by Lady Izumi (

"Are West Germans really that incompetent?"

"What?" Klaus said, mutinous look on his face, putting down the newspaper with a jerk of his hands.

"It's right in here. 'That damned woman, thought Leamas'--rather like you, darling -- 'and that fool Karl who'd lied about her'...You know, he really does remind me of you. All this name-calling."

"Give me that." Klaus stood up, taking the book from Dorian's hands. He glanced at it. "You're married to a spy. Why the hell are you reading this drivel?"

"Shouldn't I know more about my own husband's job?"

"As though you don't muck in it often enough. Besides, he got it completely wrong."

"So West Germans really don't let Communist women get the best of them?"

Klaus grinned, leaning in. "'Course not. I have you to thank for that."

Ten minutes later, the butler looked at the food left on the table with a puzzled expression on his face. His master would be late for work.