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The Very Secret Diaries of Anne Boleyn (Which Are Very Historical And Not Made Up At All)
Written with Grey Bard
Fandom: The Tudors
Grey Bard's notes: "Inspired by Kadorienne's LolTudor graphic which illustrates this fic."
Kadorienne's notes: "This was inspired when I saw a copy of The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn by Robin Maxwell in a bookstore. I immediately remembered Cassie Claire's brilliant and seminal Very Secret Diary of Aragorn and the associations were inevitable. Thank you to bunnster and lafemmedarla for helping me find the right scene to cap for this."

Rice Chaser
Written for Grey Bard on Yuletide Madness.
Rating: mild R
Fandom: Showdown in Little Tokyo
Chris thinks Johnny should learn the customs of his ancestors. Johnny thinks the same about Chris.

Like It Says On The Box
Written with Grey Bard
Rating: PG-13
Bound crossover
Inspired by two lines of dialogue in "The Stork Job", which appear at the end of the fic.

Rule #8
Fandom: NCIS
Tony DiNozzo, ten years in the future.

The Curse of Bast
Fandom: Golden Age Wonder Woman/Black Canary
Femslash. Fpreg.
Pairing: Diana/Dinah
Illustration by ink'n'imp

At Sixes and Sevens
Fandom: Goldeneye
M/M slash
Pairing: 007/006

As A Lily Among Thorns
Fandom: Yentl
F\F slash. Yentl/Hadaas.

In Honor Bound
Fandom: Queen of Swords, with Highlander and Sleepy Hollow crossovers.
F\F slash.

The Ninth Gate
Spoof of the movie, with pictures.

F\F slash.
Pairing: Dana Scully (The X-Files) \ Emma J. Russell (The Saint)

Strands of Copper
F\F slash.
Pairing: Dana Scully (The X-Files) \ Diana Bennett (Beauty and the Beast)

All I Ask Of You
Fandom: The Phantom of the Opera.
Gen. The Phantom lives... and loves.

Midnight Oil
Fandom: Mina de Malfois
Het. Mina/Josh Amos.

Fandom: Heroes
Written for Yuletide Treasure for isabeau. Thank you to Carlanime, Grey Bard and Frazzledog for beta.
"I really need to find that sword."

Fandom: Heroes
Written for the Heroes Holidays Ficathon for limmenel. Thank you to Carlanime, Grey Bard and Frazzledog for beta.
Peter gets his scar and finds out what his power is really good for. From Hiro's POV.

Fandom: Dexter
Thank you to Grey Bard for beta.
Flash fic. No spoilers. No pairing.

Flash fic. No pairing.


The Picture of Dorian Red
Fandoms: From Eroica With Love, Highlander.
Genre: Gen.

In Honor Bound
Fandoms: Queen of Swords, Highlander, Sleepy Hollow.
Genre: F\F slash.

The Ancient Ones Endure
Fandoms: Sleepy Hollow, Highlander, Beauty and the Beast (80's TV show), From Eroica With Love.
Genre: Het, implied slash.

Out There
Fandoms: From Eroica With Love, X-Files.
Genre: Slash, femslash.

From The Vampire Slayer With Love
Fandoms: From Eroica With Love, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Genre: pre-femslash.

Serious Fandoms

Sleepy Hollow

From Eroica With Love

Revolutionary Girl Utena

The Addams Family


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