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NOTICE: Unfortunately, maintaining these recs pages has gotten to be too much work, given the amount of fic that I read. So from now on, I'll be keeping track of good fics via my AO3 bookmarks and the delicious account Grey Bard started for me.

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Mina de Malfois
This is a series of, not fanfics, but original fiction about a fanfic writer. Remniscent of Jeeves and Wooster, the stories wittily explore the crazy, wonderful world of fandom.

Fanmark: The Fandom Hallmark Store
A proposition: Greeting cards for fandom.

Slash fiction and human mating psychology
Evolutionary psychology exploration of slash fic.

Metafandom Fiction: The Day the Music Died (and I Got Farked)
Author: Sam Storyteller
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Summary: This is an original story about what could happen if everything possible went wrong in a fandom, brought on by the minor wanks about spoilers/piracy and the temporary failure of Livejournal this afternoon. It's comedy! It's tragedy! It's kinda foulmouthed, now that I read it. It encompasses everything I love about every fandom I could think of.

Fanfiction Downloader
Mac version.
A lot of people ought to find this application useful.

Mr Earbrass Writes a Slashfic
Author: Nataliadarimini
Rating: PG-13
Warning/Disclaimer/Author's Notes: "I am so sorry. I feel like I am peeing on the Mona Lisa to be profaning the artwork of Edward Gorey. He deserves better. But I think this is funny anyway. I hope you like it. I do not own Supernatural, Merlin, Buffy, Stargate, Harry Potter, Mr Earbrass or any of the other bits and bats that have found their way into this story. They deserve better, too."

Untitled Anthropomor-Fic
by alyse
Meta/Fandom, NC-17

Multifandom Sites

The high-quality fanfic of Astolat.

Mary Sue
Metafiction about Mary Sues. Hilarious.

The Inappropriate Elf Challenge

Wake Up Gay
Also see The DC Universe Woke Up Gay



No Rest For The Wicked

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