Night Owl Books

Night As Frontier: Colonizing the World After Dark
by Murray Melbin

by Martha Gies

The Moon Ribbon and other tales
by Jane Yolen
This anthology of original fairy tales for children is beautifully written and can be enjoyed by adults. It includes one story, "The Moon Child", about a night owl born into a village of morning people who are afraid of the night and the persecution she endures from them, as well as her love of the night and the dark forest.

A Day in the Night of America
by Kevin Coyne

Mean Streets: Confessions of a Night-Time Taxi Driver
by Peter McSherry

Careers for Night Owls & Other Insomniacs

The Night People
by Jack Finney

The Nocturnal Naturalist: Exploring the Outdoors at Night
by Cathy Johnson

Night Work: Its Effects on the Health and Welfare of the Worker
by James Carpentier & Pierre Cazamian

Nighttime Book
by Mauri Kunnas & Tarja Kunnas

"People behave differently at night: feelings of desperation, violence, melancholy surface; nocturnal hunts for adventure, sex, drugs transpire; prowling through shadows, throwing corporeal flesh recklessly at . . . anything. The Insomniac Reader examines the dark side (literally and figuratively) of evening, from prostitution and adultery to emergency rooms and suicide. "So I was thrust into that twilight realm, that modern undeath," writes Jonathan Lethem about being put on hold in "Call Waiting," a deceptively simple story about two guys whose late night phone calls are interrupted by a mysterious young woman. In "Everybody Dies in Memphis," critically acclaimed author Jonathan Ames experiences the twisted underbelly of both the city and professional boxing as he covers the media-hyped Tyson-Lewis heavyweight bout for New York Press. This entertaining anthology features some of the best-known contemporary American authors shining their literary flashlights into a world that emerges when most people are falling asleep."