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Broken by the Light
Summary: What happens when you fall off Bifrost? Nothing very good.

A Moment
by PurpleMoon3
Summary: Loki escapes along with the other prisoners. They do not go back.

by Epiphanyx7
Summary: Post-Avengers. Loki's plan had gone perfectly, now he needs only to see it to it's natural conclusion.
No Asgardian cell can hold him. Loki's magic is bound, but his mind is not -- and the Aesir were always fools, to think that Loki's mind was anything other than his most dangerous asset.
Notes: So, I started writing this after I saw the Avengers. This was intended to explain Loki's seemingly nonsensical actions both in the movie Thor and then continuing on through the Avengers canon.
Webmistress's note: This is the most magnificent, beautifully tragic fic ever.

the days were bright red
by paxlux
Summary: This is how much I've missed you. This is how much it costs to keep you.
Notes: AUish, like a twisted fairy tale.

I'll Be Yours
by sarkywoman
Summary: Thor is one cocky bastard who loves Loki more than anything in the world, but doesn't understand him. He is both ashamed of his desire for his brother, but in the dark, intense, wordless moments they share together also makes it clear that if he ever touched him he would fuck Loki senseless and be the best lay of his life - he doesn't even need to say so, Loki already KNOWS. And Loki hates it, because that would mean Thor would have everything.

by entangled_now
Thor has rarely understood him, but he has always loved him.

Learning To Fly
by astolat
Summary: I don't see why I should follow the crowd, the magpie said.

Chaos War
by astolat
Summary: It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn't doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn't think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.

by astolat
Summary: There was a sharp and bitter edge crept into the words, a reminder that not all was well: that Thor still had a brother, but not a friend.

Poker Night
by entanglednow
Summary: In which there is scheming, sarcasm, and waging of family members in games of chance.

Lock the Kids Up Safe Tonight
by ladyblahblah
Summary: "Your love for him blinds you." Odin stares out of his one good eye, seeming as ever to peer straight through to Thor's soul. "Of all of us, you have always been the one most easily led astray by his deceptions. He will attempt to use you for his own advantage." All Thor has ever really wanted is to understand his brother.

King of Fools
by entanglednow
Summary: "We're brothers, we will try to bruise each other until we're both dust."

And All The Towers Come Down
by entanglednow
Summary: Thor cannot leave him there.

Vikings Weren't Into Metal
by hannibalisms
Summary: Thor finds Loki in a wholly unexpected place.

Stolen Fruit is Sweetest
by lazulisong
Summary: It wasn't a terrible fight or anything, it was just that Thor had taken the brunt of the attack. You really could hurt a god if you hit it enough, Tony guessed.

Two Steps From Redemption (but only taking one)
by sphinxofthenile
Summary: Loki is brought back to Asgard, but that hardly means a closure for anyone involved.

Gleipnir's Compass
by Lex_Munro
Summary: Tethered in a cavern by the unbreakable chain of Gleipnir, Loki paces. In fine villainous fashion, he tells Thor and Odin exactly what his plan was -- and that even this is all according to plan.

Family Affair
by miikkaa_xx
Summary: Five times Loki tries to kill Thor, and the one time Loki saves him.

by epistolic
Summary: Sometimes I am envious, but never doubt that I love you.
Beautifully written.

The Ballad of the Hall of Iss
by epistolic
Summary: This is a story about the Grail.

by epistolic
Summary: Love is for children.

Night Terrors
by Asidian
Summary: He does not mean to sleep - not here.

Rebel Prince
by bodysnatch3r
Summary: After Loki is dragged back to Asgard in chains, Thor realizes he cannot bring himself to damn his brother to eternal punishment. There is something in Loki's eyes that begs for hope, for help, for absolution. The Odinson knows these are things he cannot give his brother - but, at least, he can try.

Move Over, Brother
by Thorki_ed
Summary: Five times Thor climbed into Loki's bed after nightmares that helped, and one time it didn't.

The Straightest Path
by sinemoras09
Summary: What he sees in the hours before.

dreams of you still wash ashore
by Nokomis
Summary: Thor does not want to give up on his brother.

War Dances
by bodysnatch3r
Summary: Thor catches Loki dance, and is transfixed by his brother's beauty. Loki spies on Thor as he trains for battle, and cannot tear his sight away from his brother's magnificently violent movements. Something shifts inside of them, and destinies are changed forever. Their fates are sealed, the scale is tipped.

Cut Out My Heart
by sinemoras09
Summary: Because the world is black and cold.

by epistolic
Summary: Because neither can live while the other survives.

by epistolic
Summary: Freedom is life's greatest lie.

Six Sweets
by youtomyme
Summary: Where does Thor end and where does Loki begin? Six precious moments. Thor/Loki

On The Bifrost
by verizonhorizon
Summary: Thor and Loki meet upon the Bifrost.

Res Judicata
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: In which Thor doesn't want to hurt Loki. Except when he really, really does.

by icarus_chained
Summary: When Loki fell from the Bifrost, he saw things.

by icarus_chained
Summary: Between the Bifrost and the home of the Chitauri, the stars kept him company.

Such Fickle Yearning
by bloodsongs
Summary: Written for the "Five times Thor fell for Loki's illusions, and one time he didn't" prompt on Norsekink.

by glayish
They would become two sides of the same spinning coin. For neither one could exist without the other, but neither would they stand side by side. Touched but never touched, they would fight in desperation. Together but apart, they would long with love. Brothers, standing back to back, Thor pointed towards the light and Loki spun around to live on the dark side. It would have to be enough.
The Chitauri and Thanos capture Thor to cause Loki the most unimaginable pain. Loki joins with the Avengers to get him back.

by Sawuhs
This is a story of Tony, this is a story of Loki. This is how Tony falls in love, this is how Loki doesn't (does) fall in love, this is how Thor doesn't fall in love, this is how Tony falls apart, this is how Tony falls apart again and again, this is how Loki shows his love, this is how Tony breaks, this is how Thor saves him, and this is how stories can be told.
Loki/Thor, Loki/Tony, Thor/Tony, Thor/Loki/Tony

The Unwinding of Loki
Kinkmeme WIP.
AU. Loki knew from childhood that he was a frost giant. When war threatens between the realms, he tries to stop it by fleeing to Midgard, where he joins the Avengers.

Turning Through These Years
by bloodsongs
Summary: For Kate, who asked: "How about a scene between Loki and Thor, a few hundred/thousand/whatever years in the future, after all the humans they know now are gone?"

A Battle None Too Vicious
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: In which Thor doesn't get his way and Loki is exasperated.

stolen fire to heat your bones
by paxlux
Summary: Turn left outside of Albuquerque, turn left again, then again, and again, miles and miles out into the New Mexico grasses and chaparral.

by philalethia
Summary: As punishment for his crimes, Loki's form is altered, and Thor fails to learn from his mistakes.

by illwynd
Summary: After Loki falls, after he is captured, they tell him he will rule.

Tightrope Over Thin Ice
by sphinxofthenile
Summary: It's not the truth. Never the truth.

Poetry for the Poisoned
by calicokat
Summary: In the aftermath of his failure to conquer Earth, Loki is returned to Asgard whole in body but disturbed in mind. Thor must reclaim his brother from madness; but at what cost to Thor?

When My Blood Stops
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: When Thor died, he took Loki's world with him. Loki volunteers as the ritual sacrifice at his brother's funeral.

Bro-hood and Other Drugs
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: Plenty of people get themselves blackout drunk and wake up with an unexpected husband. It's embarrassing but it happens. Natasha is trying to figure out how she could have ended up with an unexpected brother.

by Aria
Summary: "Loki," Odin says, heavy with disappointment and regret for all he has to raise his voice, "Odinson. I cast you out."

Wide Open
by stereobone
Summary: "Do you think dreams can tell the future?"

All Hands Against Our Own
by stereobone
Summary: "Cut my hair, brother," he says. "Like you used to."
Or, four times Loki cut Thor's hair and one time Thor cut Loki's.

Stranger in the Nest
by Graceful_Storyteller

keep the light from passing through
by pprfaith
Summary: Becoming. - My immediate reaction to the Avengers trailer.

day I go to war
by pprfaith
Summary: Tigriswolf was kind enough to provide me with prompts to get me out of a rut. This one was: Avengers, Clint & Loki, "Do you believe in happy endings?" - "No."

The Second Lie
by BeesKnees
Summary: Faced with a new threat, the Avengers suddenly need Loki's help. What they don't realize is that they don't understand what is underneath the mask.
They never knew Thor sewed his mouth shut as well.

If All the World and Love Were Young
by Saucery
Summary: Thor is the god of summer, and Loki is the god of winter.

Sheltered Son (Fractured Delusions)
by Sidney Sussex
Summary: There is a Swedish proverb, Den som talar väl ljuger väl, "he who speaks well, lies well." Erik Selvig should have taken it to heart.

The Confinement of the Monster Loki
by proxydialogue
Summary: and the liberation of the God of Lies.

at the end of the world
by hannibalisms
Loki watches as Thor kneels before his father, kneels at the base of Hliðskjálf to accept the crown. His golden brother fits among the warriors in the hall and, though Loki would like to be in that position himself, is only jealous for a moment. It passes without more than a blink of his eyes, because he knows that it is not his place to want the crown. His place is with Thor, yes, but at his side, not on the throne.

pass the evening, bring tomorrow
by hannibalisms
It's maddening, seeing Loki captured and bound, and it's more than Thor can possibly take.

in the deep and the dark
by hannibalisms
Thor lets people think that he's not intelligent. It works to his advantage, allowing people to think that his head is filled with empty space and the throne and getting raucously, smashingly drunk with Tony on the weekends when they're not fighting people who have evil plans for the planet.

all the king's horses and all the king's men
by hannibalisms
Summary: There are three times that Loki thinks everything isn't as it seems, three times that makes Loki doubt his life, but it's the fourth time that makes things real.

In Plain Sight
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: Loki may not want to be found, but that won't stop Thor from searching.

we can't breathe when we come around
by lazulisong
Summary: Loki leaned forward, steepling his hands. "Allow me to clarify, Captain," he said. "You have allowed my brother, a prince of Asgard, to be ... infected ... by a creature not unlike your Midgardian leech, and he now requires the blood of others to survive?"

by galaxysoup
Summary: Loki falls. Thor catches him. This does not solve as many problems as Thor thought it would.

by galaxysoup
Summary: Sequel to Freefall. Thor and Loki settle in to life at Avengers mansion. This process is about as complicated as one would expect.

Amateur Theatrics
by galaxysoup
Summary: In which Thor's primary problem-solving method (a mighty blow from Mjolnir) fails to have the desired effect on a magical artifact, and his secondary method (a mightier blow from Mjolnir) proves to be actively disastrous.

by proxydialogue
Loki's story was just madness and monsters.
That's what they said.

Children are not Monsters
by Graceful_Storyteller
Summary: In which Steve and Loki have a conversation about the trickster's children.

Ciders in Spring
by black_nata
Summary: He plans on telling him to never return to Midgard again, to never defy Father's orders and risk his own banishment by visiting his ostracized brother, to stay away and live his immortal life as if Thor never existed; and this is what Thor tells him on a Saturday morning.

But a sword
by copacetic
Summary: Thor must have been a fool to think Loki wouldn't be able to find him, even in Midgard.

As the Wind Said to the Trees
by ester_inc
Summary: An old rumor reaches Thor's ears; his confrontation with Loki has unforeseen consequences.

open my ears to hear you calling my name
by brodinsons (aeon_entwined)
Summary: Their lives are entwined in a never-ending cycle that neither of them will ever break. At least, not today.

Degenerate Matter
by Clarice Chiara Sorcha
AU fic in which Loki changes his mind during their conversation at the SHIELD compound, and brings Thor home to Asgard.

by Rebecca Hb (beckyh2112)
Summary: During the fight in Jotunheim, Laufey sees the blue on Loki's skin and remembers where he lost his first child.

No Remedy for Memory
by ashintuku
Summary: When it came to the feasts of Asgard, Thor had always been interested in the stories warriors told of great battles and fallen enemies. Loki had always preferred the dancing.

All the ghouls come out to play
by scribblscrabbl
Summary: "I let you go once, brother, and it is a mistake I will not repeat."

Calling Truces
by Asidian
Summary: Written for norsekink. The prompt was 5 times Thor and Loki called a truce, and one time they didn't need to.

a history of things unsaid
by circa1220bce
Summary: The Kings and Princes of Jötunheimr gain immortality and a ruthlessness unmatched by any other by having their hearts consigned to the Casket of Ancient Winters. Odin, thanks to the Well of Mímir, knew such a ceremony would leave the Casket vulnerable for the taking. Odin brought the forces of Asgard to Jötunheimr on the day Loki's heart was to be sealed away, disrupting the ceremony half way through.
When Loki learns that he has only ever lived with half of a heart, he sets to finish what was begun. But events don't proceed quite as he plans...

The Fools We Are As Men
by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama)
Summary: When they divide you to lead you to the fall, only by coming together will you rise again. And if that makes you a fool, then wisdom is obviously hardly worth the trouble.

by kiyala
Summary: Just something short to explore Loki's characterisation, and his relationship with Thor.

Stay With Me
by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama)
Summary: It's cruel to dream like this, you know. To go places I cannot go, all the while pretending you take me with you even though all I do is stand in shadow and watch you make of me what we both know I can never ever be.
Sequel: Finish It

Number me with rage
by asyndese
Summary: He's had an eternity to plot Asgard's downfall and when Loki stumbles upon his grave, ever hungry for power, Mimir knows exactly how to make the boy's hubris work for him.

let them talk
by kiyala
Summary: The Æsir mutter behind their backs about Loki after Sleipnir is born. Loki ignores them, spending time with his son. A silent rift between Thor and Loki grows.

The Oncoming Storm
Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama)
Summary: Sometimes, waiting for the storm to break is almost as satisfying as the pleasure of when it truly does.

i stretch and i shift and these parts won't fit
by januarys
Summary: Loki sleeps, Yggdrasil sings to her.

worse than I've ever been
by kiyala
Summary: Loki is afraid of a lot of things. At the top of that list is losing Thor, being cast aside by him, for whatever reason.

The Uncertainty Principle
Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama)
Summary: When Jane idly wishes for some unconventional input as she works to open the Einstein-Rosen bridge, she neither quite expects nor appreciates the visit she receives. Things only go from bad to worse when Thor does arrive back. Not only is she about to discover the awkward logistics of a relationship born of less than a week of falling in love, Loki is determined to ensure that if he is going to suffer, then so must everybody else.

violent pornography
by sketchnurse
Summary: It should never be said that Loki isn't sociable. He goes out. He meets people. He takes them home, and treats them well in bed. It's just unfortunate that very few of the people he meets actually survive the meeting. The young woman foolish enough to approach him at a cocktail party certainly doesn't.

by IlloustriousTaco
Summary: Thor notices something behind eyes that should be green.

Five Times Someone Hugged Loki, and the One Time He Hugged Someone Back
by copacetic
Summary: What it says on the tin! Warning for reference of a child's death, nothing explicit.

by illwynd
Summary: Various plagues assail Asgard. A small Jotun arrives to solve Odin's problems... for a price.

Looks Like a Nail
by TheHummingbirdMoth
Summary: Thor and his esteem issues and his magical sentient hammer go hunting for tricksters in Jotunheim.

But Never Doubt I love
by Elsian
Summary: "Because it's you. Because it's us and we are always together, even when we fight most horrifically. Because Stark fell, and my friends grew old around me. Mother and Father are gone and Sif and the Warriors three move on with their lives. Only you and I are constant. There is always us and I know that even if all turns to dust around me that you shall remain."

Beauty in Violence
by toestastegood
Summary: Loki loves to watch Thor fighting, especially when he knows he will lose.

Slow Poison
by Mikkeneko
Summary: Years before the events of Thor and Avengers, Loki is working as a spymaster for his father the King. Or at least... that's what he thinks he's doing.

Prompt: "There is a myth where a dwarf sews shut Loki's mouth. I'd love to read a movieverse story where Odin/a dwarf/someone decides to sews shut Loki's mouth while Thor is not at Asgard."

by Lorewren
"Prompt: I'd like to see five times words failed Loki, one time he didn't need to say anything. Take that last part as you will--can be success or an especially crushing failure."

by rayemars
Summary: It was springtime, and Thor had taken his men war-faring to seek goods for themselves; but raiding a foreign temple brought him far more than he'd ever imagined--in either goods or trouble.

let go.
by kiyala
Summary: Thor is banished to the end of the world, where he is given the task to hold the sky and the sea apart. Loki tries to convince him that he should just let go. (Really, really loosely based on the Atlas myth)

Shadow Plays
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: In which Thor lives a single day more times than he can count, and Loki doesn't know how to fix it.

How to Stop Hating Your Enemy and Not Be Friends (Really)
by Metallic_Sweet
Summary: De-anoning for this fill at norsekink. In an alternate universe where Loki was a supervillian but joined the Avengers to combat a mutual enemy, Clint Barton finds mutual ground with Loki over superior marksmanship.

I'm Waiting for That Setting Sun to Burn Me
by milky_haven
Summary: Loki fell into the abyss and there was someone else who fell with him.

From the Blind
by hannahrhen
Summary: Loki. Alive. Thor told himself the lightness he felt in his heart was also due to Clint being unharmed. That is what he told himself.

what i became (because of you)
by dreabean
Summary: A what if story, featuring the death of Odin. Odin dies trying to explain to Loki about the deception of his birth. Loki, suddenly the King of Asgard, must learn to be something he isn't. Thor must learn to be human, without ever knowing what is it to be a hero. (Starts off in Thor, and spans Iron Man 2 and the Avengers with some seriously dramatic plot differences).

As the Moon Will Always Envy the Sun
by Metallic_Sweet
Summary: The golden spires, the luscious lands, the beautiful people: they are little more than splotches and smudges beneath his prison. It is better to close his eyes, cocoon himself in darkness, and dream.

In Order to Move On
by Kay (sincere)
Summary: There's something Loki has to do before he can execute his plans. Something he has to make sure of. He needs to be free, and that means he has to fulfill his promise: he has to find Jane Foster.

The Wrong Way 'Round
WIP. When one of the Warriors Three starts courting Sif, Thor notices Loki is sulking more than usual. At first he thinks the trickster's in love with her, but then he sees Loki staring enviously whenever anyone gets flowers or trophies, etc. So Thor decides to cheer his brother up. He starts bringing Loki gifts and trinkets and dedicating wins to him and everyone's confused. Loki's pleased, but thinks Thor isn't serious about courting him. Thor's serious.

Voices of Past, Present and Future
by sphinxofthenile
Summary: The future is a delicate thing. Frigga knows where to seek the wisdom to change it.

Secrets Verse
by bellcatbee
Thor is supposed to be teaching Loki how to fight. Instead he spends the time alone with his little brother teaching him something else completely.

naught but blood and bone
by hannibalisms
Summary: He settles down on the cliff, looking down at his brother. He should be escaping - he should be making a run for it, of course, but this is too good to not watch. It is not often that he saw Thor fighting with his full strength for something other than his father's name - Thor's father, not his - and he cannot pass it up.

by thorki-smut
After returning to Asgard, Thor discovers that Loki has intense recurring nightmares about the abyss: five nights he visits, five moments of seeing his brother suffer, five gestures he makes, and one night that he won't forget.

Winter's Service
by Kay (sincere)
Summary: Laufey's heir is clever... and ambitious. He's not content merely to trap the son of Odin and extract a ransom from his powerful father. He wants to have all that strength, all that power, all that glory -- submit to his will. What better way to show the realms that Loki is a force to be reckoned with than by forcing golden Thor to be his champion?

Nothing Left
by terraplan
Summary: Going to Midgard to say goodbye had been… strange.

the son and the beast
by Lise
Summary: They indulge you like a child, or a misbehaving dog, said the snide voice in the back of his mind. A runaway cur dragged home to its masters. That is what they see in you.
They see you for what you are.

And None Who Go Can Come Back Again
by Lise
Summary: He used to think that there was only death in the void. Turns out that wasn't quite true. Loki, post-Thor and pre-Avengers.

into something rich and strange
by Lise
Summary: Change will come when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change, or so goes the saying. Sometimes that takes a lot of pain.

white is the color of insanity
by Canute
Summary: There are notes everywhere.

Silver Wings
by Silverlynxcat
AU where Thor became king and Loki his advisor as planned. Loki indulges in a little harmless mischief as a respite from royal duties.

The Padding of little feet
by Silverlynxcat
Summary: Loki brings home a Midgardian creature. Tony says to get rid of it. He's ignored.

What always was at your fingertips but you never reached for
by Lolryne
Summary: Loki traps Thor with magic and waits for the Avengers to come and rescue him. Thor tries to talk him out of harming his friends. Loki tries to poison him. With grapes.

bedtime stories
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: you lack conviction.

dying is an art (i do it exceptionally well)
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: loki visits asgard after the events of thor.

forfeit your soul
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: sentiment: natasha romanov is ruthless, but her ledger is dripping red.

a few ghosts of timorous heart
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: Death makes friends of even the most embittered enemies. - sif and thor mourn loki, post-thor.

i cut his hair myself one night
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: Thor brings his brother home in the summer.

my brother's keeper
Summary: when i'm king, i'll hunt the monsters down and slay them all.

to rust
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: she is war, and she is prepared for battle.

No Barren Moon
by theorytale
Summary: The Chitauri twisted Loki's magic and forced him to become pregnant, but the fetus was killed during the New York battle. As Loki's plans are dashed one after the other, he keeps struggling to come up with a way to escape what's coming.

The Several Heirs of Loki Odinson, Prince of the Realm of Asgard
by theorytale
Summary: Prompt: Loki's greatest con is passing off random monsters as members of the royal family. The reason Odin keeps banishing them is because he's totally on to him.

Whispered like prayers
by Silverlynxcat
Summary: It had been a mere three days after the tragedy that a presence, unseen and unheard yet felt none the less, joined the solitary All-seer.
Although, it remained unclear for many moons after if it was a lost son seeking home that lingered on the bridge, or a restless spirit come to seek closure.

by Silverlynxcat
Summary: It was a soothing sensation, feeling the cool moisture trickle down his temple and cling to his lashes. He could feel the tension from his body oozing away with each gentle strike of rain.

Promise Me
by blackholesun
Summary: "The maker of a black sunflower must create it from their very breath—their entire being. It is created by overwhelming, unselfish love. Love at the expense of all else." Loki discovers what it will cost to save himself.

The One Where Loki and Steve Might Be Friends (sort of)
by Lise

There May Be Better Brothers (But You're the Only One That's Mine)
by Lise
Summary: Loki believed that at its most simplistic, there were two choices in any given situation: the smart choice, and the Thor choice. Very seldom did the two overlap. Very, very seldom. Or: Thor gets himself into trouble. Loki gets him out of it. This is embarrassing.

Lay It Down (For a While)
by Lise
Summary: When your most recent minions have just attempted to kill you and possibly done better at it than they should have, where's a supervillain to go?

With Your Crooked Heart
by Lise
Summary: Post-Avengers. Rest never came easily to Loki. Asking for help has only gotten harder.

lose my idols to find my voice
by Lise
Summary: This is no homecoming.

The Fallen
by multicoloredgypsy
Summary: "Who are you?" Loki wants to ask, but he hasn't spoken once in the time it took for his hair to grow halfway down his back. No sound comes out. He just breathes.

by kiyala
Thor takes his relationship with Loki for granted. Loki is not happy about this. Some lessons need to be learned the hard way.

fine word; legitimate
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: if he be worthy.

fall, caesar
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: o sing, muse, of the rage of loki; godkiller.

Small Things
by Alis Dee
As punishment for bringing war to Midgard, Loki is bound to Valaskjálf... and to his Jotun form. Now he haunts the rooms of Odin's hall as a ghost, making malice and misery for all who dwell within. When Odin refuses to act, Thor seeks the council of his mother, who tells him of her original plans for raising their resident Jotun foundling: not as Thor's brother, but his betrothed...
"If there is one thing I have learnt," he says, face turned up towards the sun, "it is ever will people believe two things. One, that I am a fool. And two, that Loki a traitor."
More fic in this universe.

Lies, Misdirection, and Terrible Truth
by Morgyn Leri (morgynleri)
Summary: Those who know him would think he'd seek the company of others of like mind to himself. Tricksters, liars, those who have their own agenda. They have not met his allies, found when he slipped between realms and walked the ways he found there.

All Neon Like
by cavaleira
Summary: "People had started to notice his absences and Fandral implied that everyone suspected Thor of sneaking off to meet with some fair maiden. Would that it were as simple as that.
That would be easier for the people of Asgard to swallow than the fact that Prince Thor also practiced magic."

On my deathbed (I will pray)
by et2brute
Summary: Loki is imprisoned on Asgard, awaiting his punishment. Thor visits him every day. Until he doesn't.

Scold's Bridle.
by squanderbird
Summary: Outside the prison chambers, Loki can hear the children of Asgard singing.

The Meaning of Our Truth
by FaeryQueen07
Summary: For the last 23 years of his life, Loki has believed himself to be a true son of Odin. A "chance" meeting in the lower part of Asgard's surrounding city leaves him reeling with shock. Hurt and betrayed by the lie he has been forced to lead, Loki lashes out in the only way he knows how; stealing prized artifacts from Asgard's vaults for Jotunheim's feared king, Laufey...and Loki's true father. Between betraying the man who raised him and finally giving over to his desire for Thor, Loki finds himself caught in the deadliest of webs. When his actions prove tragic, Loki knows he would do anything to make amends and win back his brother's love, no matter what the cost to himself.

by epistolic
Summary: This is not the sort of beauty he understands. The fleeting, sudden sort of beauty – that is Loki's domain.

dark things
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: life is its own sort of battle; sometimes finding the strength to wake up in the morning is its own pitched, bloody struggle. (sif, post loki's fall.)

losing your memory
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: Outside the glass cage, his brother smiles, gestures to his stained blade, as if to say: look what you made me do.

by epistolic
Summary: This is the story in which they hunt the dragon.

Your Fists Were Not Part of this Plan
by Tawabids
Summary: During the battle against the Chitauri, Hulk walks in on a vitally important piece of information: Loki set this whole invasion up because his newborn kid is being held hostage by an even bigger bad. Hulk remedies this. The Chitauri drop as soon as the kid's in Loki's arms. And that's when the rest of the Avengers discover them.

Heavy in Your Arms
by itallstartedwithdefenestration
It isn't serious, what Loki and Thor have between them. It's just a thing, just a way to pass the time every few centuries when they get bored. Love has never, and will never, be a part of the equation.

by tigriswolf
Odin was a better father.

Glory comes streaming
by tigriswolf
Loki's plan was never meant to succeed. [Loki stream-of-consciousness, immediately post-movie.]

You owe your lives to sly Loki
by tigriswolf
Loki surrenders. His is the warfare that waits.

The Sensation of Nothingness
by Canute
He is the wind, and nothing more.

Mother, I'm frightened of this thunder and lightning
by tigriswolf
Summary: After a few seconds, the godling asks, "Is the pool of power on this rock so small you came to beg me for an alliance?" He scoffs. "I grow less enamored of this world all the time."

by Lise
Summary: The things Loki asks for don't always make sense. But that's the thing; they don't need to.

by FelicityGS
Summary: Most cycles since the first, Heimdal tries to change things, see if he can't curb the events that shape Loki into Bringer. He does not lack for time and if he fails he can always retry.
Some cycles, he almost succeeds.

Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem
by Alis Dee
After the events of Avengers, Loki goes to work for SHIELD. And becomes an American citizen. And says the hell with Asgard.
Deleted scenes from this universe

Qualifications for Office
by Darklady
Summary: Loki has had time to contemplate what sort of governance suits him best.
With thanks and respect to Alis Dee, author of the brilliant and very unique series - Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem

out, damned spot
by tyrotheterrible
Summary: Loki cannot tolerate the feel of blood.

One Eye For Wisdom
by galaxysoup
Summary: Even in the ravings of a madman there can be found a glimmer of truth.

by BeesKnees
Summary: Thor and Loki let their hair grow out because they used to cut each others' hair and they can't do that anymore.

i wanna see you as you are now
by Anshin
Summary: For a prompt on Norsekink: I just really want a fic of someone seeing Loki as the most beautiful thing in the world.

Devils' Deals
by BeesKnees
Summary: Building the Avengers team had always been Coulson's and Loki's plan.

by tyrotheterrible
Summary: After winning the fight against his brother on the Bifrost, Loki makes good on his threat to pay Thor's mortal friend a visit; unfortunately, Jane Foster is more perceptive than he expected.

Son of Odin
by Runic
Summary: Laufey saw the Aesir's skin turn Jotun blue.

Archer, Battle-Mage, Trickster, and Warrior: Loki and Sif
by Morgyn Leri
Odin waits, his helm and Gungnir left aside, for here he is not in his role as king and All-Father, but merely as the father of a wayward son. He too owes a debt, though it is balanced by the debt which Loki owes to him, and may be regarded as filled.

Ice Breaks
by Kay (sincere)
Summary: As a prisoner, Loki is given no rights; not even the right to look like a god. It angers Thor to have him stripped of the glamor that he's worn all his life, but he had no idea how it would affect Loki.

As We Ever Were
by lc2l
Summary: They were believed to be brothers. So if they were a little too close on occasion, no one objected. After all, they were young.

by Batsutousai
Summary: The darkness is unending.

by kiyala
Summary: After a run-in with enemy spell-casters, Thor's soul is pushed into Loki's body and they are forced to share more space than Loki was ever willing to.

Too Late
by griseldajane
Summary: This is an exploration of hurt, comfort, angst and fluff. It's my favorite kind of cake.

by griseldajane
Summary: Thor has always been prone to berserker rage, losing himself in bloodlust… the one thing that could calm him down was Loki.

by Thorki_ed
Summary: Loki as a siren and Thor as an adventurer who hears his song! Smut with a bit of fluff, catching!Loki.

Make or Mar
by epistolic
Summary: A blur of green in amongst the ruin and the arrow is in his hand, the string drawn to his cheek.

In the Shadow of the Valley
by Lise
Summary: Most of their meetings are accidental. But not all of them.

Childhood of Rebellion
by BeesKnees
Summary: After Thor tries to introduce Jane to Odin and Frigga as his future wife, he is banished, stripped of his powers, and de-aged as punishment. At the same time, Frigga is pregnant with Baldr, leaving Thor with little chance to return. Loki comes looking for his brother.

the end is the beginning is the end
by tyrotheterrible
Summary: A new plot from the ashes of the old, conjured of desperation and the bitter taste of defeat: Loki bargains for his salvation.

Avengers fics by Marcelo

A mixture so divine
by Korilian
Summary: Heimdall was born of nine mothers.

by Korilian & llassah
Summary: Loki Laufeyson slips between the worlds unnoticed, unmissed, curious as a child. Small and weak, he was left in the temple to perish, but survived the night. His only desire is for the freedom to pass through worlds unseen, but when the Jotnar invade Midgard and he is caught up in events beyond his control, he finds himself both having and needing more.

True Love's First Kiss
by Coneycat
Summary: From a norsekink prompt, in which Odin's plans for Loki come to naught, and Odin discards him.

by Lise
Summary: exsanguination /ex·san·gui·na·tion/ v.intr. To be drained of blood. (And all the rest.)

The Forgotten Prince
by Author: Erika aka chinae
Rating: PG
Prompt: Loki runs away from the halls of Asgard and gets himself into trouble; Thor finds and (possibly) saves him. Takes place when they are teenagers or the Asgardian equivalent.

by Lex_Munro
Summary: Keeper 015 is the oldest living Network Employee, and the best incognito-tuner it has ever had. She has seen and done many things -- she has witnessed the births and deaths of whole universes, destroyed one of the Nine Realms with a wave of her hand, imprisoned the greatest man she has ever known.
She's kind of a lousy girlfriend.

Flying the Void
by icarus_chained
Summary: There are things that show us the truth, mirrors we may look into that show us our true face. But we may not like what we see. And what we see may break us.
Loki looks into a magic mirror, and is shown truth. The Avengers (Thor and Tony) pick up the pieces. Not because they have to, or even because they want to. But because there are some things you do not stoop to.

The Well of Urðr
by epistolic
Summary: "You will be the one to kill your brother," the woman says. Her finger rises and, like a needle, points in his direction. "He will not reign three moons, but you will kill him for his throne. You will be the one."

The Supervillain Job
by Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup)
Summary: The original con artist stops by for a consultation at Bridgeport Brewpub.

Life Likes To Be Unpredictable
by alphera
Loki is the Holmes' Mummy.

There was no one near or far to keep the world from being mine
by tigriswolf
Summary: Either this is a perfectly woven trap – or Loki has been found by someone even more powerful than Odin, someone who (so far, at least) is on his side. And that…
Oh, that is something he so dearly wants.
Highlander crossover.

Fracture At The Point Of Impact
by galaxysoup
Summary: There was only so much of him left, anyway.

by Potboy
Summary: What happened to Loki between the end of Thor and the beginning of The Avengers to turn him from an injured child into a monster? - He grew up.

Not the only Trickster in the house of Odin
by Potboy
Summary: In which Odin congratulates himself on the fine job he did of raising Loki.

by riventhorn
Summary: Loki has a well-crafted plan to win the powerful sword Dáinsleif. Thor just wants to kill a dragon. Then they encounter a bunch of lustful elves and things suddenly become much more complicated. Set before the events of Thor.

The Unexpected Sting
by colonel_bastard
Summary: A variation on the banishment scene from Thor.

The Animal Inside
by Author: Wynn
Summary: A few months after the attacks on the Helicarrier and New York, Loki visits Natasha for a late-night chat. About 1500 words.

Lightning and what follows
by belmanoir
Summary: Asgardian justice sentences Loki to be chained in a cave, a serpent dripping venom on his face. Thor didn't expect Odin to be so unreasonable!

by purplemoon3

by reneausten
Inspired by the Thor 2 trailer.
There was a trail, among the cold stones, a secret trail that only Loki knew.

The Sound of Letting Go
by Velvedere
He was going to do it. Thor knew he was going to do it.
He had seen that look before.
That look echoed across a childhood of stolen nights and broken trespasses. Of dangers fought, revisited, and conquered.
It was the look in Loki's eyes when he'd made up his mind.

Turning Points
by Carnen
Summary: "Will that be all, Mr. Liesmith?"
"Not quite just yet, Ms. Potts."

let slip the dog of war
by dance_at_bougival
Summary: The old ways are done. - the brothers renegotiate.

it's dark in a cold December
by tigriswolf
Summary: "There are things more important than blood," Odin never said.

You do not have to walk on your knees
by Lise
Summary: It's not that he's invested in keeping them alive. The idea of someone else killing them first, though, is a bit offensive. Or: a funny pattern starts to emerge between dire situations involving various Avengers.

we are not funeral homes
Author: pprfaith
Summary: ate mythology and dreamt – a multifandom mythology ficathon. Prompt: Avengers, Tony/Pepper, the original Loki and Sigyn.
Rating/Warnings: R for gore, death and Norse mythology.

To Be Oneself
by FelicityGS
Summary: He's nearly eight when he first finds the book. Thor is out doing appropriately Thor things, considering that Thor's already gone on his first hunt and ever since then Thor doesn't have time to deal with Loki because there are so many other things to be doing.
Loki lies to himself, and he says he does not mind.

The Straightest Path
Author: sinemoras09
Summary: What he sees in the hours before. Loki-centric.

When You Look Into the Abyss
by purplemoon3
Loki's Lovecraftian trip through the Void.

Time and Relative Dimensions
by purplemoon3 Jane(Loki)/Doom

After Defeat
by FoolWithAPen
Summary: Loki has been imprisoned on Asgard. He doesn't intend to remain so. In the meantime, there are worrying events on Midgard. Rated T for some violence and language.

by purplemoon3
Thor is not Thor, he is a sleeper agent look-alike that has managed to fool everyone but Loki. The real Thor's time in captivity has pretty much erased all empathy and mercy he might once have had. Loki has been driven too insane to realize this isn't a good thing.

by astolat
Huh, was Tony's first thought when the spell broke and all of a sudden his brain came back online.

How Asgard Lost Its King
by Dia
Chapter 8 is of particular interest to those of us in Loki's Resistance.

Freedom is a State of Mind
by FoolWithAPen
Summary: The new trailer for Thor: The Dark World got me thinking. And, as always, thinking Loki.

Honor or Duty
by purplemoon3
After Avengers, Odin must sacrifice Loki to keep the peace.

Black is the color
by mjnobody
Summary: "Have you not thought about what it would be like to mount me?" Loki goes on in that mercilessly sinful voice. "About what is between my legs, now that I am unable to work my glamour to disguise my malformation?"


Not fic where Loki has kids, but fic about his and Thor's childhoods.

by renquise
Summary: Thor had never been one for libraries in his youth. Even now, older and (somewhat) wiser, he had little call to come visit those hallowed halls, but he had let himself be cajoled into following Loki to the library. It had been a few weeks since Loki had returned from his trip to the otherworld, looking tired and far older than his young years, and Thor was worried.

This is my little brother and no you may not hold him
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: Thor introduces Loki to his friends. Diabetes inducing fluff. Kidfic.

Accessory After the Fact
by Lunik the Bard
Fandom: Journey Into Mystery/ Thor(comics)
Summary: Loki knows there aren't many people in Asgard who appreciate his mischief the way it was meant to be appreciated. But maybe if he can find just one... Kidfic.

by mwildsides
Summary: Written for this prompt on norsekink. "Thor and Loki play the Asgardian equivalent to house." Kidfic.

by sinemoras09
Summary: And this, they call family. (Odin raises Loki. No spoilers.)

Always and Forever
by Lady L
A light, highly AU look at the way things might have gone for our favourite Asgardian not-brothers. The first of a chronological series of little fics. I should warn you, my diabetes started acting up when I was writing this.

To Strengthen The Other
by fallintosanity (yopumpkinhead)
Summary: What's an Odinson to do, when his brother does everything right and he's not the favored prince? Or, Loki gets to go to Alfheim. Thor gets jealous.

The Century He Was Sixteen
by killyourheroes
Summary: Teenage godlings. Loki accompanies Thor to a sparring match. Naturally, Loki gets to request a boon of Thor, despite the fact that Thor is doing the fighting. Loki asks for something unexpected and ends up being the one surprised.

The Most Insidious Poison
by fallintosanity (yopumpkinhead)
Summary: Thor is poisoned while on a hunt. Loki goes in search of the antidote. But all knowledge has a price, and the price to save Thor's life may be higher than Loki realizes.

A Small Thing Worn Thin
by Memlu
Summary: The old kings buried their treasures and their ghosts below Asgard that no one would ever touch them, but Loki has the map, the key, and a brother hungry for adventure.

Remember This First
by Memlu
Summary: Loki remembers everything.

The One You Must Protect
by fallintosanity (yopumpkinhead)
Summary: Odin takes his two small sons to play in the garden.
Then he loses them.

Thor Wants A Sword
by Velvedere
Summary: Thor gets his first sword.

Baby Brother
by Velvedere
Summary: Odin has a surprise for his wife.

Loki and Odin parental fic
Rating: Mature
Summary: A young Loki learns the meaning of sacrifice. Inspired by the story of the Sacrifice of Isaac
Word Count: 950
Warnings/Spoilers: Mental child abuse, minor physical child abuse

Time Travel

Stories where Loki (or occasionally Thor) travels back in time to warn his younger self.

when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory
by Altrutix
Summary: Loki hurtles through time and space in order to land back in Asgard after falling into the void. Now if only this wasn't a different time and this would just stop happening, then everything would be great. Life would be back to normal, complete with him pining after Thor and his brother awkwardly fending off his advances.

Now, and Then
by dmnutv_archer
Summary: After ending up on Midgard, Loki brings his past self forward into the future so he can tell him the truth about their past.

Undone & Weaving a Broken Thread
Two short fics: Loki receives a wish, to change just one thing.

A Fragment Of Light
by MissNefer
Summary: Loki has the most unexpected visitor - himself. He rather enjoys the experience, until he is given some disturbing advice and his future quite literally changes before his eyes.

Between Two Points
by miikkaa_xx
Summary: Thor falls into a rip in time, and decides to do something about it once he meets his younger self.

Rewrite You To Make You Broken
by lokissoldier
Summary: The world has ended. Loki has won, but there is still one last hope. The remaining Avengers decide they need to rewrite Loki and accidentally set him on a path to forever save the world.

Paved With Ice
by kiyala
With Odin in the Odinsleep and Thor cast out of Asgard, Loki is king. He casts a spell to summon a future version of himself, to reassure himself that he is on the right path, but he is not prepared for the outcome. He must learn to overcome his issues with himself and listen, so he can figure out how to keep himself from losing everything he's ever loved.

To Try Again
by blank_ghost
Summary: Powerful Midgardian magic indeed, his brilliant inventor has given him a doorway to fix everything.
Starting here.
Here as the tiny babe's cries die down to soft whimpers of lost hope.

Spirit of the Whole
by knittyknicker
Summary: Movie!Loki ends up in a universe where Jotnar/Aesir relations aren't complete shit and AU!Loki's a fairly well adjusted little godling as a result.

Fair Game
by gekkoryu
Odin is very old and very powerful and he loves his sons very much. Both of them.

by gekkoryu
"Come with me," the whisper, heavy and wet, skims his ear like fingers, "and we will make the universe scream."

30 Visions
by illwynd
Summary: Loki scepters Thor during the events of The Avengers.

Modus Operandi
by purplemoon
Heimdall is a Chitauri in disguise.

in her garden grew hyacinths
by LadyCharity
Summary: There is a tapestry that hung on Frigga's wall for as long as Thor can remember. He won't admit it, but the sight of it makes him want to cry.

by Alis Dee
Short and disconnected minific, inspired by mosellegreen talking about Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes Vol 2 #19. Not necessarily canonically from the comic in question (which I haven't read) or anything, in fact, so… just imagine a similar scenario, I guess. The condensed version being Odin gives Loki Mjolnir for a day, to prove a point about Thor's heroism (and rescinding Mjolnir, of course). Loki is not amused. Or something like that.

by LachwenII
The illusion hangs from the edge of nothing.


Rise by Sin
by blood_songs90
Merlin mashup. WIP.

pockets full of stones
by pprfaith
White Collar crossover.

Loki Cinderella

Wicked Blood
WIP. Thor/Snow White and the Huntsman mashup.

Old Magic
by manic_intent
Summary: Written for a prompt on the kmeme: "The Queen has a son of fair blood. Snow knows the Queen won't let him out of her sight for some reason (maybe he's some kind of backup for her spell?) and Snow keeps having these dreams that he wants to help her and the Huntsman."
This was so obviously a stealth Thor/Loki prompt, wasn't it? Haha.

The Pub Between The Worlds
by bloodsongs
Merlin crossover.

Change is Inevitable
by illwynd
Summary: Anthropomorphic personifications of the basic forces of the universe... meet/speak to/mess with the characters of Thor. As they do. Crossover with DC's Endless.

Foal's Play
When Loki falls from the Bifrost he lands in Equestria.

Of Gods and Deities
by skyvehicle
BBC Sherlock crossover.

Scenes of Magic
Fandom: Thor (crossed with Labyrinth)
Pairings: Loki/Jareth, Loki/Thor, Jareth/Sarah

Snow Blindness Is A Victimless Crime
by sphinxofthenile
Summary: There is always more to a case than it seems at first glance. What starts out as a mundane murder case soon has Magnus in over his head.

keep the lights on
by wolfinglet
BBC Sherlock crossover.
You go places, after you fall. You hide yourself, and you make your skin into that of thousands of different people. A new one for each day, for each hour, for each minute. You observe the Midgardians from within a cage of their own blood and bone and flesh, and you try to forget your brother.

A Man Up His Alley
by Arisprite
BBC Sherlock crossover.
Someone has been foiling Loki's plans for world domination. He would very much like to know who.

Patron God
by Godtiss
BBC Sherlock crossover.
"I'm not dead," the corpse protests, tone politely insistent.

by Colonel Bastard
The Avengers plus Loki and Coulson at Hogwart's.

The Lock and Key, Holmes
by Abby_Ebon
Summary: Sherlock has always been haunted by the mystery of his missing Mummy.

The Science Of Deception
by Captain_Rachel
Loki is Sherlock.

Loki the Evil Kitten
by sunshinetina
BBC Sherlock xover. John has bought a new pet for 221B. Sherlock does not like it at all.

Combat Medic
by Lunik the Bard
BBC Sherlock xover.
John has a talk with Sherlock's latest opponent, a Mr. Lyesmith.

Welcome To The Family
by orphan_account, sphinxofthenile
Summary: After a night of heavy drinking and debauchery, John wakes up to a day in hell. The world has ended.

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
by beingevil
Summary: Snow White and the Huntsman/Thor AU. Thor believes the best of Loki. This goes as well as can be expected.

200 Park Avenue meets 221B Baker Street
by thelittlestdoc
In which the residents of Stark Tower and 221B are, if not exactly friends, then amiable denizens of the same universe.

You drive an angel from your door
by tigriswolf
Summary: "Who are you?" Odin demands, every inch the king he has been since time immemorial. He is the All-Father, the most powerful warrior and sorcerer in nine realms.
(Lie, whispers a voice in the back of his mind. It sounds like Loki.)
Highlander crossover.

The Third Option
by Carnen
Summary: Loki does not take well to the Chitauri trying to use him for their own goals. He has plans of his own.
Supernatural crossover.

Summary: "Loki was never supposed to be a pilot."
Pacific Rim xover.

What You Need
At Hogwarts, Loki gets Sorted. The result is not what you'd expect.

Human AUs

when all is said and done
by scribblscrabbl
Summary: Loki's a criminal and a wanted man, and still all Thor can see is his brother. White Collar mashup.

Blood Feather
by epistolic
There is the hovering edge of a fight in the air, like an early scent of blood. Historical AU.

you think your dreams are the same as mine
by blackheron
Summary: Game of Thrones AU, wherein Thor is the trueborn son of Odin of House Lannister, and Loki is his second son, bastard-born. Thor has been invited to join the Kingsguard, and Loki would have him go despite their father's wishes, because he loves his brother well (or rather, has plans of his own).

shall we take a spin again (no witnesses)
by miikkaa_xx
Summary: Mobster!AU based off of black-nata's post
When Thor is need of money to help a friend, he turns to a less-than-legal source. However, what should have been a simple borrow-and-pay-back arrangement gets turned upside down when loanshark!Loki decides he wants something more than simply money in return.
In only a matter of days, Loki draws Thor into a dark, violent underworld, and it soon becomes clear that he has no intention of letting go.

Stranger Monsters with Stranger Faces
by Metallic_Sweet
Summary: There is a man who comes into Valhalla, an upscale New York bistro owned and run by Thor Odinson, every Monday night at nine-thirty exactly. He always orders the arugula salad without parmesan and a glass of the house wine, eating half and sipping the wine over exactly half an hour. His name is Loki Laufeyson, and he is brilliant, expensive, and everything Thor has ever wanted.

Drain Our Blood and Burn Together
by milky_haven
Summary: Thor Odinson; a deranged man who was obsessed with collecting the eyeballs of the people that he killed, and then there's Loki Laufeyson who was simply an absolute psycho.

Das Ende der Welt; Das Ende unserer Welt
by lilacpapillon
Summary: In which Agent A. Stark (codename: Iron Man) and his fellow SHIELD authority agents are on the hunt for a man who has committed fratricide, patricide, and various other crimes. The culprit in question just so happens to be the stepbrother of one of his close co-workers…and also a particularly memorable one-night stand partner that Stark finds himself gun-to-gun with the second time they meet.

Sea of Storms, Bridge of Colors
by Xparrot
crossover with Juuni Kokki | Twelve Kingdoms
Summary: Asgard was once a province in the kingdom of Lo, until its people were driven out, forced to become a wandering mercenary tribe. As the sons of the All-Father, Thor and Lopt are raised as brothers and Asgardian warriors, never guessing how their destiny is entwined with the kirin of Lo, the mystical creature born to choose the emperor who will save the realm from ruin.

fool's gold
by epistolic
This is always how it is – outside and looking in; swaying in the dark and dreaming about the things that you want, but can't have. (Mafia!AU)

Hanging Out, Freaking Out, Sneaking About, Making Out
by beckerbell
Summary: When Thor and Loki's parents go on vacation, trusting their children to a weekend alone, of course they do what any teenagers would do.


What with both of them being princes and all, there are a lot of AUs that involve them having an arranged dynastic marriage. I think that's what Odin should've done in the first place.

This Is My Idea
by Altrutix
Swan Princess mashup. Thor and Loki are betrothed from birth and must spend every summer together. This isn't their idea of fun.

Once Upon a Jotun
by jeansouth
When Thor was very little, he made a wish. He wished for someone just for him, someone to always be by his side and to love him and be loved in return. That night a child with green eyes was born in the land of snow who has since then been searching for someone he was meant to find, for the one who wished for him.

For queen and country
by versy
Summary: Loki lies back and thinks of England.
Notes: This is playing at being Victorian for the sake of terrible porn so please excuse any inaccuracies.
Victorian era AU, arranged (gay) marriage.

False Love and Affection
by gunboots
Summary: Loki's no stranger to the tales of the many wenches and shield-maidens that have seen Thor's chambers before her. She has vowed to herself already that she will not become some new dishrag for him to rut into before tossing away.
Or alternatively, If Thor thinks that Loki will simply play the part of pretty, demure queen then he's got another thing coming.
Webmistress's note: very good female!Loki fic, though it amuses me that the author seems to think that there are inner-spring mattresses in Asgard.

Look to the Future
by cest_what
Summary: Loki's worked out why Odin brought him here. (An AU set in the growing-up-in-Asgard era.)

by astolat
Summary: "How was I to know?" Thor demanded. "Surely a 'Justice of the Peace' is meant to sentence evildoers! And why did he not say otherwise, if it was not so?"
Unlike most of the fics in this category, this is not an AU. Right after gay marriage is legalized in New York, Loki tricks Thor into marrying him.

Contingency Plan
WIP. Right before Loki and Thor's wedding, Fandral loses the rings. The Warriors Three and Sif must stall the wedding to find them.

Dearly Bought
by Saucery
"When Loki is sacrificed to the Asgardians - and yes, he sees it as a sacrifice, not a ransom - he expects the king to take his pleasure on the very first night."

The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul
by PadawanBrittany
Summary: AU. Prince Loki wants to attend the Prince Thor's mighty feast, but cannot go looking as the Jötunn prince that he is. At the same time, Thor makes a startling revelation.

Where We've Come
by youtomyme
Summary: Loki is the second son of Laufey, betrothed to Thor, the first son of Odin. It takes a while for things to work out between them.

To The Victor, The Spoils. If They Can Be Tamed
by Velocity_Owl87
Summary: The War between Jotunheim and Asgard didn't go as predicted and Odin was killed. Laufey offers peace if Frigga hands over her only daughter, Thora as the spoils of war, when she comes of age.

Red, Blue and Gold
by K_dAzrael
Summary: "Oh, don't fret – I've lain with Aesir before." Loki covered his mouth with his hand, eyebrows raising in an exaggerated show of dismay. "Oh dear, I wasn't supposed to say that, was I?"

Here's where he meets Prince Charming
by Lunik the Bard
Loki is Belle, Thor is Gaston.

Of Princes and Prophecies
by youtomyme
Summary: AU. Being born with a prophecy over your head is always a pain. It's even worse when it says you'll save some jackass from dying and marry him. Wait, did he just save Prince Thor from a dragon?

stay with me, baby (i'm the fella you came in with)
by elbe
Summary: It was Thor's idea to join the Avengers. That doesn't mean Loki's got to like it.

It's poison, it's blood
by mornmeril
Summary: Red Riding Hood!AU: Their village lay on the edge of a dark forest, few even knew its name, but many knew that terrible things had been happening there on the night of the full moon for several generations now. Everyone was wary of strangers here in Asgard, and if any should come by, they would quickly leave once more. No one lingered here, except for the ones who had lived there their whole lives.

It's An Institute You Can't Disparage
by Coneycat
Summary: "Let's say that Loki is Laufey's youngest, a useless runt except for how his small stature, shifting abilities and royal blood makes him perfect for a political marriage with Asgard."

Gilded Cages
by miss_aphelion
Summary: Loki is the cherished youngest son of the very overprotective King Laufey, and Loki has had quite enough of his father's restrictions. So he slips away to Asgard and has a tryst with the son of Odin—the consequences of which are going to be impossible to hide.

Empty Pursuit
by anno_Hreog
Summary: Loki is a jotunn bastard and can't marry a prince. Thor won't settle for anything less than what he wants. Jotunheim schemes and Asgard throws a royal wedding.

Blóð ok Íss: a Fairy Tale
by stereobone
Summary: His father warned him never to go to Jotunheim. Fairy Tale AU.

by Crisium
Summary: Fairytale AU for the kink meme, pre-slash. Thor keeps his promises, even from the beginning.

Thor/Loki, forced marriage but loving!Thor
by ladylapislazuli
WIP. Loki has to marry Thor against his will, in order to atone for his sins, and is expected to bear Thor children. He accepts because he has no choice. Thing is, Thor is deeply in love with Loki and, for all his faults, would never do anything to hurt him. Loki doesn't reciprocate (at first), so Thor doesn't press the issue. No pressure for sex. Perhaps he tries to give him the occasional kiss, and is hurt when Loki pulls away, but, again, doesn't force it. Loki, of course, is not above batting his eyes at Thor, or giving him embraces and kisses to manipulate him. One minute he's all teary-eyed and vulnerable, and begging Thor to hold him. The next he's pushing Thor away, perfectly content, and Thor just fell for it again.

by teracity
Summary: Thor has a recurring nightmare about losing his husband, Loki. Based on this gif set.

Winter and Spring
by Sinclair_Spirits
Games of Thrones mashup.

The End Days
Author: Erika aka chinae
Summary: Tournaments are held for Loki's hand in marriage and Thor is jealous.

That Silver and Gold May Come Down and Cover Me
by lexicale
Summary: Going to Asgard has always been an impossible dream for Loki, but with some skillful magic and some not insignificant courage, he dares to disguise his form and visit the world of the Aesir for one night. But only one night -- because his magic will not hold forever. An AU in which Loki lives/grows up on Jotunheim, and I try to write a Thor-Cinderella fusion. Or Cindereloki, if you will.

The Plate of Fidelity and Harmonious Love
Summary: Written for the following Norsekink prompt - "Loki and Thor are going to be married to each other. There are lots of preparations at stake. And numerous customs and rituals have to take place. (Both for Jotun and Aesir traditions and the special ones for the royal family.)"

The Symbols Series
by bellcatbee
An Alternate Universe where Loki is given to Thor to keep the peace between their homelands.

The Asgard Queen
Author: Erika aka chinae
Prompt: Movie AU where Loki is female and she and Thor are already married at the time of Thor's coronation, at which Loki was to be crowned Queen beside him. Only, since Loki is both sister and wife she knows Thor is so not ready for the crown and the events follow along as they do in the movie.

For His Hand
by Elsian
Summary: Written for Norse Kink- Deception and intrigue swamp Asgard as Odin holds a tournament for Loki's hand. Thor enters to prove himself but finds his priorites changing.Meanwhile others compete for Loki's hand, each with their own agenda. Thor/Loki

Of All Things
by momma_66
Summary: Odin never hid Loki's true heritage from him and with the truth comes a heavy burden. Thor takes it upon himself to be Loki's anchor through the storms.

Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time, there was a war. On one side was fair Asgard; on the other was frigid Jotunheim.

the Song Unsung
by khaleesian
Given an infinite number of worlds...on one of them it might have happened like this.

Wrap my flesh in ivory
by ohfreckle
An arranged marriage between the princes of Asgard and Jotunheim.

Awake My Soul
by FaeryQueen07
Summary: Shortly after Odin's death, word reaches Asgard that Jötunheim has a new king as well, one with a life-changing demand if there is to be continued peace between the realms. Unwilling to ask his brothers to make such a sacrifice, Thor is left with no choice but to give up his freedom to secure the safety of his people. More than that, though, he discovers he may just have to give up his sense of self, as well.

Winning Loki's Heart
by thisdorkyficthing
Summary: This year, things were expected of Thor at the Yule Festival.
Mainly, finding a wife.

A Role to Play
by beckerbell
Summary: Unfavored son of Laufey, Loki, has been sent to Asgard to win the affections of Thor Odinson for manipulation to Jotunheim's benefit, however he manages to do it.

An Asgardian Fairy Tale
by Velvedere
Summary: A Thor/Loki AU with sporadic commentary by Tony Stark.

The Prince
by astolat
AU. Crack-ish. Odin and Laufey realize their kids are going to have another war and kill each other if they can't force them to learn to get along. So they make them get married.

Winter and Spring
by Sinclair_Spirits
Summary: Fill for this Norsekink prompt- Loki as Daenerys and Thor as Drogo. Loki is given to Thor by his brother as a ploy to gain Asgard's army. Much political scheming and conspiracies ensue as Loki finally finds his place in life and in Thor's heart.

(Like Us) Lightning Risked It All
by cm (mumblemutter)
Summary: Thor and Loki get married, have sex, and fall in love.

What You Will
by ashinae, jay_linden
Summary: The peace treaty between Asgard and Jotunheim binds the Frost Giants in the All-Father's magic: into every generation, a Jotunn child will be born who is not a giant. As tribute, these children are sent to Asgard when they come of age and, changed in appearance beyond their stature, integrated into Asgardian society by being married to an Asgardian youth of equal social rank.


Loki is beloved son of Laufey - a little small, yes, but his mother was Vanir so it is to be expected. But he's smart, fast and powerful - and can outsmart even Odin Allfather. True jewel in the crown of Jotunheim. And then one day Laufey brings home that Aesir runt and decides to adopt it.

Changeling Child
by icarus_chained
Summary: An AU in which Thor, and not Loki, was the Jotun. Set just after the trip to Jotunheim, and before Thor's banishment, as he and Loki deal with the discovery.

Mirror, Mirror
by jane_potter
Summary: "Thor, they called him in voices edging on sneers, god of empty thunder. God of meaningless noise, god only of men who cower like children at storms." It began with Odin and Frigga's decision not to discourage Thor from learning magic as a child. The oldest son of Odin would become a trickster and a sorcerer, befriended only by three warriors in all of Asgard; the second son would be raised to know the truth of his heritage, and rise to fill the gap of his brother's irresponsibility by taking up the hammer Mjolnir and fighting his very nature in order to become a warrior-- and they would become gods unlike anyone's previous imagining.
Webmistress's note: This is one of the best, most moving fanfics I have ever read.

The Still Point of the Turning World
by que_sera
Summary: After an inglorious defeat at the hands of Asgard, Laufey seizes the opportunity for revenge and kidnaps Odin's only son. He does not, expect, however, for his own son to take such a liking to the young Thor - or for one touch of Loki's hands to turn Thor Jotun blue. The two grow together, reigning beloved and terrible in Jotunheim, until one day a delegation from Asgard arrives to tear everything apart. Now, to prevent war, Thor must leave everything he knows to join a people who mistrust and fear him, while Loki deals with rebellion without his brother at his side - a war that grows to threaten Midgard as well. Now three realms hang on the bond between two false brothers, who must decide how their realms will stand or fall.

Through Coldest Storm
by beckyh2112
Loki Odinsson and his two younger brothers Balder and Hoder visit Jotunheim and meet a frost giant named Thor.

Trading Spaces
Avenger!Loki and Villain!Thor.

These Names of Gods and Science
by paeanrela
Summary: In which Loki Laufeyson is actually a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist who wears a suit of iron in poison green and gold. Tony Stark is the infamous God of Mischief with magic on his fingers sparking deadly red. They have a relationship, of sorts.

let slip your voice
by wolfinglet
Summary: Written for the prompt "Loki talks in his sleep." An AU where Loki is the chosen child, the destined prince, and Thor is the outcast, the lost. Tony gives Loki what he can.

Dangerous Animals
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: Anton "Tony" Stark is the Norse god of mischief and Xanatos gambits. Loki Farbautisson is a genius, millionaire, playboy, philanthropist with a sportsman-like appreciation of a worthy opponent. When Anton steals the tesseract from S.H.I.E.L.D. and kicks off the first attempt to actually launch the Avengers initiative, worlds proceed to collide.

darling, you should see me in a crown
by rikacain
Summary: This is a role reversal AU. The general idea of the universe is that all the villains are now heroes, and all heroes are villains.

Arc Pods and Moon Bases
by qwanderer
Summary: In which Loki is a genius billionaire philanthropist and Tony conquers a world.

festina lente (hurry slowly)
by silverfoxflower
A role reversal fic featuring Steve Rogers (a.k.a Iron Man) as a billionaire, genius engineer with a heart of gold and Tony Stark (a.k.a Captain America) as a playboy American Hero who spent most of his backpay on his flashy lifestyle.
Webmistress's note: Not a Loki fic, but very good.

this is yours to bear
by jostenia
Summary: Once upon a time there lived two Princes within Asgard; the prince of gold and the prince of ice. One was strong in body, one was strong in mind. Both were loved. One felt he was not.

When Everything is Different
by Hanna
Summary: ...nothing really changes.
Asgard is a realm of sorcery; of clever wit and magical duels. There is no place for brute force in the subtle nuances of Aesir society. As such, it's quite the scandal when Thor, crown prince of the realm, born to the most powerful seimandr in an age, eschews his birth right and chooses to be known as a warrior.

Role Reversal
Odin is without a heir. Then, after the war against Jotunheim, along with the war spoils, he takes an abandoned baby Jotun (Thor), and adopts him as his own. Years later, Frigga gives birth to Loki. By then everyone loves Thor and recognizes him as the firstborn, and rightful heir to the throne. Loki lives his life in Thor's shadow. He is not good at physical combat, preferring magic, and books.

Supervillain AU
by sexyspork

Norse god!Tony
by Skoll
In which Tony Stark has always just been Stark, the Norse god of Iron, and he and Loki have known each other since they were children. This changes things slightly.

Role Reversal
Loki's JARVIS is called SIGYN.


A certain slant of light
by Skoll
Summary: In a world where violence is the norm and trust is a weakness, Pepper Potts is still diabolically efficient, Natasha Romanov is still as terrifying as ever, Bruce Banner still has breathtaking anger management issues, and Tony Stark is still a genius. This time, though, Tony has a plan, and Loki is far from the biggest threat the Earth faces.

God Of Lies

I would give my right arm to see this movie. Thankfully, a few people have written fics based on it.

He Who Lies
by Altrutix
Summary: Taken from the land of his birth and raised as an Aesir commander's son, Loki Tyrson falls in love with the Crown Prince. When their love for one another is discovered and Loki is banished to Jotunheim, all seems lost until he discovers that he is the lost son of their worst enemy and he is not Tyrson, but Laufeyson.

God of Lies
by Rahar Moonshine

God of Lies
by bachaboska, believeitgirl
Summary: AU story where everyone knows that Loki was adopted, they just don't know from which planet Odin took him. Thor loves Loki more than Asgard's law allows but thanks to Loki's magic they don't have to worry that Heimdal will discover their secret. Unfortunately one day Thor, after returning victorious from battle, is a little to bold with showing his affection what leads to all sort of inconvenience for Loki (since he is not a heir of the throne he's the one who will suffer all consequences for engaging in a forbidden relationship with king's son).

Stealing the Sun's Light
by Rudy_Wolf
Summary: A Jotun!Thor AU in which Laufey took Odin's first born son as a peace offering and raised him along side his own children in Jotunheim.

by hannahrhen
Summary: From the cliff above, Loki settled in to watch Thor battle Iron Man. The victor would claim him. Utterly.

Mother of Monsters
by Epiphanyx7
Okay, you know that trope where Loki decides to retire from villainy to raise his baby? This is basically just that. This is Loki-has-a-baby-and-wants-to-be-a-stereotypical-PTA-thug-fic. This is Loki-is-a-soccer-mom fic. This is like, Loki has a baby and does a complete about-face and obsesses about alternative schooling and home-grown organic wool and knits sweaters and debates the use of traditional resuable diapers over the convennience of the disposable sort.


Ere the World Falls
by kaasknot
Summary: The sonic boom ripped through the sky over Asgard's capital, rattling windows in their casements and scaring clouds of pigeons into the air. It overlapped with a deafening crack, and the combined reverberations, enough to set the dust of the streets shivering into the air, vibrated through Loki's chest. He frowned, looking up from the doll-like mask of the Svartálfar corpse he was examining. He knew that sound. Catching the eye of the einheri captain beside him, he tilted his head in silent command. 'It seems my brother has come home,' he said. 'We should give him a proper welcome.'

Id Est Furor
by kaasknot
"Come to visit me again, brother?" Thor's voice rumbled through the prison block like thunder in the distance.
Loki stepped out from the shadows of the stairwell. "Disasters are always so compelling to watch," he replied.

Norse Mythology

Unsurprisingly, some fics draw very heavily upon Norse myths. Or other mythologies.

Broken Things
by mrhiddles
Summary: He was a dark born thing and yet still ever so pale. Loki ended a war only to invoke another, and Odin banished them both for it. A twisted greedy thing resides on the seat of Hlidskjalf. Viking AU, Thorki, heavily inlaid with the Norse mythos.

Under Truce
by khilari
Norse mythology canon. The Norse gods in the modern world.

we may be better strangers
by Fahye
Summary: This is, apparently, what they are. Not friends, just people who talk. Cry once in front of a strange boy prince who's stolen your necklace, and you're stuck with the ugliness that he won't inflict upon the rest of the world.

To The Fairest
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: In which Loki is simultaneously the best and worst wingman ever, and Eris is really bad at courting.

Far From All The Trouble (we had caused)
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: It is important, for tricksters more than most, to have a group of like-minded people around, to understand us at our worst. And to catch is when we fall.

A Brighter Fire in the Dark
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: Odin discarded the Jotun race and their world into darkness. A necessary iniquity, and the only way to ensure they never again rose up to attack another realm. But how could that place of ice and nothing else have produced a fire so bright as Loki Laufeyson?

In Sunlight
by khilari
Summary: Thor is recently and happily married to Sif, but when Odin's sworn brother returns to Asgard both of them are drawn to him by an attraction they can't admit.

After Geirrod
by khilari
Summary: The aftermath of Loki betraying Thor.

Not Really
by khilari
Summary: Loki isn't quite a god or quite a Jotun.

The Theft of Fire
by khilari
Summary: Once fire belonged only to the Jotnar. This is the story of how Loki stole it. A reworking of Idunn's Apples and Loki's Binding with a few other references and, thanks to Sigyn, a very different ending.

Knowledge of Good and Evil
by khilari
Summary: Loki considers eating an apple.

by asyndese
Summary: Of all Ragnar's men, it was they who chased away the memory of the White Christ with the greatest efficiency, for Thorir had an uncanny instinct for where to find remaining altars and Flóki knew amusing tales and songs of the old gods to entertain all folks and those who would listen.

The Wildfire Consumes All
by sphinxofthenile
Summary: Thor doesn't know if he has the words to make them understand how simple it is, yet how complicated.

When Gods Make War (Men Take Cover)
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Summary: If he is perfectly honest with himself, and Loki is only ever really truly honest with himself, he couldn't have predicted how perfectly it would all go. He only meant to start a little quarrel, not an entire war.

by youtomyme
Summary: Sleipnir wasn't actually born from Loki. Viking women were actually just really enthusiastic gossips.

Trickster Town
by gottabekiddinme
After the events of Avengers, Loki takes refuge with other trickster gods.

as the gods sleep who have no need to dream
by tigriswolf
Summary: Sometimes, Fenrir dreams about caverns and chains and swords and blood. [Loki's children, undercover on Earth]

I don't want your crown
by tigriswolf
I don't want your money. I don't want your crown. See, I've come to burn your kingdom down... And no rivers, and no lakes, can put the fire out.
Loki's free and he doesn't want to win. He just wants to burn.

Sleipnir is Bad Horse
by secret_smile19

While Loki is gone, other trickster gods look after his children.

Many Times Loki Was a Troll About His Godhood To Avoid Ragnarok
by madwriter223
Summary: and 1 Time He Remained a God of Wild Nature
-Kink Meme Fill- Loki is the only one to remember every single Ragnarok cycle. He tries something new in every cycle and/or tries to break the cycle.

Trickster, trickster
by Lunik
It is important, for tricksters more than most, to have a group of like minded people around to understand us at our worst. And to catch us when we fall.

by AlterEgon
Summary: In an alternative future, the aesir, vanir and jotnar are still active on Midgard. One of them, as always with his own agenda, has carved a place for himself among the humans, all the while working on a more subtle scheme to get back at his one-time equals than the one prophecy intended for him to pursue.

Balance to the Flame
by tristesses
Summary: Sigyn understands duty and sacrifice, but even more importantly, she understands love.

Bargains, Lies, and Family Ties
by tristesses
Summary: In a Midgard where cybernetic enhancements are commonplace and magic flows like wine, Loki and Odin cut a deal, and Hel's father pays her a visit.

From Sigyn's life
by Keenir
Summary: How she met Loki, and what she may have been doing before the cave.

The Price Paid
by Lunik
Summary: The gods agreed that he must have counselled this who is wont to give evil advice, Loki Laufeyarson, and they declared him deserving of an ill death, if he could not hit upon a way of losing the wright his wages; and they threatened Loki with violence. But when he became frightened, then he swore oaths, that he would so contrive that the wright should lose his wages, cost him what it might.

The Foolish Ones
by illwynd
Summary: Two tricksters sitting around a fire, telling stories.

even old New York was once New Amsterdam
by tigriswolf
Summary: At first, he visits the library purely out of curiosity.
[Loki, on Midgardr, seeing what the mortals have written about him]


According to Norse mythology, Loki is a shapeshifter and in the form of a mare has given birth to Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse. In comics canon, Loki took on a female form for a time. Naturally this has encouraged fans to play with physical gender and with mpreg even more than they normally do.
Several years ago, one of the Deep Fanfic Thoughts was, "If the Vikings were around today, they would probably be amazed at how we take male pregnancy fics completely for granted." Turns out, the Vikings were way ahead of us.

Slipping From Skin to Skin
by entanglednow
Summary: Loki has never been afraid to change his skin.

Red Ruin, and the Breaking Up of Laws
by TheHummingbirdMoth
Summary: "The children born of thee are sword and fire." Or, the God of Thunder gets suckered into Loki's latest evil scheme. Thor/Loki.

Nobody's Perfect
by asyndese
Summary: Forget a lover's heartfelt token to gain the favor of the maiden. Forget dangerous, desperate promises that could bring down an empire. Nope, not Thor. He simply ran into Jotunheim after a few, well-timed chance encounters with Loki, madly in love with the idea of stealing a poor girl back from the frost giants. All of Loki's effort and secrecy and lies - for naught. Just because Thor was an idiot.

The Diamond of Asgard
by youtomyme
Summary: Princess Loki is the very treasure of Asgard, and Thor has every intention of guarding her.

Moral Of The Story
by astolat
Summary: What you never wanted to know about Asgardian deities and somehow accidentally asked.

An Unusual Prince
by kimmu

Inviting Arrays of Masks
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: A guest at one of Tony Stark's parties catches Natasha's eye: a lady dressed in black, so secretive even S.H.I.E.L.D.'s facial-recognition software and myriad archives are unable to identify her. The Black Widow is suspicious and curious; the feeling seems quite mutual.

Missing You
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: A little vignette of a scene, in response to the succinct prompt, "fem!Tony/fem!Loki (I said I'd write the first 8 prompts I got from folk on Tumblr. You knew there was bound to be crack.)
Loki returns from a long absence with a few ideas, and a guise Toni hasn't seen the trickster wear before.

by bloodsongs
Summary: Lokiʼs eyes are a dark, stormy green, all desire and dominance as she moves closer against Thor, limber and lithe.

we are figurines
by callunavulgari
Summary: "You sure you don't want that drink?" Toni asks. "'Cause the thing is, I'd really rather this end with scotch and sex rather than you trying to take over the planet."

At Rest
by sinemoras09
Summary: What you cannot imagine, I shall be that. (Loki infiltrates SHIELD. Lady Loki/Natasha, Loki/Thor)

Take our hands out of control
by la_dissonance
Summary: In which Thor gets a bit handsy when drunk, and Loki has problems with intimacy. Pre-any-movies. Also they're both girls because I wasn't in the mood to write dudeslash \o/

by PaxieAmor
Summary: Five times Toni couldn't figure out the taste of the Trickster Goddess and the one time she did.

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
by calciseptine
Summary: There is a pond, dark and deep, hidden in the gardens. Loki helps Thor find it.

by kiyala
Summary: The first time Loki turns himself into a woman, it is by mistake. With the way Thor reacts, Loki learns not to mind making this particular mistake.

Loki and Toni's Excellent Adventure in World Saving
by pprfaith & reena_jenkins
Summary: In which Loki and Toni try to save the world, Steve is obnoxious, Clint has no patience for artsy movies and there are cupcakes. And issues.

Childhood Memories And Grown-up Dreams
by orphan_account & sphinxofthenile
Summary: Even evil geniuses with world domination tendencies, an IQ far too high for this realm and too much free time on their hands have to find something to do on a Friday night.

Princess of the Realm
by thanatopis
Summary: Loki, for shits and giggles turns Thor into Lady Thor, and of course, it leads to sex. "Milady, you look good enough to eat."

i stretch and i shift and these parts won't fit
by januarys
Summary: Loki sleeps, Yggdrasil sings to her.

A Courtship
by nev_longbottom
Summary: Loki thinks Sif is going to kill him. Sif thinks Loki understands what she's doing. Thor doesn't get it.

Que Sera
by illwynd
Summary: Loki enjoys getting pregnant with monster children because he is a badass trickster, that's why.

Loki/Natasha, Natasha knocks Loki up
Like it says on the tin.

Hide Me Away and Find Me Again
by illwynd
In which Loki gives birth in a seedy motel room, Darcy develops a reputation, and Thor comes up with an unusual solution.

Walk Beside Me
by somanyopentabs
Summary: That awkward moment when fighting leads to making out. Female!Loki/female!Thor.

I chased you around a figure eight
by uumiho
Summary: Tony isn't very good at doing things she should, technically, do.
FrostIron, starring Genderbent Tony and Lady Loki.

Could be...
by veLOLciraptor
Summary: It could have been that when men tumbled into his bed begging for him; their eyes dark with desire and their voices slick with lust and he found that he liked it. And, perhaps more importantly, that he could use it.

A Light in the Heart
by AraSigyrn
Thor/Loki, temporary genderswapped Loki.

The Rescue
by madwriter223
The Chitauri are controlling Loki by holding his and Thor's child hostage.

The Fairer Sex
by tristesses
Summary: Loki learns a new form of shapeshifting. Amora, being the good friend and curious enchantress she is, helps him try it out.

take this wine and drink with me (let's delay our misery)
by cicer
Summary: Odin has decreed that Loki must marry. But he never said she had to marry a man.

No Matter How Many Lies That I Live, I Will Never Regret
by Velocity_Owl87
Summary: Loki thinks he's the only one paying attention to Thora, that she doesn't reciprocate or know who is circling around her. She proves him wrong and for once, Loki realizes he's the one that's been caught in a game he didn't even know he was a part of.

If I Only Could, I'd Make A Deal With God
by Velocity_Owl87
Summary: Loki's never once stopped thinking of his sister, Tora. She's always in his thoughts and life and he can't image not being with her. Five scenes of Loki and his sister through the years and his reaction to his sister and what he does about it.

To Save The Sire
by Abby_Ebon
Summary: Angrboda, King of Jötunheim finds out the truth from Odin and goes to get her husband.

Iron Babe and Other Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Children (or, Breasts Do Not Make Anyone Less Emotionally Constipated)
by theappleppielifestyle
(Or, 'The One Where The Avengers Are Genderswapped and Everyone's Still Their Delightful, Emotionally Constipated Selves.')

When abstinence fails
by Korilian
Summary: Loki tries to put a stop to all of his baby troubles.

Awake My Soul
by FaeryQueen07
Summary: Shortly after Odin's death, word reaches Asgard that Jötunheim has a new king as well, one with a life-changing demand if there is to be continued peace between the realms. Unwilling to ask his brothers to make such a sacrifice, Thor is left with no choice but to give up his freedom to secure the safety of his people. More than that, though, he discovers he may just have to give up his sense of self, as well.

We Learned By Doing
by jibrailis
Summary: The one in which all the Avengers are women.

you and me and the war at the end times
by Jenwryn
Summary: "Sister," says Thor, low and pleased. Sister, because Thor has always been easy with her, with the ebb and the flow that rests between her ribs and her pelvis.

Not Meant
by solarbaby614
Summary: Thor was never meant to be a girl.

by tristesses
Summary: Loki generally puts aside his aversion to battle for the sake of appearances, but as of late he has found his sister, in all her armored glory, rather distracting.

call it what you want, call me anything you want
by cm (mumblemutter)
Summary: Thor and Loki and the games they play. Thor is temporarily female.

these speak her wonderful
by glamaphonic
Summary: Sif's lady is fickle and sly.

Desperate Times
by jeza_red
Summary: The Lady Loki has been kidnapped. Lady Thor decides to rescue her.

What You Will
by ashinae, jay_linden
Summary: The peace treaty between Asgard and Jotunheim binds the Frost Giants in the All-Father's magic: into every generation, a Jotunn child will be born who is not a giant. As tribute, these children are sent to Asgard when they come of age and, changed in appearance beyond their stature, integrated into Asgardian society by being married to an Asgardian youth of equal social rank.
Then Loki, heir of Laufey, is born. Jotunheim tries to keep Loki secret, hidden, but Odin's magic is too powerful. Loki is given to Asgard--as a bride for Odin's son.
Now, as Princess of Asgard, Loki finds herself falling in love with Prince Thor, though he doesn't warm to her overtures. In an attempt to escape her frustration, Loki uses her own magic to shift her sex and blend in as a young stablehand--who becomes a friend and confidante to Asgard's terribly confused young prince.

The One Where Tony's a Woman
by Mythdefied
Summary: The problem with moving all the Avengers into the (former) Stark Tower, is that Tony forgets they're there.


The trials of Loki Odinsson: a saga
by netla
Summary: Heed now the words of Loki Odinsson, aged five hundred years and three quarters of a decade.
Thor, if you have dedicated yourself to overcoming your difficulties with the written script and chosen my private parchments as your practice, put this down now or I will cut your hands off in the night and feed them to the fish! I shall know, Thor!

Friends Don't Let Friends
by theorytale
Summary: Tony and a still-villainous Loki are having an affair. Hulk gives Loki the "you break his heart, I smash you" talk.

Five Interventions the Avengers Held For Each other and One They Held For Loki
by silverfoxflower
Summary: The next time, they had an omelet bar, champagne and a banner without penises on it. Also, Jane Foster was there. Thor seemed delighted when he stepped into the room and everyone toasted him with a jubilant, "Intervention!"

Feathering the Nest
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: The Avengers are used to some odd behavior from the local chaos god. But when Thor starts to join in? This is just getting weird.

Fear and Loathing in Asgard
by Speranza
Summary: In which Loki loses the plot.

Avengers Undercovers
by galaxysoup
Summary: In which Thor is harassed, the Avengers are easy, and Loki has a deeply unconventional teaching style.

If Someone Asks You If You're A God, You Say…
by TheHummingbirdMoth
Summary: Sort-of sequel to 'Voom.' Pointless crackfic. Cultural relativism. After Odin finished saving mankind from the Jotnar, he tried to teach them about buttons.

Bunny Slippers
The Calculator
The Law of Unintended Consequences
by Katsu
Humor remniscent of Terry Pratchett.

David Attenborough Is In My Bedroom
by cactusrabbit
The Earthlings put Loki, as a jotunn, on the endangered species list.

Loki finds the kinkmeme and is absolutely HORRIFIED and a little TERRIFIED of the fangirls who seem a bit too intent on having him 1. raped 2. abused 3. pregnant.

Number One Fan
by MorteLise
Summary: In light of Loki's recent actions, SHIELD is forced to resort to desperate measures to stop him. (Hint: it involves pudding.)

Know Your Meme
by MorteLise
Summary: When a seemingly innocuous internet meme causes Thor to have an unexpected breakdown, Agent Phil Coulson is forced to seek help from SHIELD's worst enemy. And he's not leaving until he gets it.

Five Times Midgardians Misunderstood Asgard Cultural References and One Time They Didn't.
by Haldane
Summary: Five times Thor and/or Loki used an Asgardian reference that caused confusion, and one time nobody had any doubt at all what it meant.

Note to Self: Super villains are possessive bastards
by Silverlynxcat
Summary: Tony must have done something to warrant Loki throwing him out of a window.

Villains for Minion Reform and Equality of the Enslaved
by Omnicat
Summary: It starts with that simplest act of villainy: tax fraud.

Shipper Wives (Like Sister Wives, But the Fun and Profit Goes Elsewhere)
by Omnicat
Summary: Sigyn and Nanna discover fanfiction. Specifically, Loki/Balder fanfiction. Said Loki and Balder are not amused.

Five Times Thor Failed to Bring Out the Jotun in Loki, and Once He Succeeded
by Omnicat
Summary: After the events of the movie, the brothers re-unite on Earth and Thor realises that he never got to see Loki's Jotun form. Something has to be done, of course!

Cursed! [Or, that one fic where Loki is a Disney Princess]
by somanyopentabs
Summary: For this prompt on the Thor kinkmeme: Loki hates Midgard so much. He hates it more than anything. This is because the small, darling animals of the forest flock to him. Bunnies, chipmunks, deer, mice... Once he even had a glory of unicorns following him about like lovestruck puppies. He does not know how to undo Dr. Strange's Disney Princess Curse but he would like it gone immediately. The musical numbers are particularly disturbing.

Loki the Evil Kitten
by sunshinetina
BBC Sherlock xover. John has bought a new pet for 221B. Sherlock does not like it at all.

Fight or Flyte
by theorytale
Summary: From a prompt at norsekink: Give me Loki seeking Tony out during battles just to finally have someone worthwhile to banter/flyte with. Which is all well and good until Tony breaks his arm.

Villains' Union

Control Issues
by galaxysoup
Summary: An archer, a rage monster, and the Norse god of mischief wake up in a field.

The Checklist
Loki follows the Evil Overlord list.

Loki Runway
by Xparrot
Summary: Loki hadn't been observed with a new scepter, and there had yet to be another alien invasion, but he was still a supervillain. SHIELD was on high alert for three months.
Which was when the new season of Project Runway started airing, and one of the designers strutting his stuff in the opening, boldly declaring, "I'll show you mortals how to make it work," set off every facial recognition program SHIELD had.

Touch screen
by lulamadison
Many touch screens rely on the user's having warm hands. Obviously as a frost giant this is a little difficult for Loki.

Loki's Libelous Lies Part II
Loki tells the Enquirer all about the Avengers.

Midgardian Smut
by LulaMadison
Summary: Loki discovers slashfic on the internet. Naturally, he uses it to annoy Thor, Tony and Steve.

Five Mistakes Loki Made (and One Time He Got Things Right)
by MarcusRowland
Summary: What If... Loki had done things differently. Five more ways things could have gone wrong, and one he might have succeeded. Avengers / multiple crossovers. All characters belong to their respective creators, there is no intent to infringe copyright.

5 Times Loki Tried To Seduce The Avengers For His Own Ends And One Time He Succeeded (Sorta)
by elarielf
Summary: Loki has a new spell! And a great idea! Nothing could possibly go wrong!
(Over and over and over again...)

The Checklist
by purplemoon3
Loki follows the Evil Overlord list.

Glorious Purr
by purplemoon3
In which AVENGERS goes far, far differently and Loki has grown himself cat ears and tail in the VOID.

Our Loki, No Touch! (gen)
Loki and the Avengers become frenemies.


Sometimes, we just want to see them bang each other.

Hug Therapy
by astolat
Summary: "I am hugging you," Thor explained. "That you may know I love you, despite your madness."

Better Than Ice Cream
by astolat
Summary: Loki was a thrice-cursed forked-tongue untrustworthy lying—

Golden Mouth
by tyrotheterrible
Summary: In which Thor is a bit more clever with words than he lets on.

Unreliable Narrator
by entanglednow
Summary: He wakes, and knows instantly that last night the battle was not his.

Spoils of War
by Fickle_Obsessions
Summary: A Jotunheim born-and-raised Loki becomes Thor's prize after a war with the frost giants. Thor is thoroughly smitten, which unfortunately means he's not too keen to take the slow route. No, the path Thor take has a lot more hair pulling and it's Loki doing the pulling.
Warning: noncon.

by astolat
Summary: Loki had imagined the pleasure of this moment a thousand times: the throne his, Asgard his, the Aesir at his feet and his brother kneeling before him.

Loki/Thor, Coulson+other members of SHIELD, (5 times)
Coulson/Nick Fury/other SHIELD agents have figured out that trying to explain to Thor and Loki that being on different teams means they can't be lovers is a lost cause. Really. And they wouldn't mind it so much (because it keeps them somewhat mellow...er) if they didn't have sex fucking everywhere. Honestly, you'd think they were trying to be walked in on the amount of times and places they've been caught.

Kiss Kiss
Loki is put under a curse and only the first kiss of true love will fix it.

by ofamaranthlie
Thor has always been physically stronger than Loki, and Loki finds that unbelievably hot.

apples, wolf's teeth, a weight against the fall
by Isagel
Summary: The one thing in all the realms that his trickery cannot shift, around which his magic cannot maneuver.

Like That
by lifeasacloud
Thor fucks Loki so long and so hard that Loki can't even speak or think straight, all he can do is moan like a bitch and every part of his body nearly goes limp except for his dick.

Loki accidentally discovers that Thor likes having his hair pulled. Loki proceeds to use it against him, of course.

Slapping Kink
Loki has a kink for being slapped.

The One Where Sex Ruins Loki's Life Forever
by phalangical
Frost Giants mate for life.

BDSM + Jotunn mistaken for Alpha/Omega

Won't Be Held Down by Who I Used to Be
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: Pre-Movie. Thor gives Mjölnir to Loki in order to level the playing field. Loki doesn't react the way he expects.

Skin Deep
by entanglednow
Summary: Thor does not like fighting with his brother.

Unforeseen Side Effects
by Fickle_Obsessions
Summary: In a quick effort to make Loki docile, the Tony Stark releases an experimental drug that only effects Asgardians. It gets Thor too, but hey, he had no choice. It works a little too well. Loki goes from trying to destroy the world to braiding Thor's hair as well as other things. Steve helpfully sticks around and clutches his pearls while Tony waits for the drug to wear off.

Wicked Games
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: Thor doesn't dare let go.

Playing Both Sides
by Asidian
Summary: There have been times when his brother, golden hair matted with blood, lies among the wreckage, and Loki watches only- does not mouth the words of a spell to finish him. There have been times when the man of iron falls to earth, metal scuffed and electricity fled, and Loki has turned from him, as well. He has not put an end to the ridiculously chivalrous captain, nor the green creature, nor the agents that work behind the scenes, pulling strings.
He is bored, the Liesmith tells himself. He is bored, and these games give him ways to pass the time. He wishes for a challenge- for something to split moments from the monstrous slab of eternity into something more memorable.

Murder to Excellence
by miikkaa_xx
Summary: Thor kills two men and takes the third as a prize. Spoilers for The Avengers.

Trapped In Yearning
by BeesKnees
Summary: Loki may only be a courtesan but he is nothing if not realistic. He has no place by a prince's side.

Body Language
by BeesKnees
Summary: Loki doesn't allow himself to be caught unless he wants to be.

Chances Lost
by marchingjaybird
Summary: Loki falls into old patterns again.

An Unexpected Confession As Seen By Tony Stark
by Dark_Lady_Devinity
Summary: for the Norse kinkmeme prompt: "During a battle with the Avengers, Loki confesses that he loves Thor. Awkward silence imminent." Fluff.

Of Barbarians and Scholars
by pastelfeathers
AU. Thor is a conquering barbarian, Loki a scholar seized as spoils of war.

He knows it's a trap.
A different take on their encounter in the prison hold.

Die a Little Longer
by tyrotheterrible
Summary: "Mustn't be rude, brother. Did our nursemaids never teach you manners?"

by Aria
Summary: Between one breath and the next, the spear is in Loki's hands, and before Thor can even finish speaking, Loki has pressed the spear's glowing point to Thor's chest, just above his heart.

His Idea of Punishment
by bloodsongs
Summary: How he'd crowed to himself when he'd first dragged Thor down with him with his persuasive kisses, the turn of his silver tongue as he'd beckoned Thor to his chambers. Loki'd been so proud of his malevolence, certain he'd gotten one over Thor, because when Thor touched him and fucked into him and groaned into his mouth over and over again through the dark nights, he was no longer the infallible, perfect son.

Marks on Your Soul
by BeesKnees
Summary: After Thor and Loki overthrow Odin, Loki seeks to remake them.

Like Rolling Thunder
by BeesKnees
Summary: Loki may be the one who is able to weave words together, but everyone likes listening to Thor.

It has become habit for Thor to seek his brother out after combat, to sate his battle-heightened lusts on his accommodating sibling.

Loki playing the vulnerable and fragile card in comparison to the mighty Thor. Thor knows his brother is strong and devious, but he'll be damned if he doesn't fall for the act every time.

Loki talks him into it; Thor is pretty but he isn't terribly smart and Loki is the father of lies, after all.
I'd love some consensual, happy sexing with Loki being toppy and his usual sneaky self.

Hammer Bondage
Like it says on the tin.

Shackled by Lightning
by silverlynxcat
Thor shocking Loki leading to and during sex.

to the ruler and the killer, baby
by miikkaa_xx
Summary: Loki knows what it feels to claim and be claimed all at once. (PWP!fic, with Loki's thought process.)

bloody boughs that bend unbroken
by hannibalisms
Summary: Thor has never wanted like he wants Loki right now, even though he never knew it, never thought about it, it was there, and there's nothing wrong here, never, not for them.

All This Mess
Based on this gif set.

by tyrotheterrible
Summary: "Norns curse you, I can't--I will skin you alive, I swear it, I will hang your entrails from the towers, I'll ohh--"

Through Coldest Storm
by Rebecca Hb (beckyh2112)
Summary: Getting caught in a spring storm on Jotunheim is bad enough. A young giant finding their camp makes it worse.

The Demons Came Rushing Out
by stereobone
Summary: Loki finds him first. Thor comes pouring down from the sky like an angry rain, hand outstretched to grab him, but Loki gets him first.

heavy in your hand
by kiyala
Summary: Loki turns himself into a copy of Mjölnir. Out of curiosity.

by copacetic
Summary: Loki is just looking for some warmth. And Thor puts off warmth like a bonfire.

the dread lord's throne
by circa1220bce
Summary: A satanic Thor worships the wrong horned god.

milk and honey
by kiyala
Summary: Thor and Loki are in their teens and just beginning to learn themselves. And, it would seem, each other. Shameless PWP with a touch of angst.

Filthy Secret
by lies_d
Summary: Thor gets falling-down drunk and pulls his brother into bed - an encounter which, if discovered, could ruin both of their lives.

the only thing
by kiyala
Summary: Thor, in his teens, knows exactly why he wants to spend so much time with his brother. It might be a bad idea, but that doesn't stop him.

by kiyala
Notes: Written for the kink meme prompt: Thor walks in on his brother riding one of the guards like a woman. He means to yell at him for demeaning the name of their family with his whore-like actions, but somehow the words never leave his lips and he is stood watching his younger brother expose a side of himself Thor has never seen before. — and then continued by request.

A Genuine Lie
by tinuelena
Summary: To end the teasing about his virginity and inability to find a relationship, Loki lies to Hogun and Fandral about having a girlfriend and tells them he's going to sleep with her that night. Realizing they'll want concrete proof, he goes to ask Thor-- the only person he trusts not to say a word-- to leave a mark on his neck. Thor actually agrees, and the brothers end up enjoying this more than they expect.

by black_nata
Summary: Thor gets gangbanged by his brother's clones.

the darkest corners of my mind are yours
by brodinsons (aeon_entwined)
Summary: Loki is brought back to Asgard for his trial. Thor tries to make sense of things along the way. It's the beginning of the end, really.

Morning After Dark
by miikkaa_xx
Summary: Thor has lived most of his life secretly loving his brother, and while they're not related by blood, he still feels guilty. Sometime after The Avengers, enter an injured and unconscious Loki on his doorstep, who wakes up needy, begging, and drugged out of his mind - wanting nothing more than for Thor to just give in.

In The Air Tonight
by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama)
Summary: But you can wipe off that grin -- I know where you've been. It's all been a pack of lies.

Through Coldest Storm
by beckyh2112
The Aesir prince Loki meets a Jotun named Thor.

BDSM smut by wantstobelieve

stars across his vision
Very short very hot PWP.

Thor and Loki get up to stuff right before Thor's coronation.

by illwynd
Summary: Loki hates it when Thor uses Mjolnir to pin him to the ground. Really hates it. Really.

It's Good to be King
by Moiraine
Summary: "Then rise," Loki quipped, "and let me serve you."

shared beds
by kiyala
Thor has a liking for sleeping in Loki's bed. The results are predictable.

Stand in the Conflagration
by Isagel
Notes: A little scene for lunesque, who asked for Thor/Loki bodyswap fic.

one small touch
by kiyala
Summary: Thor has sensitive nipples. Loki exploits this fact.

Summary: Fluffy Holiday fic. Together, Thor and Loki welcome the sun after the longest night.

by silverlynxcat
Thor/Loki. Semi-public sex.

Size kink
Prompt: When they were younger, Thor always managed to win their mock fights, even they were roughly the same size. But while Loki grows up into a tall and lean figure, Thor becomes a mountain of packed muscles. I want adult!Thor mock fighting adult!Loki and enjoying the fact that he hold both of Loki's wrists in one hand and pin him down simply by letting his weight rest on his younger sibiling.

Summary: Thor loses a bet. Loki collects his winnings - all night long.

by nonny
Summary: For once, Loki could boast fairly, "Did I not tell you your arrogance would be your undoing?"

Rend Mine Skin
by Salmon_Pink
Summary: There's a dark energy clinging to Thor's skin. A darkness that Loki means to exploit, a darkness he will see Thor succumb to. A darkness he will see turned on himself, as he coaxes at that which he has long since desired.

Sleeping Beauty
by illwynd
Summary: Sometimes Loki comes to Thor's bedroom at night when Thor is sleeping.

by dmnutv_archer
After Loki is taken back to Asgard.

Cradle me close
by Silverlynxcat
Summary: "Aye, but it is no surprise he drinks, for it is in honour of Thor! Mischievous he may be, but his admiration and love for his brother is unmatched!"

Next To Godliness
by keelywolfe
Summary: There were those would be delighted to greet a lover home from battle.

Strength In Warm Hands
by wartransmission
Summary: Norsekink prompt: Loki has a hand kink. Specifically, Thor's hands. He likes the size of them and the way they grip Mjölnir like it's the only thing in his life that he can truly depend on. Loki wants Thor's hands to treat him the same way. Except he wants bruises of his hands on his waist, he wants reddened handprints on his ass, he wants to feel his long, rough fingers inside him, stretching him open. (I think I'm getting carried away...) He just wants Thor's hands.

A Simple Bet
by somanyopentabs
Summary: Written for this prompt on norsekink: Loki prides himself on keeping his composure at all times. But there are two things that turn him on ridiculously fast: people pulling his hair and playing with his nipples. Thor learns this and uses it to his full advantage, watching his brother fall apart.

by tyrotheterrible
"He laves the bite mark wetly, laps up the welling red, summons the blue to his lips and blows."

by Nepherim
Summary: Set Just before Thor's coronation, based on one of the deleted scenes, Loki thinks about his relationship with his brother and how it will change with Thor's coronation. He is reluctant to let his brother go.

by fio
Summary: Loki rides Thor to mark him and make him his.

by tyrotheterrible
Summary: "'We do not have time for this,' Loki hisses, without any real bite to the words."

The Cracked Ice
by Ange_de_la_Mort
Thor takes quite desperate measures to get Loki naked.

The Weather Outside
by Moiraine
Summary: "Always you fight me," Thor said. "I'm beginning to think you enjoy it."

Untitled BDSM pron

Water in Mouth
Thor and Loki in the bath together.

Thor finally claims Loki

But your innocence is mine
by ohfreckle
Summary: Loki feels humiliated and lost after Thor brings him back to Asgard. Thor makes him see that he isn't.

Love to Please
Summary: Shameless porn so saccharine you may have a sugar overdose, but be that as it may, this is still rated NC-17

by tyrotheterrible
Summary: "He looks deliciously vulnerable, Loki thinks, smiling to himself as he toys with the dagger of ice formed in one deep indigo hand."

by dmnutv_archer
Summary: Loki holds Thor captive. How far will he go before Thor seizes back control?

As a Trickster Would
by thatgirlwiththebooks
Summary: "I will be the first man to kiss you...to bed you...whether you are willing or not, you will be mine, and mine alone, Thor, do you understand?"

Castle of Glass
by Andae
Summary: Loki Laufeyson, third son of the King of Jotunheim, had many brilliant ideas in his life, but sneaking into Asgard wasn't one of them.

Every Which Way But Healthy
by lunik_the_bard
Thor and Loki have lots of kinky sex.

Blood-Red Lips
by thatgirlwiththebooks
Summary: "You underestimate what I am willing to do for you. I have traveled between realms for you, I have fought city-leveling battles for you, I have done everything and I will do everything to get my Loki back from the dark corners of that twisted mind. You can try to use that famous silver tongue to spin your lies and tricks in my brain, tell me what I'm thinking, though you could not be more wrong about my love. You can try to kill me. You have tried to kill me, actually, but it matters not, because I love you. Do you understand?"

Coming Clean
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: In which Thor is an idiot, but Loki loves him anyway.

by blacktofade
Summary: Loki is trying to work, but Thor comes to help him take a break.

When the Centuries Unwind, We Will Still Be Here
by dreamlittleyo
Summary: Thor will always come for Loki.

tin hearts
by kiyala
Summary: Feelings are a weakness Thor cannot afford.

kisses are a better fate than wisdom
by cavaleira
Summary: It all starts with a simple kiss.

Love to Please
by impressivedebauchery
Summary: Shameless porn so saccharine you may have a sugar overdose, but be that as it may, this is still rated NC-17.

by jane_potter
Summary: Some would think that gagging Loki's silver tongue is not the way to make him be honest. Thor knows that it is exactly the way to make Loki be honest: the gag keeps him from lying, and then Thor's tongue coaxes the truth out of him.

you and me and the war at the end times
by Jenwryn
Summary: "Sister," says Thor, low and pleased. Sister, because Thor has always been easy with her, with the ebb and the flow that rests between her ribs and her pelvis.

Your Average Eclipse
by thomaswillhiddles
Summary: They could pretend hate and distaste all they wanted, but at the end, it would be as in that story mother used to read them before sleep when they were children.

Bitter Spoils
by rayemars
Summary: Everyone knows the rules of how spoils of war are to be treated; Thor Odinson is no exception. AU inspired by Kisu-no-Hi's beautiful wartrophy!Loki fanart.

War Trophy Loki
by beatingsofabesottedheart, illustrating kisu-no-hi's gorgeous art.

The Trade
by lies_d
When young Thor acquires a priceless book of magic, Loki wants it badly enough to offer his body in exchange for it... and Thor wants Loki badly enough to accept.

For You
by illwynd
Summary: One day, Thor realizes that he likes it when Loki tells him what to do.

Say You're Mine (Even If You Have To Lie)
[porn! very dub-con]

To Deny Our Bonds
by beckerbell
Summary: Loki works hard to deny the ties he has to those who love him. Unfortunately (fortunately), Thor doesn't accept that.

To Play with Fire When You Don't Know the Heat of It
by beckerbell
Summary: Loki cannot be expected to resist powerful magical objects that cross his path. And fate cannot be expected to not laugh in his face when he tries to steal them.

by black_nata
Summary: Asgardians, it seems, when deprived of their basic need to kill and destroy, are forced to find other ways to sate their bloodlust.

Hel-blár and Nár-fölr
by themantlingdark
Summary: In the end, they fought side by side, as one being - a scorpion – Thor its massive arms and Loki its swift-stinging tail. Jane was reminded of the twin brothers who always dominated doubles tennis.
And when Loki had unraveled Malekith's magic and mocked him to madness, the elf looked between his three foes and did a simple calculation.

Do You Trust Me?
by Velvedere
Summary: Yeah, just...imagine there's a plot in there somewhere...

Say My Name
by Velvedere
Summary: Loki issues Thor's biggest challenge: keeping quiet. (Inspired by...well, you know.)

by Velvedere
Summary: Avengers/Pacific Rim crossover, involving Loki's first drift with Thor.

by Velvedere
Summary: Thor learns at a young age he can use a little magic...and not well.

Bad Things
by thisdorkyficthing
True Blood-inspired AU.

drink the storm
by black_nata
Summary: Because Thor would never agree to this, no— not big, strong, dominant Thor, with the throne ripe for his taking and a thousand willing warriors ready to lay waste to the trickster if they ever knew what Loki asked of their future king.

Welcome The Thunder
by Arkada
Summary: Tony and Loki have invited Thor into a threesome with them, but neither of them is prepared for what Thor brings to it...

To Play with Fire When You Don't Know the Heat of It
by beckerbell
Summary: Loki cannot be expected to resist powerful magical objects that cross his path. And fate cannot be expected to not laugh in his face when he tries to steal them.

Twice Burned, Never Shy
by beckerbell
thor/loki, NSFW, some fem!loki, crossdressing, spanking, some dub-con, ~7,200 words

To Deny Our Bonds
by beckerbell
Summary: Loki works hard to deny the ties he has to those who love him. Unfortunately (fortunately), Thor doesn't accept that.

Temper is a Weapon We Hold by the Blade
by beckerbell
Summary: Rousing the ire of a Norse god is a weapon that does not always cut the way you expect it to.

For None Shall Strike You Down
by beckerbell
Summary: Somehow getting injured and narrowly escaping death doesn't really seem to be all that big of a deal when you're Norse gods. That doesn't mean Thor's not happy to see that Loki's well again. Very happy to see him well again.

Fire and Ice
by kuhekabir
Yes, he decided, his decision made. They would strike into the heart of Asgard like lightning: Unable to be predicted, harsh in its glory and without mercy.

I Was Never Sorry
by malacophilous
Summary: Thor has been strong and brave since he was very young, but has difficulty facing his own shortcomings and doubts; Loki is a master of deception, but is best at deceiving himself. Despite their differences, one thing seems to hold their tumultuous relationship together.

By Your Mouth Only
Summary: Original Prompt: Loki gets off on dirty talk, BIG TIME. Before he realizes he wants to hear it from Thor, he frequents the brothels in shadow just to listen in, but it's not filling the void because it's not Thor. When he realizes it's Thor he wants the sexual contact with, commence super dirty-talk-sex with Loki a writhing mess under Thor who has a serious potty mouth due to his visits to Midgard.

by astolat
Summary: Loki was speaking to him. "And I promise you, brother, you will beg me for mercy at last, before this day is out," he was saying, but the words scarce conveyed meaning.

by hannahrhen
Summary: Thor hesitates. Loki encourages.

Under Snow
by illwynd
Summary: Thor plans a hunting trip to Alfheim so he and his brother can spend some time together. However, Loki falls ill and a snowstorm traps them in an abandoned cabin. That wasn't part of the plan.


Loki/Thor is my OTP, but there's a lot of really good Loki/Tony Stark fic. Also check under the Mirrorverses category for GodOfMischief!Tony and GeniusBillionairePlayboyPhilanthropist!Loki.

Loki/Tony fan art

Like a Prayer
by Asidian
Summary: "Look, I know I'm not exactly the church on Sunday type," Tony breathed. "And maybe if I ever got in a confessional, it'd take the better part of a day to get through the whole list." He bent at the waist, all too conscious of the fact that the remaining armor was weighing him down. One hand found a rock- a pretty half-assed weapon, sure, but better than nothing if it came to that. And of course it was going to come to that. That was how his life worked. "But if any god's out there listening right now, it would be one hell of a chance to make me a believer."
A response came with startling immediacy, a whisper so near to his ear that he could feel the warm breath of the speaker. "Now, tell me. Is that an official prayer?" The voice was low and soft like dark silk, and if anything could have made this moment worse, it was recognizing who that voice belonged to- and then having his brain catch up and recognize who that voice belonged to. He and the universe, Tony Stark told himself, would have to have a little heart-to-heart about expectations.

All The Way Down
by icarus_chained
Loki intends to seduce Tony Stark.

Off the Record
by Hella
It started with a message, a late-night visit, and a God of Mischief in Tony's bed. A story of trust, trickery, unwilling aid and inevitable attraction.

Create a Diversion
by hannahrhen
Summary: Without the scepter, and with limited use of his magic, he'd have to groom--manipulate--seduce in the traditional ways.
What fortune, that: He was very good at the traditional ways.

tripping off the power
by intoalkaseltzer
Summary: Loki-won-AU. For the prompt, 'gaining the world but losing your soul.'

I've been everywhere
by melonbutterfly
Summary: For the prompt: "I just want to see Loki topping the hell out of Tony and describing everything he wants to do to him. Making Tony beg before he actually fucks him."

However Improbable
by Saucery
Summary: Tony attempts to eliminate the impossible - but the impossible very nearly eliminates him.

Shapers of Things
by icarus_chained
Summary: Mirrors, and blood, and gods forged of metal and magic, clawing forth from darkness

by icarus_chained
The human's hands are scarred.

by icarus_chained
Summary: Loki is broken and bitter and beautiful, fire and the ending of things. Loki is the end of them. In it's way, that's alright, too.
DARK. Apocalypse. Deathfic.

Light Deceiver
by BeesKnees
SHIELD discovers Loki and Tony are in a relationship and decide to have Tony executed as a traitor. Loki reminds SHIELD of their place.

lost in translation
by intoalkaseltzer
Summary: SHIELD has managed to capture and imprison Loki. Thanks to Tony, Loki's breakout scheme gets creative.

Daring You For Anything
Author: Nakmochiku
Summary: Tony is nothing but provocation.

by Nakimochiku
Summary: Loki wears an armour of permafrost, and Tony wants nothing more than to thaw him out.

Benevolence, Malevolence
Author: Nakimochiku
Summary: Loki has never been known as a kind god.

by Meteora

my life with the thrill kill cult
by calicokat
One heart can hold hatred, lust, devotion and fear, whether the heart of a human or of a god.

holding the universe together
by minarchy
Summary: Tony moved away, turning to head out of the living room and leave Loki behind; a flicker, and his image was sliding across every reflective surface, caught in them as if Loki was truly in the room. Tony could see him on the gleam on the metal rails surrounding the staircase, and in the glass of the tabletop, and in the sheen of the coffee maker as he passed through the kitchen.

and skin remembers
by minarchy
Summary: Loki can see his pulse jumping in his neck in the glow from the arc reactor, and Tony stares at him like he wants to devour him and everything he is and Loki may have been alive for millenia but he doesn't know what to do with that.

touched on a thousand subjects
by minarchy
Summary: Tony knew that he probably looked worse than death, sitting at the island in ancient, dilapidated jogging trousers that only came out of the closet when he was ill, and his old college t-shirt. The elastic had gone from the collar, and he felt the gentle breeze that JARVIS had created slip down over his chest, drying the sweat that kept beading as he bit down on the pain. Pepper would most definitely not approve.

overlap sundials with your shadows
by minarchy
Summary: "Because," Loki said, his voice impassive and even, as if he was commenting on the weather, "otherwise I'm going to ride you whilst you're driving, and that steering wheel was not built to provide a comfortable backrest."

by Sawuhs
This is a story of Tony, this is a story of Loki. This is how Tony falls in love, this is how Loki doesn't (does) fall in love, this is how Thor doesn't fall in love, this is how Tony falls apart, this is how Tony falls apart again and again, this is how Loki shows his love, this is how Tony breaks, this is how Thor saves him, and this is how stories can be told.
Loki/Thor, Loki/Tony, Thor/Tony, Thor/Loki/Tony

Ever After
by Sawuhs
Because life is always a series of outcomes, and every story has a different ending. In here, every chapter tells a different story. You've been warned.

by paxlux
Summary: The timeline starts in a fall of glass. There's a staggering loss of gravity as Tony stares up at the suddenly blue sky.

An Acquired Taste
by Hella
Summary: Loki never did get that drink.

The Value of Words
by CitiesandDust
Summary: He thinks he might die for a few seconds while he falls; with arms outstretched and pavement closing in fast. He thinks the suit won't be fast enough and wonders briefly if this is what it's like to really fly.
5 times Tony sort of worries about dying.

all just trying to be holy
by Verbyna
Summary: There is no throne for Loki, and Tony's predictions are grim, but they are set in their paths and they will tear down a world to prove they weren't wrong in their choices.

We Looked Like Giants
by Sawuhs
Summary: A song-fic in which Tony and Loki have a hidden relationship which is eventually found out, and, well.

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings... and a villian is born
by Graceful_Storyteller
Summary: What would have happened in the Iron Man movie if Loki had saved Tony and convinced him to become a villain.

The potential you'll be (that you'll never see)
by heyjudesie
Summary: Loki has an army, and so much malice in his heart. Tony has liquor, and Loki bent over his bar. They both have the lies that they tell, themselves and everyone else.

by Hella
Summary: Loki always was quick to catch onto a lie.

by Hella
Summary: The smouldering beauty that Tony Stark keeps hooking up with at the bar has a surprise up her sleeve.

our jagged truths
by kyrilu
Summary: In which Anthony Stark and Loki Liesmith are drawn to each other from the very beginning.

by stereobone
Summary: Tony doesn't know anything about love. He's convinced himself it's for the best.

by Storynerd
Summary: Tony Stark shouldn't find Loki fascinating, but he does, because all he's ever wanted to do is take things apart to see how they work. Besides, he's never been any good at following the rules.

Tricks of the Trade
by Like_a_Hurricane
Description: A series of exchanges between a pair of talented showmen: mutual torment of a verbose nature, unexpected gifts, and the peculiar honesty of a pair of craftsmen proud of their own work, and willing to admit admiration of another's. Also featuring: Loki talking his way out of incarceration, Tony Stark making reckless business decisions on a whim, Nick Fury's distaste for magic, and much much more.

by kyrilu
Summary: Tony knows what this is. It's palladium fucking palladium weighing down on a manufactured heart.

A Beautiful Mind
by Graceful_Storyteller
Summary: Loki has always been a great appreciator of beauty. It galls him to no end that this facet of his character is now drawing him to a mortal. Even so, he can't quite resist. The mind of Tony Stark is indisputably a thing of beauty, and Loki covets that utter brilliance. Thor can have his damned lightning, it's the creative fire of Stark that Loki would rather have tamed to his hand. Bonus points if he actually pulls it off.

5 Kisses
by Graceful_Storyteller
Summary: A kiss on the nose, forehead, eyes, mouth and cheek.

by RetardedCookie
Summary: Some mornings, Tony wakes up and he cannot believe Loki's right there.
And then he remembers, grudgingly, that he has, maybe, on some stupid level, those sons of bitches to thank for the way things turned out.

Cold Curses
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: A Beauty and the Beast AU (I know, I know, but hear me out)
Set in a world only vaguely akin to Earth-616 in the 1600s. Steampunk with no steam, dialed back 200 years, with technology advanced by practical magic and the Marvel "Age of Heroes" from Marvel 1602. Historical accuracy: do not expect much of it.

Sufficiently Advanced Romance
by Anonymous
Summary: "You messed with Jarvis, prepare to die."

Inviting Arrays of Masks
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: A guest at one of Tony Stark's parties catches Natasha's eye: a lady dressed in black, so secretive even S.H.I.E.L.D.'s facial-recognition software and myriad archives are unable to identify her. The Black Widow is suspicious and curious; the feeling seems quite mutual.

Missing You
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: A little vignette of a scene, in response to the succinct prompt, "fem!Tony/fem!Loki (I said I'd write the first 8 prompts I got from folk on Tumblr. You knew there was bound to be crack.)
Loki returns from a long absence with a few ideas, and a guise Toni hasn't seen the trickster wear before.

Of Plans Gone Awry
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: Set in a universe fairly similar to the Hellboy comics, with a hint of greek mythology and themes from the movie Labyrinth thrown in. Somehow: not crack. Tony Stark is a mad inventor working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense with a tendency to be reckless on missions in the field. Loki is an easily bored Fey prince from an obscure kingdom Alfheim. They both have poor timing insofar as romantic developments.

by BeesKnees
Summary: Multiple Lokis. One Tony. What else could he ask for?

in another country (people die)
by pprfaith
Summary: "The world is not your playground, Stark!" Fury yells at him one time, after he maybe brings down a building or two and Tony just laughs because, seriously, yes it is.

we are figurines
by callunavulgari
Summary: "You sure you don't want that drink?" Toni asks. "'Cause the thing is, I'd really rather this end with scotch and sex rather than you trying to take over the planet."

by PaxieAmor
Summary: Five times Toni couldn't figure out the taste of the Trickster Goddess and the one time she did.

let slip your voice
by wolfinglet
Summary: Written for the prompt "Loki talks in his sleep." An AU where Loki is the chosen child, the destined prince, and Thor is the outcast, the lost. Tony gives Loki what he can.

by icarus_chained
Summary: A set of five microfics, Avengers with a touch of Norse myth. Tony/Loki (and a touch of Hel), from a point where they've been captured together onwards.

Das Ende der Welt; Das Ende unserer Welt
by lilacpapillon
Summary: In which Agent A. Stark (codename: Iron Man) and his fellow SHIELD authority agents are on the hunt for a man who has committed fratricide, patricide, and various other crimes. The culprit in question just so happens to be the stepbrother of one of his close co-workers…and also a particularly memorable one-night stand partner that Stark finds himself gun-to-gun with the second time they meet.

Making a Point
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: Response to a prompt: "Something with the press finding out about Tony & Loki? ... I'd just like to see the public's reaction, and the Avengers' reaction to that."

Loki and Toni's Excellent Adventure in World Saving
by pprfaith & reena_jenkins
Summary: In which Loki and Toni try to save the world, Steve is obnoxious, Clint has no patience for artsy movies and there are cupcakes. And issues.

That Solo's Awful Long, But It's A Good Refrain
by disarmed
Summary: Loki ends up taking the offer of a drink by one Tony Stark, but neither of them ever thought it would lead to something like this. (Tony can see the desperation in Loki's eyes. Knows the pain that is there behind them. He and Loki are not that different, thinks Tony, and it registers that this is not the first time he's thought this.)

Small Favors
by heavensailor
Summary: Loki deals in the currency of favors, not morals, and Tony has a dangerously addictive personality. It's a game they play, arousing one moment and deadly the next, and Tony becomes afraid he won't escape.

Sometimes, You Do (Want The Things You Shouldn't)
by disarmed
Summary: Everyone tells Tony he shouldn't be sleeping with one of S.H.I.E.L.D's most-wanted criminals. Tony's never been great at doing what he's told. Sometimes, though, you should take someone's advice - especially when it's your life on the life.

Forged of Ice and Iron
by azerblazer
Loki wakes to a cave, manages to create a friendship with Tony Stark that neither of them talk about, and eventually follows him back home when the whole terrorist kidnapping business is done with.

by TheHummingbirdMoth
Summary: Asgardians had achieved eternal life and interdimensional portals, why the hell didn't they have cars?
Not actually Frostiron, but the two characters onstage are Tony and Loki, so close enough.

Tony and Loki have a one night stand. Neither think anything of it until Loki shows up and announces (in front of the avengers/Thor) that he is pregnant and Tony is the Baby Daddy. Thor flips his shit. Being the protective Big brother he is, he demands Tony marries Loki (Whether they want to or not) Hilarity ensues.

Performance Issues
by verizonhorizon
Summary: Tony Stark's very presence is intoxicating. Or, the one in which Tony's arc reactor makes Loki drunk.

Force of Nature
by Lachwen
After the fall, Loki is found by perhaps the one being on Earth with the issues and intellect to match his own. Tony Stark, meet Loki Odinson. The world and the Avengers will never be the same.

Ruling with an iron fist
Mortals were born to be ruled. Top!Loki.

In-Between Places
by keelywolfe

JARVIS, glorified baby-sitter
by melonbutterfly
Summary: "Sir, I would like for it to go on record that I tried to stop it," JARVIS says completely out of the blue.

Parents and Children
by melonbutterfly
Summary: Loki wants to meet Tony's children.

Accidental Marriage Trilogy
by melonbutterfly
Summary: Tony wakes up and finds himself married. To Loki. Things don't really go according to anybody's plan thereafter.

How Twilight would have gone if Bella had had an overprotective Asgardian brother
by melonbutterfly
Summary: The one time Tony wants for Loki to have ulterior motives, he doesn't. Neither does he really need protection, but he asks for it anyway, and there are ulterior motives involved, but not where it counts.

by melonbutterfly
Wherein Tony is part of a diplomatic contingent leading negotiations between Midgard and Asgard. And he does... negotiate something between himself and a certain prince.

by Frostiron_OTP
Summary: It was like drowning, when Loki kissed you.

Author: lokifan
Summary: Tony doesn't have the suit. His only remaining superpower is SEX.
Warnings: face-slapping

Getting Along Nicely
by ClarySage
Summary: Will a jet fit through a drive-thru? Would Loki eat a Popsicle for five million dollars? Will Tony ever get his mind out of the gutter, and will Loki let him?
Probably not.

even gods bleed
by itallstartedwithdefenestration
Summary: "This is how Tony, over the course of two months, two weeks, and five days, begins to slowly start to understand that he and Loki are really just two sides of the same coin. Looking at Loki, and the way he acts, the way he speaks, is like looking in a mirror, except the mirror's cracked on one side."

Ten Reasons Tony Loves Loki
by ClarySage

Ice and Dust and Light
by hannahrhen
Loki and Tony Stark negotiate a relationship after an accidental pregnancy (and this author's completely accidental mpreg!). Highlights include sweetness, angst, Thor being an adult, and, of course, copious amounts of lust.

The Thing
by melonbutterfly
Summary: Tony once killed a goldfish; that was the beginning and end of his brief career as a pet owner. He just doesn't like things that depend on him and that he can't switch off.
And then his boyfriend falls in love with a cat. That he picked up from the street, no less.

And time will give us nothing
by melonbutterfly
Summary: Depending on from which universe you count, it's either 559 hours or 23,280 hours before Tony returns this time around. He's not alone.

The Saga of Hug Fortress
by theorytale
Loki is unstable. Tony is a genius. Together, they fight crime still don't like each other very much. There might be some benefit in alternative tactics.
Webmistress's note: No Frostiron yet except a little UST, but apparently there will be some in later installments.

The Birds and the Bees
by theorytale
Tony and Loki have a kid together.

by Sapphy
Summary: Tony has a table, hidden away in the very depths of JARVIS' hard-drive, listing the pros and cons of his relationship with Loki. In the early days it was constantly being updated, 'he's homicidal' being balanced against 'he's beautiful', 'he's insane' against 'he's brilliant'. But once 'I love him' had been added to the pro column, he'd decided it was stupid to keep updating it. Nothing was going to persuade him to give up what he had.

Denial Is Most Certainly Not A River In Egypt
by laughingalonewithducks
Summary: Loki likes to think he is a perfectly sane, stable individual.
Loki likes to think he is only staying with the Avengers to scout out possible weaknesses.
Loki also likes to think that, insofar as romance is concerned, he is nothing like his brother.

Human AU. Loki and Tony are business rivals.

Honey or Tar
by stereobone
Summary: You know what they say about the devil--he comes in many forms.

To Burn The Horizon
by CourtJester01
Summary: Starting at the end of "Iron Man 2" and running slightly AU-ish from there: a (long) look at how things might have been different for Tony if he'd let Pepper walk away at the end of IM2, how the world just seems to hate Tony sometimes, and how Loki figures into the whole picture.

Paternal Bonds
by melonbutterfly
At the core of it, despite all superficial differences, both Tony and Loki are fathers.

Dance Like You're the God of Chaos
by somanyopentabs
Summary: Written for this prompt on norsekink: Tony catches Loki partying in a gay club. Bonus points if Loki is already halfway-wasted and is dirty-dancing with ooh, many people.

Vanity Fair
by seizure7
Tony finds out just how big of a diva Loki is.

Unspeakable Company
by seizure7
Lovecraft crossover.

Scenes From The Beginning
by hannahrhen
A series of moments as Tony tries to understand and comes to appreciate how he--how they--ended up in this.

A Deal
by melonbutterfly
Summary: Tony always gets what he wants. This is only the first step in his plan.

Could Not Stop for Death
by Vera
Tony just wanted to retire. He was tired, ready to lay down his arms, but then an old enemy abducts him and leads him through a series of revelations that end somewhere unexpected.

Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall
by tigriswolf
Summary: See, the thing is, the thing Tony will never admit to anyone (until he does), is that if he made himself a god, just for him, perfect and broken, to fit in all his shattered places - it would be Loki.

I chased you around a figure eight
by uumiho
Summary: Tony isn't very good at doing things she should, technically, do.
FrostIron, starring Genderbent Tony and Lady Loki.

As Before (I Went Under)
by Hella
Summary: Mortality means little to a god. Or does it? After Loki is carelessly snatched back from the brink of death, Tony begins to notice that their old enemy is starting to slip a little.

An Ever-Fixed Mark
by hannahrhen
Summary: Tony was forty-one when Loki stood before him, an apple cupped in a single palm, watching him carefully.

Best (Worst) Possible Time
by melonbutterfly
Wherein Tony is a Guide who has (not) been waiting (anymore) for his Sentinel all his life. It turns out to be Loki.

how to save the world without armor
Loki is hella touch-starved. Tony accidentally touches him and he goes all gooey and cat-purry and Tony's a little bit frightened. But hey, now Loki's kind of guaranteed not to kill him, and Tony can comfortably pet Loki's hair and hold a glass of bourbon at the same time.

Lead Me Not into Temptation; I Can Find the Way Myself
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: When something ripped a hole in time and space, flavored with a hint of death, shards of the machinations responsible for it fell into the distortion. One shard did land on earth, and Tony nicked it from a friend's lab. The event that followed led someone to him, god or devil, possibly both, who found the mad inventor half-dead in a cave tearing palladium out of missiles. The god or devil, Loki of Asgard, eventually offered him a deal. From there temptation, damnation, and lack of any care for redemption, began to weave tangled webs around both parties, complicating matters considerably.

God Loves his Children
by Enk
Summary: Two years after New York, Tony doesn't think anything about Loki could surprise him. He is very wrong.

Use Your Inside Voice, Tony Stark
by hannahrhen
Summary: Loki Silvertongue and Tony of the Platinum meet on a rooftop in an epic battle. Their weapons? Only shared lust and their delightfully perverse imaginations.

If And Only If
by FelicityGS
Description: What happens when a cycle is broken?
A series of explorations in an AU where Tony still becomes Iron Man, Thor still eventually gets a hammer, and the Avengers still happens--though a bit differently than the movie. At the center of the whole chaotic mess is Loki, who lives and breathes math, sees the world in terms of lines, curves, emotes in terms of equations, and whose presence is a variable that changes and alters everything.

Trickster's Proposition
by Runic
Summary: Tony is not surprised when the Norse God of Mischief appears in his lab. Hephaestus had told him the Trickster would likely show up at some point.

Let's Make a Deal
by Runic
Summary: "Please tell me you are going to appeal to my humanity."
"Actually I'm planning on offering you a deal."

Running On Empty
by ClarySage
Summary: Tony and Loki go shopping after staying up for days.

Sex Magic
by hannahren
Tony wakes up in a dungeon. He needs an escape. Loki needs ... ingredients. Things get dirty.

A constant reminder
by Skoll
Soulmates, these days, are only stories; as everyone knows, soulmates just stopped existing, suddenly, about a thousand years ago. These days, nobody's born with the name of the person meant for them on their skin, and the closest most people get to soulmates is picking up a bad harlequin romance about them at their local bookstores.

Seven Devils
by Skoll
Loki, after his return to Earth, decides the Avengers are amusing to toy with; Tony, after Loki's fucked with him one time too many, decides that he's going to understand the trickster god if it's the last thing he does; both of them think they have the situation under control.
One of them has to be wrong.

Norse god!Tony
by Skoll
In which Tony Stark has always just been Stark, the Norse god of Iron, and he and Loki have known each other since they were children. This changes things slightly.

Prince of Asgard
by MatrixFairy
Summary: "Thor! Let my people go!"
The jotun are slaves under the aesir and Loki was found in a basket on the river.

Hold With Those Who Favor Fire
by rusting_roses
Summary: Tony takes home a woman he met in a bar. Loki lets Tony take him home. Both of them fail in expecting the unexpected.

Divine Yet Fallible
by Graceful_Storyteller Summary: Even now, after everything he has been through, Steve can still remember the prayers his mother taught him as a child.
In which worship of the Norse gods is the world's main religion and Steve is a true believer.
Tony/Loki, Steve/Thor

Perchance to Dream
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: A force that the Avengers can neither identify or trace seems intent upon stealing the souls of earth's most powerful magic users, and even a few telepaths. One of the earliest casualties, and the only one whose soul managed to prove trackable and retrievable, is Loki Lie-Smith, now unconscious in the medical wing of Avengers tower. He may not wake up, or he might be faking his coma altogether––he's certainly fooled them before. Tony comes up with a rather radical solution that he keeps calling a Holo-deck, and comparing to the Matrix, but he seems to be the only one who thinks it's a good idea.

by notkingyet
Summary: self–abuse
noun \-ə-ˈbyüs\
1: reproach of oneself
2: masturbation
3: abuse of one's body or health

Bound By Symmetry
by dfotw
Summary: Loki's sceptre strikes Tony an inch to the right of the arc reactor. Now Loki has his flying monkey... or does he?

Cryptonomicon in Practical Application (In Pursuit of a Decreased Variable 'S')
by cerebel
Summary: In which Tony is a codebreaker, and Loki interrupts his perfected routine by having the gall to be a Nazi defector.

fear and loathing
by StarkRevelations
Summary: The only problem was that Tony refused to trust Loki.
He would admit that the situation took his interest. He would admit that Loki took his interest. He didn't mind the idea of letting people know the whole magic idea intrigued him, and that he wanted to know more. He wanted to know what Loki had said to Thor, he wanted to know why Loki kept giving Tony specifically the evil side-eyes. He wanted to know about Loki.
But he did not want to trust him.

by Evandar
Summary: Oneshot. An experiment with his new arc reacter goes wrong, leaving Tony stranded on Asgard where he is both aided and distracted by the beautiful Prince Loki.

by Evandar
Summary: It's a bad idea, and Loki deserves more than to be his rebound, but why exactly haven't they done this before?

The Marriage of True Minds
by hannahrhen
Tony was A-OK with being labeled "Midgard's finest" ... until it meant being offered up in marriage to a wackjob God of Mischief.

The Liars Alliance
Author: Nakimochiku
Characters/Pairings: Loki/Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Thor, Odin
Summary: Asgard and Midgard agree to a peace treaty through marriage. Tony is willing to make it work. Loki is less than pleased.

Feeling Devious
Author: Carnen
Pepper/Tony/Loki. Frozen pizza. Mostly fluff.

Avengers: Dark and Twisted
by IBegToDreamAndDiffer
Summary: The Avengers took their time figuring out that Tony wasn't the hero they all thought he was. Not that Tony cares; this is where the real fun begins.

A Fool's Errand
by RoseApprentice
Summary: Loki's mind is beautiful and full of traps. No one should ever go there alone, but Tony has a job to do. And like anything that could get him killed, this might just be fun. Assumes pre-existing Frostiron, but also works as Tony & Loki friendship.

How Tony likes it
by melonbutterfly
Summary: Tony deserves somebody like Loki.

A Lesson in Jotun Sexuality
by shannonknits
Summary: Loki had tried to explain what exactly going into heat entailed once, but Tony only caught bits and pieces of the explanation, too distracted by the sight of Loki's fingers buried in his own ass. But Tony didn't need details, he knew exactly how to handle a sex-desperate Loki when presented with one.

Welcome The Thunder
by Arkada
Summary: Tony and Loki have invited Thor into a threesome with them, but neither of them is prepared for what Thor brings to it...

A Careful Unfolding
by icarus_chained
Summary: Tony and Loki and the slow development of an understanding, from spiteful challenges to honest questions. Five prompt ficlets.

The Promised Land
by CalamityCain
Summary: Tales of the hunt, and the games lovers play when all of eternity stretches before them.

by Arkada
Summary: Tony's less of an Avenger and more of an Avenger for hire - and that means his services are available to anyone who can pay the price. So when Loki shows up and asks for a consultation, it'd just be bad practice to turn him down.

by Arkada
Summary: In leather and armor, Loki's powerful, impressive, and commanding.
Naked and chained to the bed, he's something else entirely.

A Matter of Claim
by Like_a_Hurricane
Tony defends Loki in Asgardian court.

Life (is sweet)
by sawuhs
Summary: Everyone has a beginning to their stories, everyone always will. And Loki, he's paid millions to be fucked (and he counts by the hour quarters, loves), they all know him. They know his name, he's been on headlines, and everyone who has the money, they. They want some, they want some, and they want themselves some Loki. And Loki, he says, sure, boys and girls, just show me the money.

The One Where Tony's a Woman
by Mythdefied
Summary: The problem with moving all the Avengers into the (former) Stark Tower, is that Tony forgets they're there.

Powers and Principalities
by Filigree
Summary: Jarvis is a scheming schemer who schemes, but he loves Tony very much. Loki doesn't stand a chance.

Looking for Trouble
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: Loki is an elder vampire who wasn't even human before being bitten. Tony Stark goes looking for trouble.

Darcy & Loki

This category includes gen about Darcy and Loki as well as het.

Under Ether
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: Loki is captured by SHIELD and deemed not fit to be left alone while on painkillers and in handcuffs. Now he's Darcy's problem.

The Girl Who Was Happy And The Giant Who Was Not
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: Once upon a time there was a girl who was happy and thought she knew how to remain so. And there was a giant who was miserable and thought he knew the way to happiness. They were both wrong. Darcy/Loki.

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
by lilibel
Summary: The battle is over, Loki has won. Now, if only Darcy could understand what he has to offer.

Sympathy for the Devil
by errantcomment
Loki wants to court Darcy. Darcy does not want to court Loki. Loki tries to court her anyway, with a distinctive Norse twist of his own...

Darcy cycle
by Aria
A long time ago, when they were locked away, Loki promised they would escape at the end of the world.

Helheim Is Nice This Time Of Year
by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Summary: Everything was fine until the day it all went straight to hell. Naturally, it was all Loki's fault.
In which Darcy is actually Hel, and having a damn conscience is bad for her self-preservation instincts.

Loki's Brood
by Lunik the Bard
Darcy is Hel. Coulson is Fenrir. Fury is Jormungand.

Unlikely Team-Up
Prompt: Loki is captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and his magic blocked. A major threat hits (aliens, another villain, zombies, whatever floats your boat), all hell breaks loose at the base and on a global level, it's every man for himself. Through whatever circumstances you see fit Darcy teams up with Loki for survival.

Pranking the God of Pranks and Other Tales
by AristoKitty
Summary: Darcy managed to make an impression with something as simple as a shaken coke can. Surely something that simple won't make a lasting impression. Right?

by smaragdbird
Pairing: Darcy/Loki
Warnings: death, apocalypse
Summary: This is the end of everything. Here they are the same.

so he won't break
by hariboo
Summary: Darcy thinks Loki needs a friend, that you know, isn't still super angry at him.

And Begin Again
by Sigridhr
Summary: There's Darcy, and then there's his Darcy. The one he sees when she thinks no-one's looking.

The Best Laid Plans, or, How Darcy Took Action, Got Her Man, and Accidentally Ended the World
by Sigridhr
Darcy sees Loki at a Shield party, and ever since she makes (failed) attempts to get him to notice her.

by Sigridhr
Summary: When Loki goes to make good on his promise to pay Jane Foster a little visit, he doesn't gamble on Darcy's interference. Now Darcy's got the magic stick, Loki's a mindslave, and Thor isn't really sure he's comfortable with this.

Hide Me Away and Find Me Again
by illwynd
In which Loki gives birth in a seedy motel room, Darcy develops a reputation, and Thor comes up with an unusual solution.

The Haunting
by Sigridhr
Summary: Loki accidentally picks up a cursed necklace. The curse doesn't turn out at all like he expects.

For Mischief and Science
by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Summary: Girl!Loki, apparently having gotten herself all comfortable, smiles up at Darcy with a sunny, benevolent expression that is almost creepier than Loki's usual creeper smile. But only almost. Nothing quite trumps the 'hello, I will be your serial killer for today!' smile.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World
by fudebusho
Summary: Loki wants to rule the world via the power of the Tesseract. Unfortunately, he hasn't really thought it through.
Darcy Lewis wants to save the world via the power of Political Science. Unfortunately, she hasn't really thought it through.

In which Darcy wears sheepskin
by kes (Kes)
Summary: Back when politics looked like the way to power, she studied that. Then Thor fell out of the sky and into Jane's arms, and Darcy saw that there were more kinds of power, kinds that weren't confined to one country or even one world. She wanted it.
(Darcy is an emergent supervillain, and goes looking for power and influence through Asgardian magic.)


by Lise
Summary: Loki vs. Natasha, round two. In which there is no clear winner, and everyone involved is a little (more than a little) fucked up.

Untitled Loki/Natasha femdom
by beckerbell
Mention of Thorki.

Loki/Natasha, Natasha knocks Loki up
Like it says on the tin.

Inviting Arrays of Masks
by Like_a_Hurricane
Summary: A guest at one of Tony Stark's parties catches Natasha's eye: a lady dressed in black, so secretive even S.H.I.E.L.D.'s facial-recognition software and myriad archives are unable to identify her. The Black Widow is suspicious and curious; the feeling seems quite mutual.

At Rest
by sinemoras09
Summary: What you cannot imagine, I shall be that. (Loki infiltrates SHIELD. Lady Loki/Natasha, Loki/Thor)

Ball & Chain
by tristesses
Natasha and Loki play games. Some of them have safewords. Most don't.

Bro-hood and Other Drugs
by Lunik the Bard
Summary: Plenty of people get themselves blackout drunk and wake up with an unexpected husband. It's embarrassing but it happens. Natasha is trying to figure out how she could have ended up with an unexpected brother.
Loki & Natasha gen.

Divine Intervention
by madcat_33
Prompt: In mythology, it isn't unusual for a god to favor and assist a mortal. Once Loki, the Liesmith; the trickster god, finds out that he has been lied to; has been fooled, he becomes Natasha's "patron god", either willingly or through some godly obligation. Genfic or het doesn't matter, but I'd love it if Natasha has to make a "sacrifice" or pull a really awesome prank in order to call upon Loki's magic.

Loki/Steve or Loki & Steve

Per Aspera Ad Astra
by FelicityGS
This is an on-going series that is an exploration of Steve getting to know Loki and Loki starting to trust someone for the first time in a while.

What Happens in Alfheim... Stays with You the Rest of Your Natural Born Life
by startrekfanwriter
Summary: Steve Rogers, isn't used to seeing the naked woman crying next to him in this form. But he does recognize her. "Um, Loki," he says. "You okay?"

Supervillain Honeymoon
by Potboy
Summary: Follows on from StarTrekFanWriter's "What Happens in Alfheim...Stays with You the Rest of Your Natural Born Life" which itself follows on from my "A Kindness Repaid."
In which, following their surprise marriage in Alfheim, Steve has to introduce the Avengers to his new wife, and Lady Loki has to set her mind at rest about the consequences of a certain broken vow.

Remember This Cold
by Lise
Steve has no idea how he got into this, or what "this" is, or how long it's going to last. The continuing adventures of Captain America's weird pseudo-friendship with Loki Laufeyson. Or something.

A Study in Francophonic Figures and Running Jokes
by Carnen
Summary: Loki has modeled for many artists over the years. When Steve asks Loki to model for him, it doesn't go quite the way Steve expects.
Steve & Loki friendship.

Remember This Cold
by Lise
Summary: It's not exactly how Steve was planning to spend his time.


Trickster's Gambit
by Andartha
Summary: He thought he was ready to pick up the pieces. He thought he was ready to go back. But something isn't right. What has the Trickster left behind? And is the game really over?

by tigriswolf
Loki/Clint. An unconnected collection where Clint Barton either returns to Loki or never actually left him.

I alternate treading water and deadman's float
by tigriswolf
Summary: Truth or dare with superheroes (geniuses and science experiments and a monster and a god and a self-destructing drunk and the Black Widow) who saved the world. What could go wrong?
Implied possible past Clint/Loki.

When I Say Jump
by lc2l
Summary: One minute Clint's reaching for his gun to stop Loki stealing the Tesseract, the next he's shooting Fury and taking it. Easy as switching sides.

too blue
by tigriswolf
Summary: It takes months before the survivors stop side-eying him ... His eyes are too blue.


Across Stars
by Memlu
Summary: Sif has hunted him far and wide. When she finally has Loki, what will she do?

The Marks on Your Skin
by Operamatic
Summary: Sif has taken a mark in ink.

A Courtship
by nev_longbottom
Summary: Loki thinks Sif is going to kill him. Sif thinks Loki understands what she's doing. Thor doesn't get it.

take this wine and drink with me (let's delay our misery)
by cicer
Summary: Odin has decreed that Loki must marry. But he never said she had to marry a man.

by reachexceedinggrasp
So, this is Sif and Loki (and Thor, of course) and Growing Up Asgardian, because there is this constant tension between Sif and Loki that I think is more complicated than mutual dislike.

these speak her wonderful
by glamaphonic
Summary: Sif's lady is fickle and sly.

All the Reasons I Gave
by glamaphonic
Summary: I alone know, as I think I do know, / your love beside Thor, / and that was the wicked Loki.

you would not feel sadness if you've never tasted joy
by calicokat
Summary: The crucible in which the God of Mischief and Goddess of War's passions burn produces both alloys and slag.


The Masochism Tango
by Lise

by Lunik
Summary: So, according to the comics, Thor has a habit of bursting into Loki's bedroom uninvited. And Loki has a habit of being casually chained to his wife. Both of these thing deserve to be taken out of context.

Mating Rituals
by Omnicat
Summary: Every time Loki tries to say "Will you marry me?" he instead says "I want to bear your children". It's getting to be a little disconcerting.
Loki/Jane Foster

for the sea like navy men
by pprfaith
Summary: They kind of wake up married, but not in Vegas.

by pprfaith
Summary: Immortality takes a lot of work, apparently, or so Buffy learns.

Had I The Heavens
by purplemoon3
[Eventual Loki/Jane]


The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen
Evil!Frigga is scheming to seize Odin's throne.

Six Time Frigga Was There for Her Boys and One Time They Were There for Her

Few So Generous
by galaxysoup
Summary: After Odin falls into the Odinsleep, Frigga takes up her husband's spear and the rule of Asgard.

by SkiesOverGideon
Frigga loves Loki. He will always be her precious child, no matter his age.

I sat alone and waited out the night
by lc2l
Summary: You remember the future and you remember the past and your heart aches for knowing.

by what_alchemy
Summary: When Odin places his Jötunn foundling in Frigga's arms, she knows what is to come.

The one where Bamf!Frigga got fed up with Odin's double F- parenting skills and took over Asgard and was queen. Just queen Frigga; no king.
by Alis Dee

mother, son, heart
by stereobone

The Sincerest Form
by Xparrot
Summary: Loki is not the only trickster in the family.

Loki Wins

Like it says on the tin. Every AU fic I've found where Loki wins either in Thor or Avengers, except the ones where it was just an excuse for a noncon PWP.

In Which Loki Is Victorious
Bookmark collection on AO3.

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
by lilibel
Summary: The battle is over, Loki has won. Now, if only Darcy could understand what he has to offer.

We Shall Have Peace
by TerresDeBrume
Summary: Loki succeeded in conquering the Earth. 85 years later Avenger, Steve Rogers is released from prison only to find that Earth has become a true utopia.

by astolat
Summary: Loki had imagined the pleasure of this moment a thousand times: the throne his, Asgard his, the Aesir at his feet and his brother kneeling before him.
OK, so this one kind of is a PWP, but it's so well written that I included it anyway.

The In-Between Hour
by sinemoras09
Summary: The poets sing of it. Loki wins. unrequited Loki/Thor. AU. Character death.

tripping off the power
by intoalkaseltzer
Summary: Loki-won-AU. For the prompt, 'gaining the world but losing your soul.'

Tony, there are no Superheroes
by Hornet394
Summary: Years ago, Howard Stark told his son, who was in a Captain America costume, that there were no superheroes. Tony grew up believing that there were no superheroes. And when he tries to prove that there are superheroes, and he himself can be one, his father's words come back to him.

in another country (people die)
by pprfaith
Summary: "The world is not your playground, Stark!" Fury yells at him one time, after he maybe brings down a building or two and Tony just laughs because, seriously, yes it is.

Loki wins

With a Hand Outstretched
The aftermath of Loki's sabotage of Thor's coronation goes very differently.

by PragmaticKatharsis
Summary: Loki wins, and puts the mind-whammy on Thor. Thor loves him, is loyal to him, praises him, comforts him, basically Loki turns him into the 'perfect brother'. Sad, but platonic Bro-ness.

I'll Take the Sun and Swallow it Whole
by wombaton
Summary: There's nothing worse than unruly subjects, so he makes a demonstration on global news of the Avengers. He will show them all what happens to heroes.

by asyndese
Summary: Thor finally understands that in order to have his brother back at his side, it's not Loki who needs to change but him.

Absolute Villainy
by miss_aphelion
Summary: It's not so much the lying, as it is arranging the truth to your advantage. It is a very fine line, and Loki and Victor know it well.

whisper tales of gore
by duskendales
Summary: The rise and fall of Loki Laufeyson. A tragedy in two acts.

by black_nata
Summary: Thor thinks that perhaps his father would have appreciated it much more if he had broken this oath instead of keeping it.

wearing my heart on a noose
by Canute
Summary: Loki succeeds in taking over Midgard. Using the Stark tower as his new domain, he rules earth with the Avengers, brainwashed, at his side, and that happens to include his-not brother.
But Thor's eyes have always been a little too blue.

by dungeonwriter
Loki is on the throne, and he did everything he needed to get there. Now he gets his terrible reward.

By Candlelight
by Artemis_Day
Summary: In a world where Loki won, there is an isolated hill in the middle of a forest. Once a year, a black cloaked figure approaches.

The World Is Yours
by Artemis_Day
Summary: When you have everything you ever wanted, what's left to do but enjoy your victory? *companion piece to By Candlelight*

by astolat
Summary: "He's dead, you see," Loki said, "so it's the nearest thing I can have to revenge."

The World Is Quiet
by verilix
Summary: Loki has won, and all is good (notnotnot).

Kneel To Your King
by sandpuppeteer
Summary: What if Loki had won? What if he had turned Tony against everyone else? What would have become of Thor?

Trú eða nauðsyn
by arthur_177
Director Fury is a threat. So is Agent Hill. Clint has been trained to eliminate threats.
They need to get out of the facility. That's a mission directive; Clint can work with that.
He doesn't look back to see the bodies hit the ground. There's no need. He doesn't miss.

The End of a Legend
by vassalady
Summary: Odin Allfather fell into the Odinsleep. Loki Odinson took up rule of Asgard, slayed the king of the Frost Giants, facilitated Thor's return to Asgard, and opened communication between the two realms. Mjolnir, unmovable, was left in the rock in New Mexico, and Asgard's embassy was built around it. Diplomatic relations between Asgard and Midgard were established, and Captain Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, World War II hero, was chosen. He soon captured the interest of King Loki, and it was the start of a legendary union.
Now, Steve works with King Loki to bring about world peace, unaware of how his story will end.

This is the end of everything
by tigriswolf
Clint almost didn't take the shot. [AU ten minutes into the movie.]

The Way of the Father
by Marcelo

What if….. Loki won?

Disfiguring the Pretender to the Throne

Pray for me
by blank_ghost
Summary: Loki had risen from the ashes like an apocryphal angel. The beast of Armageddon, eyes ablaze as he rained his wrath down upon humans.

by zihna
A collection of AU snippets. #7 is about Loki winning.

Loki's Sorceress
by archangelavyn05
What if the Avengers hadn't won? What if Loki took control of Earth and eventually the rest of the Realms? It may not be as bad as you think. This story will take place about 200 years after Loki's victory, and we will see what it takes for one orphan girl to win the heart of her peers, her realm, and her King.

Darkest Before Dawn
by NeverMineToHold
The Avengers lose. Thanos wins. Loki claims a kingdom of his own. - In the end, we all come home.

Avengers 20
Author: Verisimilitude1218
Loki has won. The Avengers have lost. Yet their children survive. Two of them under Loki's control and two of them in the care of Nick Fury. Which side will win?

Silk Sheets
Author: a daughter called random
In which Captain America tries to lie to the Liesmith. Post-Avengers.

The Liesmith
by knkfics
When Loki finally wins Midgard, nobody realizes until too late.

When Loki Wins: 3 Parts
by xXFissshBonesssXx
Originally posted at avengerkink.
Thor/Loki - When Loki wins everything. An AU diverging from movie canon at the last battle. Rating for references to mature themes.

what i became (because of you)
by dreabean
Summary: A what if story, featuring the death of Odin. Odin dies trying to explain to Loki about the deception of his birth. Loki, suddenly the King of Asgard, must learn to be something he isn't. Thor must learn to be human, without ever knowing what is it to be a hero. (Starts off in Thor, and spans Iron Man 2 and the Avengers with some seriously dramatic plot differences).

Avengers 20
Author: Verisimilitude1218
In the near future, Loki has won. The Avengers have lost. Yet their children survive. Two of them under Loki's control and two of them in the care of Nick Fury. Which side will win?

Sleeper Agents
by purplemoon3

Everything You Ever
by Graceful_Storyteller
Summary: In which Loki wins and the world kneels before him.
Victory doesn't taste as sweet as he'd imagined.

Sleeper Agents
by purplemoon3

You're, I very well know, not there
by tigriswolf
Summary: "You seem weary, Allfather," the einherjar says.

Done Pretending
by MegaraNoelle
Summary: "Please tell me you're going to appeal to my humanity," Loki mocked as Tony walked to his bar, and pulled out two glasses. "I was hoping you'd appeal to mine," Tony retaliated, throwing Loki for a loop. "Because I'm quickly losing reasons as to why I should actually stop you." What if that fight between Rogers and Tony went too far?


by Lise
Summary: The one where Jane finds a dying Dark Elf after the Greenwich Incident, and experiences personally the price of heroism.

a girl worth fighting for
Summary: Darcy vs inexplicable courting rituals of Asgard. Darcy/Sif

The Silent Avenger
by pristineungift
Darcy Lewis is not a real person, and Coulson thinks he's hilarious.
Or, the one where Darcy is a super spy.

The Hardest Part of Your Job
by quigonejinn
Summary: Consider Pepper's loyalty in a slightly different context.

sideways (further from our origin)
by ifreet
Summary: Pepper's initial reaction to Tony's Afghanistanian misadventure was annoyance, pure and simple. She hadn't put all her eggs in that particular basket - no one not born to power got as close to the top as she had with a sense of strategy that poorly developed. However, she had put far too much time and effort into cultivating Stark to be willing to give him up as lost, and particularly not on Obadiah Stane's say-so.

A Better World
by quigonejinn
Summary: Everyone knows how the Starks make their money.

White As Snow, Red As Blood
by Ithildin
Methos doesn't believe in fairy tales – or gods.

The Eternals
by tzzzz
Summary: The Hulk and the Super Soldier Serum basically make Bruce and Steve immortal. After they outlive their counterparts, it comes time for them to walk among the gods.

An Epic Steve/Tony Saga, by Thor Odinsson
by Elspethdixon
Summary: A Steve/Tony fanfic in verse, as written by Thor.

Cap and Loki become phone buddies, to the bemusement of all, including Cap.

Majority Rule
by Xparrot
Summary: Tony learns something that changes his perspective on the Asgardians of his acquaintance.

Flying Monkeys, or Five Times Thor Engaged in Cultural Exchange
by Aria
Summary: Thor wonders whether any of them know. He wonders if like tears without shame it is something Midgardians do not do, or if it is rare, like the tale of the Rings of Power, or if it is something that needs only be asked for as Thor asked Natasha to spar with him.

10 Little-Known Facts About Thor Odinson
by kyaticlikestea
Summary: Thor Odinson, heir to the kingdom of Asgard, has learnt rather a lot about Midgard in the past few months. Unfortunately, Midgard doesn't seem to have learnt much about him.

When in Midgard
by manic_intent

Peter Pan
by pprfaith
Summary: Growing up, coming down, moving on. - Interconnected glimpses.

Certain Dark Things
by sinemoras09
Summary: I love you as certain dark things are to be loved.

Myth and Legend
by Bagheera-San
Loki/Lex Luthor

by hannahrhen
Summary: Tony Stark realized he'd miscalculated. Because everyone knew Lex Luthor was crazy-obsessed with aliens who had magical superpowers. And Loki? Apparently liked rich d-bags whose greyhound-fast mouths kept up with their overpowered brains.

with your finger on the world
by ashen_key Summary: Natasha has a specific skill set; Loki heartwashes her at the New Mexico research centre, and events turn out very differently.

Headcanon: Budapest
by abeckoningcat
Clint and Natasha have never been to Budapest.

Five Kinks Tony Stark Does Not Have Anymore Thanks to Steve Rogers (+1 He Still Likes)
by silverfoxflower
Summary: "Hm ..." Clint paused in the bedroom doorway, surveying Tony as he lay in fetal position, sulkily clutching a hot water bottle to his groin. "Can't decide what to mock you for without more information."

Up to Speed
by windsorblue
Movie night can be problematic if the two resident nerds don't agree.

Four letter L words, or how to get Loki to stick around
Loki/Everyone. Ends with Loki/Bruce Banner and makes us believe it.

A Brief Introduction to Asgardian Dinner Parties
by jonesandashes, pentapus
Summary: This is the first Earth-Asgard bonding opportunity since that time Loki punched interstellar relations in the face, twice, and the king and queen of Asgard are here, and they are her boyfriend's parents.

well, let the drum beat drop
by jonesandashes, pollyrepeat
Pepper leaves, and there's no more pizza, and Thor's already talked about Jane, and Tony suspects all of them realize, abruptly and simultaneously, that they actually have no idea what to do now. He is, in fact, pretty certain that they're just a few minutes away from someone deciding to say something about the weather. It's probably going to be him.

Spectacular Ignorance
by darke-wulf
Tony finds it hilarious that the general consensus is that Iron Man's the dangerous one, and that Tony Stark is the fool... What no one seems to fucking remember is that Tony Stark created that damned armor. Iron Man would be less than nothing – literally – without Tony and his genius. Leave Tony alone, however, with access to a half-decent workshop (or a dry cave in the middle of nowhere) and he'll revolutionize the world.
Or Tony is (over) protective and doesn't give a damn.

Knit 1, Purl 2, Save The World (Again)
by katemonkey
Summary: Or, The Avengers Tower Stitch & Bitch Club

matter-antimatter asymmetry
by netla
Summary: Thor's technophobia can sometimes be a problem for the Avengers. He dreads movie night, never remembers to carry his Starkphone, and he's the first to admit he's just not very good at science.
Of course, how you define "not good at science" is relative to whether your planet has developed wormhole travel yet.

by pprfaith
Summary: No-one ever asks about Tony Stark's past. They should.
Tony and Clint are Highlander Immortals.

terms of endearment
by pprfaith
Summary: In which Bruce is a little confused and Tony is Bambi. Borderline crack.

red, red, gold
by pprfaith
Summary: Her name is Tasha Stark, and you won't break her.

Trust Me
by pprfaith
Summary: It all comes down to trust.
(Or: The house always wins. 'The house' being 'Tony Goddamn Stark'.)

Space Electric
by icarus_chained
"The SHIELD interceptor spaceship Avenger is under final attack. Aboard her, sitting in his cell, the war criminal Tony Stark gets ready for the confrontation, and the revelation, that he knows is about to come."
Space Opera AU, focused on Tony & JARVIS, with Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Fury, Maria, and original AI characters.

The Leverage Initiative
by Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup)
Summary: Archimedes said, "Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world." That's nothing on what Nick Fury can do with a little ... leverage.

The Value of Strength
by Margo_Kim
Summary: Written for the Avengers kinkmeme: "So Steven Rogers, Mr. Good Ol' US of A, Captain America? He's evil like pure unadultered evil. He can hide it well and he does care about certain people(his mother, Bucky, teammates who earn his trust etc) but that aside? He couldn't care less about people and if he could get away with it burn them into ash."

Draining the Oasis Dry
by Jaune_Chat
Summary: Tony and Bruce have found the perfect scam to indulge both their egos and their needs.

Don't Let Him Go (just give him a chance to grow)
by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Summary: Tony Stark was supposed to be charming, erudite, and brilliant, the kind of playboy that made women melt at his jaunty smile. The magazines and blogs were always full of stories and photographs – mostly Avengers stuff, these days, but you still got some photos of him holding wild parties or with women in totally slutty outfits on his arm, or doing some crazy thing that sent the media into an uproar.
The first time that Darcy ever met him he was wearing sunglasses because he had a hangover, and sitting hunched blearily over half a cup of coffee in the Avenger's kitchen.

Steve Rogers Never Was a Boy Scout
by ifitwasribald
Tony/Steve. Tony's a sub, Steve's a dom, together they fight crime and have lots of kinky sex.

Steve He Saved for Last
by AgeOfAlejandro
Summary: On New Year's, Tony has Steve flip a coin. It lands tails up and this year Iron Man will bring the world to its knees.


Loki's apparently nonsensical and contradictory plans in Thor and The Avengers has spawned a lot of brilliant fan speculation. It seems Loki is more clever than anyone gave him credit for. Or the writers are. Or the fans are. Or if we're lucky, all three!

Master list of my Loki meta

on assembling Avengers and Loki's master plan

An unbiased review of the Marvel "Thor" Movie
An Unbiased Review of the Marvel "Avengers" Movie

Why Loki Won in The Avengers

How to redeem your Loki in one easy step!

"I am the monster parents tell their children about at night": Thoughts on Loki

In the Thor movie, the Asgard/Midgard culture gap was completely ignored and some more stuff that bothers me in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Death's Dream Kingdom
by Clarice Chiara Sorcha

The script.

Guide to Loki Comics for Movie Loki Fans