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Yasuko Aoike official site! In Japanese.

The Main Fansite.
There's a lot of useful links that I haven't included here because they're on this wonderful site. It includes the most comprehensive guide available to Eroica fanfiction, links to where the manga can be purchased outside of Japan, and summaries of several issues. Go there. Now.

Some information about the inestimable Yasuko Aoike.

The Takarazuka Revue Cosplay Eroica
Two otokoyaku from the famous Japanese all-female musical theatre company dress as Klaus and Dorian!

Eroica Fact Sheet
Here at Belladonna.

Seven Seas, Seven Skies
Summary right here at Belladonna, thoughtfully provided by Nico, Emily, and Mme Cusack.

Personal data about Tyrian Persimmon

Iron Klaus, or Tetsu no Klaus
Discussion of the Major's nickname.

Addressing the Earl of Gloria
Cassie Ingaben helps clear up confusion about how Dorian and his family should be addressed.

A Place Called Gloria
by Cassie Ingaben and Diana Williams: Where is Dorian's estate?

Eroica on Anime World Order
Thanks to Cassie Ingaben for this.

DKWilliams's research on the Eberbach and Gloria family trees
Who Do You Think You Are? - Klaus von dem Eberbach (Part 1)
Who Do You Think You Are? - Klaus von dem Eberbach (Part 2)
Who Do You Think You Are? - Klaus von dem Eberbach (Part 3)


Eroica on Livejournal and Dreamwidth
Castle Gloria on Livejournal and Dreamwidth
Schloss Eberbach on Livejournal and Dreamwidth
The Pink Panzer
Eroica Kink on Livejournal and Dreamwidth
Eroica Center

Slightly Biased Manga: The Eroicaverse
There are numerous items about Eroica and Aoike-san's other works on this blog, but there's no one tag to keep track of them all, so you'll have to explore it for yourself.

Eroica Fanlisting

Eroica Character Selector
Take this test to find out which Eroica character you are. But I can't vouch for its accuracy, because it didn't tell me I was Klaus.
(And no, I'm not going to tell you who it did tell me I was.)
{All right, Lawrence. Humph.}

Agent With Style
This fanzine publisher has some Eroica items.

The Connection between Led Zeppelin and Eroica
By Jean Lorrah, who also has a general article about the manga here.

Eroica Essays on Livejournal

Eroica review in a Finnish magazine
With English translation.

Shojo Manga: Girls' Stuff
Brief essay focusing on how Eroica has forged a link between slash and yaoi.

Girls And Women Getting Out Of Hand: The Pleasure And Politics Of Japan's Amateur Comics Community

Colleen Doran on the joys of manga

Yaoi for Parents, A Crash Course in Boys' Love by Shaenon K. Garrity– Part One: History
Part Two

Jason Thompson's House of 1000 Manga

TVTropes page on Eroica

Sinfonia Eroica by Alice Archer (Sewall) James

Japanese artist discusses Aoike-san's art

Guilty Pleasures
From KHvdE With Love
In these two blogs, Basil Leaves translates Eroicafics into Japanese.

Fan Art

Iron Garden of Roses
Taiwanese blog with some beautiful Eroica fan art.

Another World

Untitled by Nina
Sexy drawing of Dorian by the inimitable Nina.

From Eroica With Romance
Eroica romance novel covers by Inner Voice.

Nippori's Site
Also in Japanese, but click on things to see lovely pictures of our heroes.

Otomodachi Gallery
See how Nico's fan art has developed over the years.

One more lovely fanpic by Nico.

Source Kingdom
O-ji's Japanese fan art site. In addition to the readily accessible pictures, if you search the site diligently, at the bottom of one page are the tiny letters "uk" (for "under kingdom"). Click on those letters for some slightly naughtier pictures. ;-)

Fan Writer's Resources

An Introduction to Britain
A resource for non-British slash writers.

(British) English Translated For Americans

Kadorienne's Slash Essays
Writing Crossovers
In Defense of PG-13 Slash

How to effectively swear in German
Created by a German Eroicafan. An invaluable resource for Eroica writers!


German Military Equalizes Gays
In case the above link expires, I've reprinted the short article (published in August of 2001) right here. Someone print it out and send it to Klaus.

Gays will be treated equally in the German military from now on.
The government told parliament August 31 that homosexuality is not "a separate entry criterion" for military service.
The announcement came as a result of a discrimination case filed by an officer who was demoted after it was learned he is gay.
The Ministry of Defense plans to issue a brochure on proper handling of gay servicemembers and will make it clear that discrimination based on sexual orientation is forbidden, a spokesman said.

Blood Typing Significance In Japanese Culture
In Japan, it is believed that one's blood type influences one's personality. This page explains the correspondence. Klaus is a type O, Dorian B. Alert readers know that after the first couple of issues, Agents A and B switched letters. I suspect this is because the one who became Agent A is obviously a type A and the pudgy, curly-haired agent who became Agent B is obviously a type B.

Eberbach Lab Tools.
And we thought we were kidding when we said "machine maniac". View an amusing ad for them here.

Kunstmuseum Bonn
I suspect Dorian spends a lot of time here.

The coat of arms of the town of Eberbach, Germany.

Bonn's coat of arms.
It depicts a cross and a lion. "The lion is often named 'Wšlfchen' (little wolf) or 'Leopard' and is sometimes shown standing on a boar."

Eroica: Emphsizing Masculinity product.

Demotivational Poster about Germany