Lipstick Lesbian Glossary

Lipstick Lesbian: A feminine woman who is attracted to other feminine women.

Femme: A feminine woman who is attracted to masculine women, or "butches".

Chapstick Lesbian: A Lesbian who is not butch or femme in style, but rather somewhere in between. Sometimes mistaken for soccer moms or people who like granola a lot.

Sapphist: A Lesbian of culture and refinement.

Lesbian Chic: When straight people marvel over stylish dykes.

Diesel Femme: A feminine Lesbian who fixes her own car.

Fem2Fem: A Lipstick Lesbian couple.

Lipstick Butch: A Lesbian who is feminine in appearance and masculine in personality.

High Femme: A femme who dresses very femininely: high heels, makeup, skirts, etc.