Carpe Noctem

by Kat Benedict

I Wouldst Not Steal Emeralds

I wouldst not steal emeralds, thine eyes to behold
Thy flesh, it doth sat eme all hunger for gold
By thy lips, red rubies do sparkle in vain
And silkworms cease spinning to feel thy soft mane
Around thee, a mantle of amber-musk scent
Arouses the senses with fire redolent
The ancient Greek sculptors of classical fame
To see thee wouldst cast off their chisels in shame
The greatest of painters do labour for naught
For thou art perfection no master has caught
And I, in my quest for the finest of art
Wouldst shun man's creations to capture thy heart
All riches, all treasures, I lay at thy feet
For in thee, all beauty, all splendour doth meet.

                 ~Earl Dorian Red Gloria

Klaus's Reply

I want nothing of you and nothing you'll get
Your gifts are a bait to put me in your debt
If sweet words were honey, you'd be the queen bee
If lies were as raindrops, then you'd be the sea
Your promise to give up your devious ways
Is something a desperate pervert would say
You say for a kiss you'd abandon your crimes
I say you can thieve til the end of all time
You can steal every painting from here to "Paree"
You can have the Crown Jewels, but you'll never have me
You could get yourself canonized "Saint" by the Pope
But of winning my favor, you haven't a hope
So keep all your emeralds, your rubies and gold
And buy a thick blanket if your bed is cold!

                 -Major Klaus H. Von Eberbach