The Secret Diary of the Headless Horseman

Day One
Lost skull. Slave to deranged housewife. Bummer.

Day Two
Killed young idiot and old man. Whee.

Day Eight
Killed pregnant woman. For this I left the fires of Hell?

Day Twelve
Killed servant. Wondering if there's anyone Her Lunacy doesn't have it in for.

Day Seventeen
Killed fat geezer. Ran an entire ten feet before I caught up. What sport.
Scared daylights out of sissified cop. Can't believe the colonials won the war.

Day Eighteen
Sissified cop dug up grave. Don't they have laws against disturbing the dead over here?
Fought with tough stablemaster and thuggish blacksmith. Killed both. Yes!
Also had to kill woman, kid. Waste of my skills.
Scared daylights out of sissy cop again. Someone should take this country over again.

Day Twenty
More challenging this time. Had to get target off hallowed ground. Everyone flipped. Wish I could see their faces.
Sissified cop looked like he was going to faint again, but some girl beat him to it.

Day Twenty-One
Sissified cop managed to rescue girl from me. Maybe he's not such a sissy after all. He did faint again, though.
Got skull back. Yay! Also got psychotic blonde chick to take back to Hell. Nifty.


Sleepy Hollow