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NOTICE: Unfortunately, maintaining these recs pages has gotten to be too much work, given the amount of fic that I read. So from now on, I'll be keeping track of good fics via my AO3 bookmarks and the delicious account Grey Bard started for me.

A Goodish Spot of Philosophy
Essay: The Man Behind the Stuffed Frog Mask: What Spinoza's Ethics can tell us about Reginald Jeeves
by sex-in-spats

Jeeves and the One Horse Open Sleigh
by Sex_in_spats
On the theme of wintry, how about a wild, one-horse open sleigh ride that brings the boys together in mutual fear for their lives.

Jeeves and the Best Laid Schemes
by Sex_in_spats
Summary: Written for this prompt: While on holiday, Jeeves finally realizes he can't take it any more and decides to make his move on Bertie when he gets home. Every time Jeeves tries to say something, there's an interruption. - birds, bezels, aunts, traveling salesmen, thunderstorms, the more bizarre the better. Finally, seeing that trying to talk to Bertie about it is going to be hopeless, he engineers a few days of absolute isolation and pounces the young master, who responds with delight and a what-took-you-so-long attitude. Massive happy smut ensues. Satisfaction is had by all.

Can't Quite Put My Finger On It
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster

Psychology of the Individual
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster

What Ho, Gods of the Abyss!
(c)2007 Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill.
Lovecraft/Jeeves & Wooster crossover.

Dear Jeeves by Purity Brown
A series of letters between Jeeves and Wooster.

Jeeves and the Lovestruck Spirit by ataratah
Usually the women who land Bertie in the soup are at least alive. This time, not so much.

The Ghosts of Brinkley Court by thirstyrobot (Mercy)
Bertie gets a nasty scare that has more behind it than he could have imagined.

Christmas Dilemma by Mofic
Bertie wants to go to Brinkley Court for Christmas, but how to get out of working as editor/publisher of My Lady's Boudoir? Can Jeeves save him?

Jeeves and the Opera Ghost
by PeekabooFang
Phantom of the Opera crossover.

Canterlot Follies
by LM
Jeeves and Wooster as My Little Ponies. WIP but too good to miss.

The crux of the matter
Author: drachenmina
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Snape 100 Challenge#202: Crossover
Characters: Severus Snape, Jeeves & Wooster
Warning: really bad puns. Sorry.

The Jooster diaries
Various authors. The journals of various Wodehouse characters, told Very Secret Diaries style.

Let There Be No More Marriages
Author: woe_in_a_hoodie
Rating: PG-13 for implied violence.
Word Count: 403
Pairing: Implied Jeeves/Bertie pre-slash.
Warnings Enticements: Evil Jeeves!

Green Ice
Author: Adina
Lord Wimsey crossover.
Bertie suffers shellshock from his service in the Great War.

The Matter of the Firebird
Author: lawnnun
Rating: R for some weirdness, some gore, and some frottage.
Summary: The Firebird is another story where a wise servant continually has to get a lovable doofus in and out of trouble.
Author's note: Some nasty bits, due to Russian-ness of source material. This was written ages ago, but "The Twelve Dancing Drones" reminded me that I had it.

Wooster's School for Wayward Girls
by Yahtzee

Jeeves and the Newt of the Fink-Nottles
by earlwyn
Summary: Bertie discovers Sherlock Holmes. Featuring a burnt letter, a family secret, a missing Bassett, questionable newt research, too many telegrams, and a few misplaced references.

Many Happy Returns
by innocentsmith
Summary: Bobbie Wickham's birthdays, past and present.

Deus Ex by innocentsmith
What does Jeeves do on his annual week's holiday? Meta-ish crack crossover between the Wodehouseverse and, among other things, classical mythology.

Faint Heart, Fair Maiden by innocentsmith
Rating: PG, or thereabouts.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Wodehouse's.
"Note: You know, if you'd told me the other day that I'd be writing Honoria/Madeline, I would've had Sir Roderick Glossop fitting you for a straitjacket. The plotbunnies move in mysterious ways, their wonders to perform."

Mr Wooster and the Restorative Preparation by innocentsmith
Jeeves finds himself a new situation. Pre-series, save for the very end; Jeeves POV.

What if Bertie Wooster, rather than being a mere layabout, was also Batman?
by MightyGodKing

The Whole Avenger of Justice Dealio by uschickens
What if Bertie Wooster's parents were tragically gunned down in an alleyway in front of young Bertie's eyes, leaving him with many unresolved issues and a penchant for ludicrous costuming?

Play It Again, Jeeves
Author: triedunture
Rating: G
Length: 870
Warnings: none
Summary: For who_is_small, who requested a cracky retelling of Casablanca with Jeeves and Bertie.

Jeeves and the Public School Punishment
by triedunture
For the kink_bingo prompt Caning. Bertie and Jeeves are doing some spring cleaning, and Bertie unearths an old school-days relic.

Tigers Aren't Gentlemen
by beachkid (binz), binz, shiplizard
Bertie Wooster's in the supernatural soup! After a swinging party in New York leaves him accidentally affianced to an elven heiress with more than the usual amount of matrimonial influence to throw around, where's a young gent to turn? Why, to old acquaintance Harold 'Mimsy' Dresden, part time investigator, part time stage magician, full time wizard. Together they'll have to scuttle Bertie's engagement and solve the mystery of a missing sword that could completely upend the New York social scene. In their corner they have their manservants--the inimitable Jeeves and the Machiavellian Johnson--as well as a tiny bouncer, a massive bookseller, and a shady informant who likes his payment in dirty novels. Arrayed against them are Mimsy's parole officer and Bertie's fellow suitors. Oh, and the entire might of the Old Families, those inscrutable Unseelie socialites who can't touch iron and won't ever let you out of a debt... or an engagement.

Pelicans in Springtime
by Kanna-Ophelia
Fandom: Blandings House. Yes, this is the Jeeves category, but BH is Wodehouse, so it's related.
The desire to bring joy to spread sweetness and light in the life of an ambitious chorus girl brings the fifth Earl of Ickenham, better known as Pongo Twistleton's Uncle Fred, in yet another guise to Blandings Castle. It is up to the gallant Hon. Galahad Threepwood to help untangle the resulting complications and unite two loving hearts.

The Problem With Eustace
Author: Mice
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves, past Bertie/Other
Rating: R
Words: 8,800
Summary: When Jeeves comes to Bertie to resolve a problem that he can't handle on his own, Bertie wonders if the foundations of the world haven't been shaken. When said problem turns out to be Eustace, Bertie's entire universe is thoroughly disrupted. Angst, skeevy upper class attitudes, backstory.

Title of vid: The Undeserving Rich
Vidder: Trutgras
Music: "With a little bit of luck" by Stanley Holloway
Summary: Jeeves loves mayhem. Just so long as he's not picking up after it.
Content notes: I prefer not to give content notes (viewer proceeds at their own risk: could be anything)
Signed length: 04:05

Never assume
by flossiepots
characters/pairings:Jeeves/Wooster (preslash), Sherlock/John (established relationship)
Summary: In which Wooster is a fanboy, Jeeves is jealous, John is exasperated and Sherlock gets what he deserves