The Top 10 Rejected Sleepy Hollow Hotel Marketing Gimmicks

Top 10 Rejected Sleepy Hollow Hotel Marketing Gimmicks!

by Glacier

10. We feature taxi service by Mr. Dirk Van Garrett -- he's always a-head of the competition.

9. Visit the nice, romantic covered bridge down by the river. For a small fee, the frogs will gladly croak your name.

8. Free scarecrow in every room!

7. Optional underground quarters for the kids -- just look for the trap door.

6. Never been on a horse before? Complimentary lessons from our friend Mr. Crane.

5. Enjoy your next meal at Killian's Grill -- we use pocketknives in place of toothpicks.

4. If you see the Headless Horseman outside your window, you stay free!

3. Meet your bellhop, young Mr. Masbath.

2. Attend the special sermon by the Reverend Steenwyck: "Trust in God and Lust in The Sod."

1. Our owner, Mr. Brom Van Brunt, has dramatically slashed prices in half!


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