Top Ten Reasons that Brom and Ichabod belong together

by Megan

10. Brom's never afraid to charge in, making him perfect for protecting Ichabod from spiders.

9. Come on, why else would Ichabod be so flustered when Katrina kissed him in front of Brom?

8. Brom's jealousy over aforementioned kiss--perhaps we misinterpreted it.

7. The way Brom freaked out and attacked the Horseman after he skewered Ichabod. If that wasn't a lover's vengeance, I don't know what is.

6. When Ichabod is looking at Masbath's decapitated body, watch Brom. He's obviously checking out Ichabod's butt.

5. Anything that gets Casper van Dien out of his clothes has to be good.

4. Ditto for Johnny.

3. Ditto for Casper. (I have a crush on him and I'm writing this list, so this reason goes on twice.)

2. "A powerful singular thrust..."

1. Let's face it, Ichabod needs a big, strong man to protect him.


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