It has been a long time since I have identified with any character as powerfully as I do with Ichabod Crane. Perhaps that is not the most flattering thing to admit, but the power of this character over me is undeniable.

This hero is a foppish bookworm who knows better ways of doing things than everyone around him. He is frustrated at how people make this world far more hellish than it needs to be. He can see ways to reform the system, but his temperament makes it almost impossible for him to do so. He has more inner demons than you can shake a stick at. He is afraid of his own shadow, but only because he knows from firsthand experience just how bad things can be. He finds life scarcely bearable, but believes he has a duty to carry on. Tom Stoppard, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp must have been spying on me.

Johnny Depp is quoted as saying that he saw Ichabod as being "maybe a little too much in touch with his feminine side". He conveyed that impression so well that I, a lipstick Lesbian, identified with him. In fact, on the set he was nicknamed, "Ichabod Crane, Girl Detective."

Any other actor would have played Ichabod as the goofy comic relief, or else downplayed his adorable quirks and jitters to make him a more conventional romantic hero. Only Johnny could have had the courage and genius to play him straight. Hail Johnny.


The name is Crane. Ichabod Crane.

Constable Crane wears a nineteenth-century tuxedo for all occasions, including grave desecration, ghost hunting, sleeping, or a simple country party.

And Katrina, Ichabod likes his herbal goat's-milk-and-raven's-foot potion shaken, not stirred.

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