Errant Knight


This was not supposed to happen.
I was meant to worship her from afar
while some dashing knight-errant carried her off.
How was I to know
that my broodings in my ivory tower
would cast me in that role?
My armor was far too heavy,
and the less said about my prancing steed, the better --
yet somehow, they sufficed.

I never wanted this quest,
but once it chose me, I could not turn away.
Perhaps my triumph over myself
was greater than some tall, strong hero's over a dragon.
Is that how I won her hand?

But ever after isn't generally all it's meant to be.
The knight, having gained his prize,
     grows bored with it
     and sets out in search of others.
I'd rather take her to my ivory tower
and marvel over her
     for a lifetime or two.
So while I hardly shone in tournament,
and I saved the lady fair
with only a hair's breadth to spare,
perhaps ever after
shall be my great triumph.



Sleepy Hollow