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My favorite Marcelo fics:
The Last One
The hand, considered as the cutting edge of the mind

Monitor Duty
Author: Rivkat
Summary: Superwomen are slashers.

The Justice League Teamwork Retreat
Author: Madelyn
Fandom: SV/JL…ish? Gen.
Summary: The team that works together, wins together.

Ill Met By Moonlight
by Booster. Drusilla (from Buffy) meets the Joker.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in a Canadian shack.

The Romantic Machinations of Timmy the Elf Who Didn't Want to be a Dentist, and his Faithless Sidekick, Yukon Cassandra
A Story in which Dick and Babs are Doomed

By Anonymous

Selina Kyle, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
by pervyficgirl
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Selina Kyle, Cassandra Cain, Sharon Carter, Natasha Romanova, Bobbi Morse, Kate Bishop, Brenda Del Vecchio
Prompt(s): 002. Survival @ Women Are Awesome Challenge | scar/scarred @ [info]dcu_freeforall.
Disclaimer: None of them are mine.
Summary: Angry, traumatized girls. Let's give them more weapons.

Wee Small Hours
Author: phoenyxphiyre (aka Andromeda Valentine)
Requestor: mrswoman
Prompts: Car chase, heatwave; "Fragments of Sappho" challenge
Pairing: Birds Of Prey - Huntress/Oracle
Fragment: not one girl, I think, who looks on the light of the sun will ever have wisdom like this
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,050
Spoilers: Up through issue 98, maybe 99
Disclaimers: I only wish they were mine.

Image gallery of Mr. Mxzptlk's girlfriend.

by derryderrydown
"I think the others have gone evil," Bart said.

Regression to Mean
Author: Oddity Collector
Summary: The optimist believes that we live in the best of possible worlds. The pragmatist has rigorous proof.
AU Tim Drake.

Justice League Ponyland
by LM. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are transported to My Little Pony land.

Barbara Gordon and the Spoilers of Doom
Author: Second Batgirl
Rating: PG-13 (... just because of the GraysonCam and what Babs does with the video)
Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor the DCU. There are no actual HP book 7 spoilers in this fic, but there is some mention of book 6.
Continuity: One week before HP book 7 is released in the DCU
Pairing: Gen. HA
Word count: ~500
Summary: Barbara just wants to read the new HP book in peace. Even if it hasn't officially been released yet.

arch-schatten's Psych_30 fics
Author: arch-schatten
Fandom: DC animated
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own the rogues, but I could probably use a holiday in Arkham.
I especially liked Men of Science and Hierarchy.

Wonders to Perform
Author: Ruby Nye
Fandom: DC Comics
Rating: R
Summary: A tree grows in Gotham, and Robins fly through her branches.
Pairings: Robins/assorted
Warnings: het, slash, femslash, OCs, character death.
Spoilers For/Based On: various Gotham-related storylines, the most recent of which being War Crimes.
Thanks to: petronelle for audiencing and vassilissa for beta reading.
Disclaimer: Some of these characters are mine. The ones you knew before reading the story aren't.
Title From: "Light Shining Out of Darkness" by William Cowper

Just another Gotham Saturday by sharpest_rose
Rating: PG
Summary: Everybody loves Robin.

The Fuzzy End of the Lollipop by dotfic, Merlin Missy (mtgat)
Mr. Mxyzptlk changes the sexes of all the Justice League members.


Escape Artistry
Author: David Hines
Summary: Batman teaches Wonder Woman Houdini techniques. Wonder Woman gets tied up. A lot.

The Billionaire Boys Club
by freakyperfume
Fandom: Iron Man + Batman (movieverseish)
Pairing: Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne series

Five Things That Never Happened to Bruce Wayne
Author: zeen
Rating: G for a darn good time!
Fandom: : DCU/Batman legend
Pairings/Characters: Gen, well, there's Thomas Wayne/Martha Wayne and Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon. I guess I see Bruce as pretty strongly asexual? In this fic at least? Characters --- hmm. All of them. Most of them.
Wordcount: ~900
Summary: The Waynes take a taxi home.

Lord Chiroptera
Author: kyrdwyn
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, various other members of the DC
Comics Universe
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU (Medieval)

The Cat Always Gets Out of the Bag
Author: Mara
You'd think Bruce would know better than to let Ollie start thinking about certain things. Batman/Catwoman.

Five Times Jim Gordon Found out Bruce Wayne is Batman and One Time Everyone Did
by Sarren

Five times the Leverage Crew was not in Gotham, no, really, they weren't, no
by noelia_g
Leverage-Batman xover.

With Gladness and Singleness of Heart
Author: Sarah T.
Angst. Bruce/Dick.
Warning: underage (not graphic).

Author: Sarah T.

Five Ways Gothamites Saved Themselves
Fandom: Batman
Author: Miarrow
Characters: Originals
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,295
Summary: Gotham is a city of heroes, and not all of them wear capes.
Notes: "I really wanted to try that five ways thing, and I've had the idea for a tour of some regular Gotham extras for a bit, so I figured I'd smush those two together. I had tons of fun writing this."

Legends of the Not Very Dark At All Knight
By Te. Giles as Batman.

Knight of Faith
by Idhren
Multichapter Xander-centric fic. What if Xander had dressed up as Batman instead of a soldier that Halloween?

What if Bertie Wooster, rather than being a mere layabout, was also Batman?
by MightyGodKing

Bruce Wayne - one universe over - was born magical.
by Grey Bard
Batman~Harry Potter xover

Danielle Dreiburg/Brynne Wayne (Fem!Batman).
Batman~Watchmen crossover.

The Stolen Child by Merlin Missy (mtgat)
Wayne Manor is not a place people come to heal; it is a place, at best, where people come to find others with whom they can heal.

Spirits in the material world
Author: katarik
Summary: There are things it isn't safe to do in Gotham City.
Author's Notes: No canon characters appear explicitly in this fanfiction; references to canon characters and the events of Batman 653, Green Arrow 61, No Man's Land, OMAC Project, and Infinite Crisis appear.
Inspired by a chat with chevauchee regarding civilians living in Gotham and how they might react to the various events in the city. Thanks to lord_dingsi for his help.

Eight Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Ward Sidekick Partner: or Dude you sound like a NAMBLA member.
by brown-betty
Crack. Batman lays down the law for Superboy.

Batman Misremembers
by brown-betty
Batman under the influence of Scarecrow's toxin.

Author: Sarah T.
Batman. "They have always lived in the castle"


Alfred J. Pennyworth, ficwriter extrordinaire
Author: JoAsakura
Short, silly, fun.

The Last Temptation of Alfred
by David Hines (hradzka)
At a butlering convention, Alfred Pennyworth succumbs to a moment of weakness.


Man of Tweed
Author: Booster
Summary: Giles meets Superman.

No Teacher Likes to Say 'I Don't Know'
Author: Muse of Speed
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Characters: Charlie Gage-Radcliffe (Misfit)
Prompt: 22. Learn
Word Count: 624
Rating: G
Summary: Physics is all well and good until someone points out Superman.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

How Chloe Got an A in History or: Some Kind of Wonderful
Author: dracunculus
Summary: Femslash (Chloe/Wonder Woman). Undercurrents of Clex.
Dedication: For Crackmonkey and his dad.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part V


Author: giantsofold
Rating: PG.
Everyone wants Clark Kent.
Lex/Clark, Bruce/Clark.

Alien Courtship by starsandsea
Bruce/Clark. Clark finds his Kryptonian mating instincts taking over.

Conjugation by mithen
Bruce/Clark. Bruce decides to take advantage of a slow Monitor Duty by practicing his Kryptonian with Kal-El.

The Case of the Ancient Cup
by iesika
Characters: Clark, Bruce, Alfred, Jimmy
Rating: G
Summary: Being a Reprint from the Reminiscences of Clark J. Kent, late of the British Diplomatic Mission to Afghanistan

Disaster Recovery
Author: Cyc
Pairing: Batman/Superman
Content: Suitable for all slashy ages
Words: 300
Summary: Mate is a four-letter word. So is husband.
Notes: Oh just don't ask where I got the idea for this one. Just don't.

Lois Lane, Superwoman
Author: Scott K. Jamison

In the Proper Course of Things
Author: giantsofold
Characters: Alfred, Bruce, and Clark.
Rating: PG.
Notes: AU. Historical. For cideon 's prompt, Victorianelite!Bruce and poorVictorian!Clark, on the Historical Drabbles Exchange. I think I wrote this thing from the wrong end.

DCU fics
Mostly Superman/Batman slash.

Little Big Men
by kirax2
Rating: PG
Pairing: chibi!Batman/chibi!Superman
Disclaimer: Do not own.
Universe: L'il Leaguers arc from Superman/Batman DC Comics
Word Count: 576
Notes: Written in response to the Fluff meme, prompt: chibi!Batman and chibi!Superman from the Superman/Batman L'il Leaguers arc. (Extra love for including chibi!Batman's adorable little cloud of bats)
Warning: This won't make much sense unless you've read Superman/Batman 51-52. Also, it is silly.

The Gray Ghost Saves Christmas
Author: kirax2
Starring: Clark Kent (Superman)/Bruce Wayne (Batman), Simon Trent, Lex Luthor
Universe: DCAU
Disclaimer: The characters belong to their respective copyright holders. This is just for fun, not profit!
Rating: G
Word Count: 1452
Warnings: This is silly. Possibly sillier than Little Big Men. You have been warned.
Notes: Written for the WFGE , for prompt F20: "Batman uncovers evidence of an existing copy of the unaired Gray Ghost Christmas Special. He and Clark work to get their hands on it."

An Honest Man
by Vigilante Wake
Rating: PG
Fandom: DC Comics
Characters/Pairings: Batwoman (Helena Wayne), Superwoman (Clara Kent)/Louis Lane
Word Count: 826
Disclaimer: I did not create these characters and I am making no money off of them.
Summary: Will Superwoman succeed in making an honest man out of Louis? Of course she will. Batwoman has a cunning plan.
Notes: This story takes place in my Earth-11 (gender-swapped) 'verse sometime after Ballroom Blitz!, Sodium Thiopental, and Children of Women, but each story can be read independently.

Untitled Identity Porn
Author: Alis Dee
WIP. "Fairly straightforward premise; Movieverse Bruce and Clark meet. Identity porn ensues (hence the title)."

Wonder Woman

Escape Artistry
Author: David Hines
Summary: Batman teaches Wonder Woman Houdini techniques. Wonder Woman gets tied up. A lot.

One sentence Wonder Woman/Black Canary by teh_no.

Amazon Spanking Therapy
Author: JoAsakura
Playful ficlet about the Golden Age Wonder Woman.

How Chloe Got an A in History or: Some Kind of Wonderful
Author: dracunculus
Summary: Femslash (Chloe/Wonder Woman). Undercurrents of Clex.
Dedication: For Crackmonkey and his dad.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part V

Other Than DC

Just A Face On A Train
Fandom: Spiderman II
Author: katheryne

Indecent Proposal
by gyzym, Siria
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Summary: On the plus side, marriage is bound to be easier than proposing.

The Scene is Dead, Long Live the Scene
By Anonymous (I know who wrote it, muahaha, but she hasn't de-anoned yet)
Fandom: Captain America
Why, yes, revived Cap does live in Williamsburg.

Captain America's Art Crawl Adventure
by victoria_p (musesfool)
Captain America / The Middleman crossover
Summary: "I think the more pertinent question is, how do we stop a giant glue monster from rampaging through Art Crawl?"

Charles Xavier's Guide to Getting the Girl, Boy, or Mutant of Your Dreams
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
by poptartmuse
Pairing: Alex/Hank, Erik/Charles (secondary), Alex/OMC (secondary), Alex/Pyro (secondary)
Rating: NC-17 for a very slutty Alex Summers and language.
Genre: Slash, Humor, Romance
Summary: Alex is dying to know how Charles is so successful in bed: thus, Charles guides Alex into becoming the most excellent pick-up artist possible. Meanwhile, Hank watches in bewilderment.

Mini Fill: For Everything Else, There's Mastercard 1/1 Re: Tony/Steve - Charity Bachelor Auction

Night Calls the Green Falcon
by Robert R. McCammon
A washed-up actor begins to act out, in real life, his most famous role.

Lex Luthor

Clex fic by astolat

Marcelo's Lex fic
Marcelo is awesome.

Five Times Lex Saved Superman
Author: Bagheera-san

Five of Lex's Revenge Plans for the Justice League
Author: Bagheera-san

Five reasons Lex Luthor became a criminal
Author: Bagheera-san

Man and Superman
Author: Bagheera-san
Character: Lex Luthor
Fandom: Justice League Unlimited, Superman: The Animated Series
Spoilers:: selected episodes of S:TAS, all of JLU
Author's Note: Many thanks to xparrot for beta-ing this!

Lex Luthor Ruler of Australia
Author: seaouryou
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Notes: This was going to be a oneshot like all of the fic in the not!fakebaby!verse, but it started to drag on with no end in sight so: two-parter.
1. In this 'verse, Jimmy is Jimmy. His little brother can, I don't care, photograph male underwear models or something.
2. This fic draws a lot on the events of past not!fakebaby!verse fics, particularly Ten Ways to Defeat Your Nemesis
3. I don't let Lex win often in this 'verse (he is a supervillian, after all), but when he does, he wins in a big way.

And Hitler Was a Crappy Artist Too
Evil is Cool, Good is Corny
Author: seaouryou
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex

Ten Ways to Defeat Your Nemesis Without Once Whipping Out a Kryptonite Cannon
Author: seaouryou
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex implications, paranoid references to Clark/Lois

All Over But the Taunting
Author: seaouryou
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex implications, reference to past Clark/Lana and Lex/Lana

Luthors Get Their Dating Advice From Sun Tzu
Author: seaouryou
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Lex/Clark preslash, Lex/various, Clark/Lana

Five Things That Aren't True
The first Five Things story ever.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Author: mahaliem

My Big Fat Alien Wedding
Author: mahaliem
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clex
Rating: PG-13
Length: Over 5,300 words.
Summary: The story of Clark and Lex's courtship and wedding.

The Adventures of Stanley Putoski
Author: mahaliem
Pairing: Clex
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Stanley Putoski likes his job as one of Lex Luthor's minions and he likes his boss, even if he doesn't get enough holidays off a year.

Stuck Between Heaven and Hell
Author: mahaliem
Rating: R
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Summary: Lex is haunted by Clark after Superman's fight with Doomsday.
This fic starts off a little slow, but keep reading, trust me.

Busy Bodies
Author: mahaliem
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: R
Length: Approximately 9,000 words
Summary: Written for the Kink/Cliche Challenge. Prompt - Multiple universes (the characters meet versions of themselves from a parallel universe), Future fic

Friendship On Fire
Author: mahaliem
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: R
"Lex was having a normal, ordinary day the first time his ass caught on fire."

Author: kirax2
"Some say that love is infinite, that god is unending, that the universe will go on forever. Lex knows better."

Fandoms I Have Loved 11: Smallville

This Tornado Loves You by Sorrel
Lex refuses to believe that she's dead.

Author: Sageness
Challenge: The City
Rating: all audiences
Fandom: Superman, LLMOS, The Question
Spoilers: ALL of The Question v.2 #1-6 and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1-5.
Warning: Experimental genfic.
Summary: Imagine shooting a documentary through a kaleidoscope.

Frantic (Or, The Day There Were No Porkchops)
by jenn
Rating: NC-17, barely
Summary: In which Clark does not get dinner. And then everything goes downhill.
Author Notes: Nonchop asked and asked and then I said yes, though it took a *darn* long time to finish. Possibly my happy gene is in remission or somesuch. You'd be surprised how much pressure someone (*cough* madelyn *cough*) can put on a person, though.
"Right. Let's just pretend that Lex *never* has experiments that get totally out of control and almost destroy the world as they know it."

Five Very Good Reasons Not to Date Luthors
by jenn
(Lex, Clark, Clark/Lex) NC-17
Spoilers: none
There are good, solid reasons.

At the Fifteenth Annual Evil Mastermind Convention.
Author: Basingstoke
Scott Evil. Lex Luthor. A wholly improbable crossover.
"Thanks to everyone who helped me out with this one--especially Livia, for the title."

The Color Pink
Author: Basingstoke
Superboy discovers pink kryptonite.

Thirty Minutes or Less
Author: Christina K
Clark recognized the voice immediately; he was just surprised Lex bothered to call him at the Planet, instead of using a sonic blast and high frequency death threats to get his attention.
"Superman. I have a Death Ray pointed at downtown Metropolis."
"I'm listening," Superman checked around the office to make sure no one was paying attention, then lowered his voice. "What are your demands?"

No Such AU
by rivkat
Summary: Lex is a spy!

Eight Crazy Nights
Author: Rivkat
Smallville/Supernatural xover ficlets.

Author: Rivkat
For the Turn Left meme, jakrar asked: "how would Incarnadine have gone if it had happened later in their relationship, when Clark was all suspicious and accusatory toward Lex?" Answer : not well. Incarnadine has Red K-induced issues of consent all over; herein we discuss a couple of them, but there's no recounting of explicit sexual activity. So, PG-13 for themes.

by Anonymous
Loki/Lex, implied Doom/Loki, Doom/Richards, Lex/Superman

Every Third Sunday
Author: Sarah T.
Summary: Superman visits Lex in prison.

Fallback Positions
Author: Sarah T.
Lex Luthor/Bruce Wayne

Author: cero-ate
Rating: PG
Series: None
Summary: Lex and Slade have a conversation while waiting for an auction to finish.

Repeating Patterns
by meyari
Summary: When Red Hood breaks into Lex's penthouse to kill him for his crimes Lex just sighs and offers him coffee. The strange relationship that forms after that befuddles everyone including Jason and Lex.
Notes: Post-Rift, Future Fic, crack concept, jealousy, anger, mood altering pollen, sibling rivalry, older/younger sexual relationships. And for anyone who's curious, in this 'verse Metropolis is across the bay from Gotham like in the comics, not in Kansas like in SV.

Looks Like a Billion Bucks
"Then why does he keep giving me billionaire looks?"
"What looks?"
"Billionaire looks," Clark said, gesturing covertly. "With his eyes going up and down and then focusing on my eyes, and the little smile. It's how billionaires look at people."

Stocks and Bonds of Holy Matrimony
Author: Abi
Disclaimer: Not mine, yadda-yadda. No infringement intended.
Written for the Cuff `Em, Vamp `Em, or Just Make `Em Come Already Kink and Clich Multi-Fandom Challenge.
Prompt Used: Undercover Lover/have to pretend to be dating
Warnings: There is not a drop of porn, angst or anything else remotely resembling anything I wrote in it.
Author's Note: I blame Roxy and Caelum. Send all hate mail to them.

Author: Hradzka
Lex (as morally ambiguous billionaire) scheming and being, for the moment at least, triumphant.

Author: Julad
Lex almost manages a smile. "Clark Kent, telling a lie? I don't believe it."
"It's true. I had an ulterior motive and everything."

Naked. In My Bed.
Author: Littera Abactor

Meanwhile, back in Metropolis...
Author: Punk
Category: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Less than 1 gram per serving.
Disclaimer: WB, DC, TRP, M&G, S&S.
Summary: You are not exclusively the brawn, and he is not always the brains.