Me And My Girl

Occasionally The Powers That Be see fit to cast an otokoyaku in a female role, which is how Makoto Tsubasa came to be playing Jacqueline Carston, an aristocrat vamp bent on marrying the hero for his money and title.

Mami-chan is always beautiful, and this show was no exception.

However, while she would have fit in perfectly in a co-ed production, in the Takarazuka it was clear she was unused to dancing backwards and in high heels.

Indeed, compared to the ultra-feminine musumeyaku (hooray for them all!), she looked like a female impersonator.

I think this, one of the milder moments from this scene, is why they chose to cast an otokoyaku. It doesn't really fit the image of a Takarazuka musumeyaku to be this sexually aggressive.