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The custom of female performers donning male attire is not a recent development in Japan. During the Heian period, travelling female performers called shirabyoshi would dress in male attire and deliver songs, dances and tales glorifying great samurai. They carried swords as part of their costumes but could also use them if occasion required.

"Shojo Kageki" is Japanese for "Girl's Dance Troupe". This site explores all-female dance troupes such as the Takarazuka Revue, New OSK, the Shochiku Revue, and Tango Mujer, to name just the most famous. I especially try to include a lot of material about non-Takarazuka troupes, since there are already many sites about the Takarazuka and there are a lot of magazines, videotapes and lovely pictures of their performances available, while the others are more elusive.

The Shochiku Revue
The New OSK
The Setsugetsuka
The Xia Men Gezi Opera Troupe
Cloud Dance Theatre
Yueju Opera
Gallery of Yueju Opera images
Ge Zai Jue
Gallery of Ge Zai Jue images
Yosong Kukkuk
Shanghai Triad

The Takarazuka Revue
The Takarazuka Revue
Dal Lake No Koi, one of the Takarazuka's most beautiful productions.
Sayonara, a novel & movie about the Takarazuka Revue
Bayside Shakedown II, a movie starring former otokoyaku Miki Maya
Hula Girls
Magazine articles about the Takarazuka Revue
Makoto Tsubasa fanpage
Makoto Tsubasa in Me And My Girl
Takarazuka in the 80's
The Takarazuka Cosplays From Eroica With Love
Golden Combinations
More Golden Combinations!
More Musumeyaku!
More Otokoyaku!

Shojo Kageki Blogs
Livejournal Community for the OSK and SKD troupes.
Livejournal Community for the Takarazuka Revue.
Travestir. I got a lot of the links on this site from this blog.
Opera Fanatic
House Of The Flying Water-Sleeves
Ministry of Opekra
My Takarazuka
Rene's Opera
A blog in Taiwanese with photos
Amai Desu
KP Culture
Yosong Kukkuk
Hongxiuyu Gezaixi

Offsite Links
OSK Revue official site
Vintage Takarazuka
India's version: SHUMANG LEELA, THE HOTTEST CURRY FOR MANIPURIS: "Now-a-days shumang leela has two types - 1) Nupa Shurnang leela, performed only by male artistes; ii) Nupi Shumang leela, performed only by female artistes." Shumang Lila - History of development of Manipuri theatre: "These troupes may be either exclusively female (Nupi Shumang Lila) or exclusively male (Nupa Shumang lila)."

From the Bollywood movie Howrah Bridge. The relevant bit starts about 1:29.

Western Shojo Kageki Links
There is actually a long tradition in opera and theatre of trouser roles.
Tango Mujer, an all-female tango troupe.
Bellini: I Capuleti e i Montecchi recording.
The Queen's Company.
The Revelettes and their youtube page.

All-Male Troupes
Studio Life
Hanagumi Shibai

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