Myths About Lipstick Lesbians

MYTH: They are trying to look like straight women.
FACT: Can we help it if straight women copy us?

MYTH: They're attracted to butch Lesbians.
FACT: Technically, that would be a "femme". Properly, "lipstick Lesbians" are feminine women who are into other feminine women.

MYTH: They're actually straight women who are experimenting.
FACT: A straight woman who is experimenting is called "a straight woman who is experimenting". A lipstick Lesbian is a Lesbian and proud of it.

MYTH: They've been brainwashed by the patriarchy.
FACT: Lipstick Lesbians are being true to themselves by wearing feminine clothes and makeup. The gay community upholds the right of gay men to be feminine; why should women be forced to settle for fewer options in the gay community, of all places?

MYTH: They are trying to attract men.
FACT: Ick.

MYTH: It takes more guts to be a butch dyke than a lipstick Lesbian.
FACT: Maybe in some cases, but I for one have had to fight literally since toddlerhood for the right to wear female clothing. All the adults in my life were constantly haranguing me to wear ugly pants and cut my hair off and play sports, and my classmates ridiculed me for wearing pretty dresses. Because I was the only girl in fourth grade who wore skirts, the school called my parents and told them - get this - that I was confused about my sexual identity. And since I've come out, I've had to put up with endless flak for not dressing exactly like all the other dykes.

MYTH: Only superficial people take trouble with their appearance.
FACT: Taking trouble with your appearance shows both self-respect and consideration for those who have to look at you.