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Who Killed Cock Robin?
Patalliro livejournal community.


Fan art
Bancoran, by chihakagura1.

MJJ's Baghdad on the Seine and its sequel Lowlands (Eroica/Patarillo/Papuwa crossovers).

BT has written two Eroica/Patalliro crossovers, The Unbearable Sweetness of Being Deadly and Day and Night. The second fic is not yet online, but it can be requested from the Eroica email archive.

Cathion's stuff For the 30 kisses challenge.

Diamonds and Marinera Sauce by Lianne Burwell, July 1998
Sentinel/Patalliro crossover.

Day Off
Writer: SailorShipper
Pairing: Maraich/Bancoran.
A/N: Almost pure fluff, because there needs to be more with these two.
Rating: R for naughty bits.

Untitled Zine Fiction

The Mole's Hole by RM from Anime House Presents #2
Forbidden Fruit by SR from Anime House Presents #3
Be Careful of Your Little Boy by BT from Anime House Presents #3
Tokyo Splice by RM from Anime House Presents #4
Fool's Gold by LD from Anime House Presents #9
Mirror Image by LD from Anime House Presents #11
Growing Up by DVS from The Rodilla Project
Here We Come a Wrangling by ML from the APA Revision X
Once Upon a Mall Trip by DLH from 100 Lillies [sic]

From Slash: The APA:
Like Father, Like Daughter by Anonymous
Desperately Seeking a Title by Lee
Thieves in the Temple of Love by RM