mermaid.

British 1948 classic about a mermaid who visits land.

Mad About Men
Sequel to Miranda.

Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid
1948 comedy about a man whose midlife crisis involves a flirtation with a mermaid.

The Little Mermaid
Disney's retelling of Andersen's classic tale.

Night Tide
A woman who plays a mermaid in a carnival believes that she actually is one.

Beach Blanket Bingo
A real mermaid appears in this Frankie & Annette beach comedy.

A classics professor falls in love with a mermaid.

Lighthearted teen comedy about a mermaid who visits the world above.

This movie doesn't have any actual mermaids, but is worth watching anyway. Four women pose as the sirens of myth for a bohemian painter as a young wife has a sensual awakening.

The Secret of Roan Inish
Another almost-mermaid movie. Ireland, selkies, and a little-girl heroine remniscent of Alice in Wonderland.

I haven't seen this one; it appears to be an independent film.