Iron And Silk

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Editor: Grey Bard (fitzrose at
Executive Editor: Kadorienne (mosellegreen at

Published by El Cheapo Press

Iron And Silk

180 pages
$15 USD


Cover by:
Suzan Lovett

Stories by:
Heather Sparrows
Jen B.
Margaret Price

Novels by:
Jen B.
Margaret Price

Poem by:
Aisa Moirai

Comic by:

Art by:
Aisa Moirai
Esther Wolf
Leah, Age 10
Margaret Price
The Reverand

A follow up to the sold-out Eroica anthology zine "Rose Vines and Wire Ropes", El Cheapo Press is proud to present "Iron and Silk", our newest Eroica zine.

With contributors from five countries, "Iron and Silk" has stories that range from humorous to romantic to bittersweet. Edited by Kadorienne and Grey Bard, and published by El Cheapo Press, the zine features 8 different authors, 10 artists, 7 new and never before seen stories, a comic, a poem, over 20 illustrations, and not one but *2* zine exclusive Eroica novels.

"Iron and Silk" is a 180 page, perfect bound zine with a full color cover image by the illustrious Suzan Lovett. The front cover features her glorious cover picture as well as the zine's title, and the back cover features the same picture pure and unadulterated by any text or background. This woman is a legend for a reason.

We've been very lucky in the quality and quantity of our submissions with this zine. We literally had more wonderful fic than we knew what to do with. We didn't have room for everything, and even as it is, it was only by chopping our margins to the bone that we kept this below 200 pages!

"Iron and Silk" opens with Ink'N'Imp's devilish little comic "And Now, a Word from the Major". Klaus has just found out about slashers and he's not amused. He's taking over our airwaves to tell you just how much he disapproves of this nonsense!

In Kadorienne's "Morning Interlude", the KGB catches Klaus and Dorian in an incriminating drowsy domestic scene. What a way to wake up!

"Roses of the Alp" by Anne-Li, finds Eroica's men at coming to NATO with terrible news. Will Klaus be in time? Will he even listen to a word they say?

Margaret Price's "Major Decisions" brings a change of pace, as we follow Klaus's attempts to avoid a proper dynastic marriage without causing a distasteful scene. Is there any way out? Can't anybody help him?

Laurence has a jolly gay time of it in Jen B.'s "Well, Hardly Ever". Why isn't anyone happy to see him?

Aisa Moirai brings us a stark moment in time in her poem "Exit, Stage Left".

Strains of Strauss play softly, as Dorian leaves the dance floor in "The Viennese Waltz" by Sindeniirelle.

In "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy" by Heather Sparrows, Dorian finds that if Klaus is going to do something, he's going to do it right!

Klaus is, perhaps, a little competitive. Maybe. Anne-Li's "Courting Dorian" shows it in every hilarious detail.

What's stranger - aliens or Glasnost? Klaus votes Glasnost, but Dorian might tell you aliens in the disturbing and dramatic Doctor Who crossover novel "Terror Behind the Iron Curtain" by Margaret Price.

Finally, our zine closes on the brilliant Eroica novel "Diversions", by Jen B. One night in Bangkok is all it takes to get two old warhorses back in the saddle. Klaus would consider himself too old for this, except for the fact that he could never be too old for this.

Purchasing Information

KIDS: Due to a very young contributor, we now offer a PG-13 edition, suitable for people under the age of 18 or those who wish to avoid explicit sex. Be sure to tell us if either of these conditions apply to you. It's the same zine, minus the few stories that break the NC-17 barrier.

Please don't buy the standard NC-17 edition if you're under 18. I don't want to go to jail. The standard zine contains graphic adult content. As in, explicit gay man sex. Don't say I didn't warn you.

ORDERS:Zines are $15 plus shipping ($4 in America, $9.25 outside the country, and may take up to 10 - 15 days. Ask us to calculate the cost if you want faster options or more than one copy). NO PROFIT is being made.

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