First Night in Sleepy Hollow

A magnificent machine, this universe,
Its parts connecting with one another,
The natural motion of each
Prompting the proper motion of another,
Every cog and wheel -- every star and atom --
Playing its part in the Great Mechanism,
Each in turn connected with every other.

And yet, tonight, the mechanism has gone awry.
A few wheels are out of place.
The proof is clear, indisputable:
She is not at my side.
This goes contrary to all rightness.

We were wed at the beginning of creation.
Can they not see this?
We were wed when the stars were hung,
The galaxies set in motion.

Two hours ago, my studies and my crusade
Were enough for me.
Her touch on my face,
her lips on my cheek
set the Great Mechanism awry --
the parts reeling, the wheels spinning,
and everything upside down.
She is perhaps ten yards away from me, in her room.
It might as well be a galaxy.
So many rules of propriety, of custom,
Lie between us.
Not to mention that interloper
Who met her first,
And thus presumes to dispute my right.
My sense and reason tell me
That she will never be mine.
Yet I know that she is already.

A world in which she and I can be separated
Is one in which ghosts can rise from the grave
To chop heads,
And witches can make pacts with Lucifer.
I must restore order to the world.

The Universe has gone awry tonight,
But it will fall back into step
When she is at my side.


Sleepy Hollow