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Klaus/Dorian. The author's understanding of human psychology is impressive and the story well-constructed and the sex very very sexy.

The Flambeau Factory
Beautifully written Eroicafic by torch.

Anne-Li's Slash Pages
One of the most talented and prolific writers in the fandom!

An Almost Perfect Alibi
Livia has written other Eroicafics (here and here), but in my opinion, this is the one where she really flowers. I look forward to seeing more Eroica from her!

Haec scripsi
Words are inadequate. Just go read it.

Eroicafic by Suul

Eroicafic by afrai

Heather Sparrows
Eroicafic (and other fic) by Heather Sparrows.

Moonlight Shadow
Klaus/Dorian. Awesome story.

A beautifully written retelling of some canonical scenes.

The Next Time They Met
Klaus/Dorian. A good, fun, sexy story.

Archive Sites

These are sites that host a variety of Eroicafic and could be getting new stuff all the time. I make no guarantees as to quality here!

The most comprehensive Eroicafic index on the Net.
If you have Eroicafic, please enter the information about how to find it here!

Eroicafics on AO3

Castle Gloria
Livejournal community for Eroicafic. There is a sister comm at GreatestJournal, but as far as I can tell none at Journalfen.

My LJ Memories list of Eroicafics posted on LJ.

Fried Potatoes
Note: There is now an RSS feed for stories on this site.

Yuletide Treasure

There is also an RSS feed for fics at