The Lipstick Lesbian Library


by Leslea Newman
This collection of essays defends a Lesbian's right to traditional femininity. Almost every contributor once tried to be butch because she believed it was the "correct" thing to do, but at last chose instead to be true to herself.

The Femme's Guide to the Universe
by Shar Rednour
By a sassy, feisty femme, this is the book we've all been waiting for.

by Georgette Mosbacher
Georgette is, unfortunately, straight, but her unapologetic championing of femininity makes this a good read.

Read My Lips : A Cultural History of Lipstick
by Meg Cohen Ragas, Karen Kozlowski, & Veronique Vienne
How could I leave this out?

by Jessica Pallingston
A playful, affectionate look at lipstick.

Lesbians, Levis and Lipstick: The Meaning of Beauty in Our Lives
Edited by Jeanine Cogan & Joanie M. Erickson

About effeminate gay men, who encounter a lot of the same challenges that we do.

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