NOTICE: Unfortunately, maintaining these recs pages has gotten to be too much work, given the amount of fic that I read. So from now on, I'll be keeping track of good fics via my AO3 bookmarks and the delicious account Grey Bard started for me.

The Guys on HotWomenofCrime.Net Are Never Going to Believe This
Author: ijemanja
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Sterling/(Parker)
Rating: teen
Notes: You know, while watching 'The First David Job', you really have to wonder why he went to all the trouble of putting a leather armchair in the back of that armoured van just to wait for his imaginary girlfriend Parker. (Does it count as crack if it has become your own personal canon?) 1019 words.
Summary: Jim Sterling. Insurance investigator. Magnificent bastard. Fanboy.

The Joy of Cooking
Author: ijemanja
Pairing: team gen
Rating: teen
Notes: Mmm, Thai food. Set post-season one. 3000 words.
Summary: Eliot cooks. The rest of the team 'help'.

Bait and Switch
Author: ijemanja
Pairing: none, team gen
Rating: teen
Notes: Short and rather silly. Like Eliot. I am totally going to write something that isn't Leverage again eventually. Just not today. 1500 words.
Summary: Parker and Sophie need to get out of a tricky situation.

The Underwire Job
Author: brown-betty and emeraldwoman
Odd Jobs series
Rating: There is drinking and Warcraft in this one, folks, as well as mature discussion of sexuality as depicted on the internet. It's probably depraved.
Pairing: It's sort of like if a gen-writer wrote Parker/Hardison.
Notes: This is the first time a co-writer has let me title anything! Either I'm softening them up, or my titles are getting better. Spoilers for The Two Horse Job, but fits into continuity much later. (And will probably be jossed next Tuesday.) Written by me and emeraldwoman
Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture.
Summary: Parker recruits Eliot for a side job. Comedy and horror ensue.

The Cat-Burglar Job
Author: brown-betty and emeraldwoman
Odd Jobs series
Pairing: no, think bigger. OT3.
Rating: Schemin', macin', and kissin', y'all.

House Rules
Author: brown-betty and emeraldwoman
Odd Jobs series
Warning: Contains suggestions of unsafe food-handling.
Pairing: You're new here, aren't you?

Hardison's Week Off: What We Talk About When We Don't Talk About Love
Author: brown-betty and emeraldwoman
Odd Jobs series
Pairing: There were three in the bed, until Alec kicked them out so he could get some sleep.
Warning: The Library of Congress does not endorse these shenanigans.

Parker's Week Off: But Take A Body Too
Author: brown-betty and emeraldwoman
Odd Jobs series
Pairing: Don't be silly, old people don't have sex.
Warning: Contains much research, and much research cheerfully ignored.
Disclaimer: This document is not certified to be free of doctrinal error.

Nerds of the Earth, take note!
by Betty, Emeraldwoman
Leverage/Iron Man xover

Life in the Twenty-First Century
Author: aces
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing/characters: Alec Hardison; Alec Hardison's thoughts and fantasies involving a number of characters from various books, tv shows, and other media; Nana, who does not figure in any fantasy; and eventually it all comes down to
Rating: All ages
Disclaimer: The characters of Leverage—and all other shows, books, comics, etc. mentioned—do not belong to me. I make no profit from this story, am only writing hopefully for the entertainment of others.
Prompt, from lgbtfest: Fandom or other online activities help Hardison come to terms with his sexual orientation.
Word count: approx. 4100 words
Warnings: Spoilery for the end (literally the last five minutes) of the second season of Leverage.
Author's Notes: Okay, John Rogers noted in one of his blog posts that Hardison & Parker are in their mid-20s, so I'm gonna go with something like that chronology and…hope for the best. I'm also going with an assumption that all the other foster situations, including Jehovah's Witness!mom, were before Hardison ended up with Nana, that Nana ended up adopting Hardison, and that she died sometime in Hardison's early 20s. Any errors, canonical or otherwise, are all mine. Special thanks to troyswann for her as-always sound suggestions and advice—you rock, lady!
Summary: Alec Hardison, if pressed, would probably suggest that he subscribes to a post-modern definition of identity.

Age(s) of the Geek
by mermaid
Fandoms: Buffy, Leverage
What if Willow Rosenberg was the one who taught Alec Hardison how to hack? Their chance meeting as teenagers affects the course of Alec's life in unexpected ways.

symptoms of peculiar regard
by Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup)
Fandoms: Buffy, Leverage
Summary: If these ladies were typical anything, Eliot would cheerfully eat the designer shoe currently pressed against his throat.

strong objections to the lady
by Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup)
Fandoms: Buffy, Leverage
Summary: The conclusion had seemed obvious: a mid-life crisis complicated by a predatory young woman.

Five times the Leverage Crew was not in Gotham, no, really, they weren't, no
by noelia_g
Leverage-Batman xover.

by Dhobi ki Kutti (dhobikikutti)
Summary: So then, because he's Hardison, he created a fandom.