Star Trek

Star Trek

NOTICE: Unfortunately, maintaining these recs pages has gotten to be too much work, given the amount of fic that I read. So from now on, I'll be keeping track of good fics via my AO3 bookmarks and the delicious account Grey Bard started for me.

A Trekkie's Tale
Read the story which gave Mary Sue her name.

Reading Against/Reading With: Mastering the Oppositional Discourse in Textual Healing
Author: Emerald Woman
Fandom: Nu!Trek
Pairing: Various
Rating: Oh my god they talk real dirty
Warning: Will remind you of class

How To Write Angst
by Jane Seaton
"# Chekov, being the lowest form of life officially acknowledged by Starfleet, is encouraged to feel inadequate and undeserving at every turn.... The captain fails to control his over-active sex drive, and might at any moment focus his attention on someone else's girlfriend, or indeed, simply 'someone else'."

The Fascist Ideology of Star Trek: Militarism, Collectivism, & Atheism