Black Rose

Black Rose

by Kadorienne

Something is missing.
Others have it.
I have been abandoned.
I took a bit of loneliness,
And crammed it inside.

I would have made a good princess,
Would have been kind and noble and grand.
But I was barred from the court,
Denied a tiara,
My signet proved mere dross.

You are in an elevator
The elevator is going down
Slowly, rhythmic sound
Deeper and deeper

I did my best to be a prince;
Found a noble white steed,
Polished a tarnished suit of armor,
Even rescued a princess or two…
But it was not to be.

Go deeper.

Girls who can't be princesses
have no choice
but to become witches.

I understand.
I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world.
The way before you has been prepared.

If the world's shell does not break,
I will die without being born!

Place one in your skin, then, hope and a wish for life.

O roses of the noble castle!
O power that slumbers within me!
Harken unto thy master and reveal to me…
The power to revolutionize the world!

At a touch, the rose falls apart —
Black petals float on the air -
Cascade down to earth….

What did it profit me
That I lost my own soul
And did not gain the whole world?!?



Revolutionary Girl Utena