Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach's Top Ten Pickup Lines

by Kadorienne
dialogue coaching by Grey Bard

1. "I must test the aftereffects of Mischa's little electric currents."

2. "I do not wish to do this! However, there are these blackmailers...."

3. "No, that is not my Magnum in my pocket."

4. "Accounting will not stand for your usual fee, and yet, I require that microfilm."

5. "The doctor told me I need to loosen up. I am starting with my belt."

6. "Still want that sadistically wonderful entanglement?"

7. "So how badly do you want that painting?"

8. "Yes."

9. "You still may not touch me below the belt! ...But I am not wearing one today."

10. "Come the *&%$# here, you little idiot!"