Why Gay Men Are A Lipstick Lesbian's Best Friends

Intentions on both sides are guaranteed to be honorable.

They always compliment your clothes.

As long as you know a gay man, you will always have a date to go to see Hairspray with you.

They understand the importance of Gloria Swanson.

If you take them someplace in your car and you get a flat, they aren't threatened when you insist on changing the tire yourself.

They are the only men who can intelligently discuss fabrics.

They will never suggest that you wear sensible shoes.

They never talk about football.

You can have cattiness contests with them.

They're great dancers, and will let you lead half the time.

They are the only men who know the difference between "taupe" and "ecru".

You can borrow each other's clothes.

Straight people don't understand what's funny about minivans.

 Lipstick Lesbians