Dorian Red Gloria's Top Ten (Non-Canonical) Pickup Lines

by Grey Bard & Kadorienne

1. "So. Don't ask, don't tell. Mind if I guess?"

2. "What am I doing here? Why, stealing something beautiful that doesn't get near the appreciation it deserves."

3. "Darling, how much do you want that tank back?"

4. "Tell me, do you live up to your nickname?"

5. "Not smoking is hard, I know. Care for a new addiction?"

6. "Samson? As if I would tie you up for your hair."

7. "No Nescafe? No cigarettes? No fried potatoes? ...So, what *can* you have?"

8. "Any closet with ties like that in it is worth coming out of, darling."

9. "Such artilliary, and such a shame to waste it."

10. "Don't you think we should get started on our past life issues?"