By Margaret Price

“Are you sure you’re gonna be comfortable doing this?” Dorian asked, his voice holding back none of his misgivings.

Klaus gave him a suspicious look, his eyes narrowing. “Why? Don’t you think I can handle it?”

“My darling Klaus, you can do anything you set you mind to,” the Earl replied airily. “I was just afraid it was, well…a bit early in our relationship, that’s all. You’re always so nervous with new things. And this is quite a big step for you.”

Klaus nodded, drawing a deep breath but saying nothing.

Dorian could not help smiling at his apprehensive lover. He had covered the basics in the man’s sexual education before slowly moving on to an exploration into the…perversions it held. They had played about with bondage, although nothing serious, allowing Klaus to become comfortable with each new experience.

Now Klaus was actually asking to up the intensity of things after Dorian explained about  power games; domination and submission, sadomasochism and real bondage play. He wasn’t surprised that Klaus had been uncomfortable with his frank explanations, since that had never stopped the man from later implementing everything the Earl had told him, however tentatively.

“When do you want to try this?” Dorian asked finally.


Dorian nodded. “And the safe word?”

Klaus thought a moment. “NATO.”

Dorian grinned unabashedly. “Oh, my darling Major, even in the bedroom, you’re so…you!

Klaus rolled his eyes and sighed. “You idiot.”

* * *

The next day, the pair stood outside the bedroom they had prepared as their dungeon. The staff had been given the day off so no one would disturb them, as they planned on spending most of the day in the room. The ground rules were covered one more time. Once inside, no names were allowed. It was Master and Slave, the dominant and the submissive. Unless the safe word was spoken, the Master’s word was law. Any deviation would result in punishment.



The pair entered, the Master bolting the door before he turned to look at his Slave. He drew a deep breath and then took a seat in the easy chair near the door, stretching out his legs as he sat back. “Strip for me,” he said calmly, waving a hand. “Slowly.”

The Slave’s eyes flickered. “Yes, Master,” he replied, the title coming not without some difficulty. He undressed very slowly, dropping his clothes in a pile near the wall. “Does this please you?”

“It does.” The Master got to his feet. “Now, undress me, just as slowly.”

The Slave did as ordered, caressing the other man’s body as he slid the clothes off him and added them to the pile. When he finished he asked what else he could do for his Master.

“Suck me off,” came the startlingly reply as the Master sat down again.

The Slave’s eyes grew wide at this unexpected order.

“Do you want me to punish you for disobedience?”

“No, Master.”

“Then do as you’re told.”

“Yes, Master.” The Slave knelt down before his Master and waited for him to spread his legs for him.

“As your punishment, you may not swallow until I tell you,” the Master said coolly.

The Slave gave him a level look before he leaned down, feeling the man’s body heat and breathing in his warm scent. He began with a few tentative licks before taking hold of the fast growing erection, placing it into his mouth. The Master groaned with pleasure, his hands tangling in the Slave’s hair. He leaned back and closed his eyes, his breathing growing faster as the other man practically swallowed his cock whole. When he came, it was with a low moan of pleasure. He held his Slave’s head in place, keeping his cock in his mouth until he was completely soft again.

“You may swallow,” the Master said, permitting his Slave to sit up again.

“Thank you, Master.”

The Master rose to his feet, ordering the other man to lie face up on the bed where he was tied to the bedposts. “Would you like me to fuck you, Slave?” he asked as the last of the restraints was secured.

“Yes, Master.”

“How about if I whip you?”

The Slave gave a shudder. Whether it was in fear or anticipation, the Master could not tell. “Anything you desire,” came the submissive reply.

“Anything I desire,” the Master repeated, his eyes glistening with sexual arousal. He opened a chest near the bed and looked at the contents, knowing the other man was keenly aware of what it contained. He pulled out a bottle of flavored oil and proceeded to rub it all over the Slave’s body, ordering that he make no sounds while it was being applied. Each time he moaned, he would be punished with a slap on the genitals with a riding crop.

By the time the Master was finished, the Slave had received several punishments to his now stinging genitals. The Master looked through the chest again before returning to the bedside. The Slave drew a sharp breath as cock ring attached to a harness was slipped into place. It was followed by an anal plug that was also attached to the harness. He threw his head back and moaned as the plug was inserted into him. The harness was then locked around his waist. Now any movements he made would send shock waves through his body. This was followed by a set of nipple clamps that had a chain connected to them.

“Are those hurting you?” the Master asked once he finished.

“No, Master.”

“I want the truth, Slave, or you’ll be punished.”

“They’re…uncomfortable,” came the truthful reply.

The Master gave a satisfied nod before giving the adjusting screw on the clamps a single turn, pulling a gasp from the Slave. Then he stretched out beside him and began nuzzling his neck, kissing his chest, running his hands all over his body.

“Mmmm…  Mmmay I…respond?” the Slave stammered out.

“You may,” the Master replied as he moved to suck his lover’s earlobe, running his fingers gently over the nipples trapped in the clamps.

The Slave gave a moan of pleasure, his back arching as the hand played over his now oversensitive nipples. He felt goosebumps spring up all over him as his Master moved down to suckle his nipples, his fingers gently brushed over his oil covered skin. Suddenly the Master was kissing him on the mouth, deeply, passionately, taking his breath away with the intensity of it.

It was an intensity he had been yearning for but was afraid to request for fear of frightening the man off.

Then it was as though the Master could not get enough of his Slave. He was all over him, rubbing, kissing, caressing, nibbling, biting, and licking every inch of him. He moved all the way down his body and back up again, finally taking his penis into his mouth, sucking and licking for all his was worth. This only added to the stimulation caused by the devices attached to the harness strapped to the Slave’s body.

The Slave was overwhelmed by the unexpected onslaught, completely caught up in the man’s burning lust. Then his Master was straddling his hips, lowering himself onto his erection. The Master did not even pause before he started to ride his Slave, who had to struggle to match his frantic movements. When the Master came, it was with a loud moan. He threw his head back as he emptied himself onto the other man’s stomach, the waves of his intense orgasm pulsing through him. A moment later, the Slave gave a sharp cry as his Master’s orgasm and the stimulation of the anal plug sent him over the edge. He came hot and deep inside his Master’s body. It was only when he made the mistake of calling him by name that he was returned to the unreality of the game by a sharp slap across the face.

“You will call me Master, Slave!” came the angry rebuke.

The Slave gave him a stricken look.

“What do you say, Slave? Answer me or I’ll punish you.”

“Forgive me, Master.”

The Master nodded as he climbed off him. “You are forgiven.” He removed the restraints, ordering the Slave to lie on his stomach. After he obeyed, the restraints were refastened. The Master removed the harness locking the anal plug into place, replacing it with a vibrator that caused the Slave to moan and squirm in his bonds. The Master slowly played the device in and out, thrusting deep to tease at the other man’s prostate before withdrawing, pulling a whine of frustration from him. This continued until the Slave was thrashing wildly, straining against the restraints to no avail.

“You will beg, Slave,” the Master said calmly.

The Slave writhed against the maddening assault. “Please,” he gasped out finally. “Master, please! Please!”

The Master let the man beg for several seconds before pulling the vibrator out and switching it off. “Not yet.”

The Slave gave a loud cry of frustration and continued to thrash violently, struggling in vain against his bindings.

“Stop or I’ll punish you,” the Master said calmly.

The Slave was too caught up in his own need to obey and gave a sharp cry of pain as the riding crop snapped against his bare buttocks several times.

“What do you say, Slave?”

There was a momentary pause. “Forgive me, Master.”

The Master nodded. “You are forgiven.” He climbed between his Slave’s spread legs, placing the head of his cock against the other man’s body. “Shall I fuck you, Slave?”

“Please!” the Slaved gasped out, going on to give a loud groan as the Master buried his cock deep into his body. Then he started to fuck him, beginning with maddeningly short, slow thrusts.

“You will not come before me,” the Master ordered, continuing his slow pace.

“Yeeeesss, Mmmm… Mmmmaster,” the Slave struggled to say. He grabbed onto the restraints, burying his face into the mattress as he fought to hold back his own orgasm.

The Master increased the speed of his thrusts as his own desire was ignited again. Soon he was thrusting hard and deep into the other man’s body, mindless of whether or not he was hurting him, his mind fixed solely on the fulfillment of the needs of his own body. It did not take long for him to reach this point, and he climaxed with a final thrust and low groan. The Slave was rocking his hips to match his lover’s motions, barely managing to hold back his own orgasm until after his Master came, his own semen soaking the bed.

The Master lay panting on top of his Slave a minute before he extracted himself and made a quick check for injury. It was only now that he was sated that he realized he might have actually caused his lover harm. “Did I hurt you, Slave?” he asked firmly, trying not to let his concern show. “Tell me the truth or I’ll punish you again.”

“Only in a good way, Master,” gave the satisfied reply.

The Master nodded. He could live with that. He unfastened the restraints again, allowing the Slave to flex his muscles. He removed the nipple clamps before ordering the man to bathe him.

“Do you desire a bath or a shower, Master?”

A thoughtful pause. “A shower.”

The Slave nodded, following his Master into the bathroom where he turned on the shower and stepped in. He took a large sponge and used it to clean the other man’s body, gently lathering his skin, caressing it as he cleaned him. While he did this, the Master ran his hands over him, touching, stroking, fondling, and growing more aroused as he did so.

The Master leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes when the Slave moved down to his hips. A small smile curled the edges of the Slave’s mouth when he noticed the growing erection his ministrations was causing. “Does my Master seek release?” he asked, gently brushing the sponge over the other man’s straining cock.

The Master replied with a long sigh, reaching up to take hold of the Slave’s shoulders with trembling hands. “Yes,” he hissed out.

“Hands or mouth, Master?”

At this point, the Master didn’t care but refrained from saying so. He had to stay in control, even here. “Hands.”

The Slave was still stroking the other man’s cock with the sponge and squeezed it out, covering the length with sudsy water. Then he took hold of the now sizable erection and began stroking it gently with soap slicked hands. He smiled at the moans of pleasure his actions produced, the grip on his shoulder growing tighter in response. It seemed only a matter of minutes before the Master came with a gasp and a sharp cry.

“Clean me again,” came the shaky order. “And then yourself.”

“Yes, Master.”

After the shower, the Slave toweled off his Master and followed him back into the bedroom where he was ordered back onto the bed. He was relieved when the Master climbed in next to him, ordering, “Sleep,” before closing his eyes.

With pleasure, the Slave thought as he pulled the blanket over them. He laid down and smiled as the other man snuggled up against him. “Yes, Master.”

* * *

The pair slept for several hours. The Master awoke first and lay watching his sleeping lover. He wondered if the man were up to any more of the power play. The safe word had not been used as yet, although there had been a few times when the Master was certain that it would be. Was he moving too fast? He needed this man so desperately, hungered for his very touch, the feel of him beside him, inside him, and vice versa. Would he frighten his lover off if he told him just how primal his passions ran? Should he take this opportunity to give into his burning lust to possess the man completely?

“Wake up,” he said quietly, nuzzling against the man’s neck.

The only response was a low moan.

“Do you want to play some more?” the Master asked.

He received a bewildered look in reply as the other man returned to his senses. “Play?” Then realization dawned and the Slave’s eyes snapped open. “Play!” he gasped.

“Yes, Slave. Are you up to playing with me some more? Or do you want to use the safe word and stop?”

The Master saw several different things flash across the other man’s face. He was certain he had already overwhelmed his lover with his previous actions, and felt the next thing out of his mouth would be the safe word. To his shock and delight, it was not.

“Yes, Master, let’s play. Anything you desire.”

The Master’s eyes flickered. Anything I desire. I desire you. He lay beside his lover, gently rubbing and caressing him, following the lines of his body with his fingers, kissing him tenderly on the mouth. The Slave responded in kind, wrapping his arms around him, running his fingers through his hair, and just allowing himself to be overwhelmed with his Master’s attentions.

After nearly half an hour, the Master whispered, “Shall I take you, Slave?”

“Yes, Master,” came the breathless reply.

The Master sat up and looked at the wide array of toys and implements they had placed in the room, many of which they had never used. One in particular caught his eye and he got up, going to get it, seeing his Slave’s eye widen as he did so. It was just a simple bar similar to an old style pillory. Only instead of standing, the Slave was forced to kneel. The bar hinged open and his wrists and ankles were locked into place, leaving his ass high in the air and accessible to any and all of his Master’s pleasures.

“Kneel,” the Master ordered, pointed to a place on the carpeted floor.

The Slave noticed he had chosen a position in front of a large mirror, which would enable his Master to see his face, and allow him to watch as his Master fucked him. He did as ordered, placing his ankles into the slots and leaning down to place his wrists beside them. He felt his heart in his mouth as the bar was locked closed. Was his Master testing his trust with this device?

He closed his eyes as the Master began caressing him again, running his hands over his body. He gave a low moan as his Master’s slick fingers slipped inside his body, probing deep, massaging the bundle of nerves again. He wondered if he was going to have to beg for release yet again.

It turned out that begging for release was the least of the Slave’s worries. After a few minutes, his Master’s passions were suddenly inflamed beyond his control as he made good on his promise to take him. Within minutes, he was thrusting deep into his Slave’s body, lost in his wanton lust to possess the other man completely, his need for total dominance. He climaxed with a cry that sent a chill down the other man’s spine. He had never heard this kind of primal sound from his lover before.

Apparently unsatisfied with this act, the Master only rested long enough to get his breath back before he reached down to take hold of the Slave’s erect cock, his actions much rougher than they had ever been. The Slave responded with a gasp, being startled and aroused by the heat of his lover’s passion. He tried to move his hips to match the other man’s movements, but was unable to do more than rock from side to side in his confined position. Within minutes, he was gasping for breath and moaning from arousal and rough handling. He climaxed with a sharp cry and shudder of pleasure, emptying himself onto the carpet.

The Slave wanted to just fall asleep right then and there, but his Master had other ideas, having attaining another erection during his forceful pleasuring of the other man. He thrust his cock into his Slave’s body without warning, pulling a surprised cry from him. Then he drove relentlessly into him, hammering deep, spurred on by pure animal lust. The sounds he made unsettled the Slave as his own helplessness returned to mind. The restraints on the bed were soft and pliable, and, if necessary, escapable. Not so the iron bar locking him into place and at the other man’s mercy.

The Slave could do nothing more than submit to his Master’s merciless assault on his body. He watched in the mirror as the man pounded into him. He was holding onto the Slave’s hips, his eyes closed, his face contorted with pure, unguarded, wanton lust. There was a mindlessness that the Slave had never seen before.

When the Master finally came a second time, it was with another animalistic noise. Yet it seemed that he was still unsatisfied. He opened his eyes, the wild look in them further unsettling the other man. If he allowed this to go on, his lover really would hurt him. In fact, had he not been prepared the second time, he would have hurt him already. Then the Master was rubbing against him in an obvious attempt to attain another erection. How long can he go on? It was the sound of a low primal growl that finally broke the Slave’s nerve.

“NATO!” Dorian cried out in panic. “NATO! Klaus, stop! Please, stop!”

This was like a bucket of cold water, ending the animal lust in its tracks. Klaus froze, blinking a few times, each time returning control visibly to his demeanor. He looked down at his lover, who was now struggling frantically against his bindings. Only unlike before, it was not from arousal, it was from pure terror.

Klaus was used to frightening people, terrifying them beyond reason. Moreover, when he was honest with himself, he had to admit that he actually enjoyed it. But the look of abject terror on Dorian’s face made him sick. All he wanted to do was run and hide.

“Gott, Dorian, did I hurt you?” he asked, his use of the other man’s name effectively underscoring the end of the game. Klaus quickly unlocked the bar, releasing his terrified lover before sitting down beside him. “Dorian, please, answer me.”

Dorian rolled onto his side, a trembling hand going to his head. Yes, you did hurt me, but I’m sure as hell not telling you that now. “You scared the hell out of me,” he said shakily.

Klaus closed his eyes. He ached to hold the other man in his arms, but was afraid of frightening him further. “I’m sorry. I got…carried away.”

“You sure as hell did!”

Klaus felt his heart turn over. He’d never told his lover of the burning desire he ignited in him whenever they were together, how he had to fight to stay in control of himself. He had told Dorian time and again that he wasn’t worthy of his love, of his devotion. Now he had proven it. Surely now Dorian would realize he’d made a colossal error in judgment in taking him as a lover. How could he have been so stupid as to want to play this game of power?

“What brought all that on?” Dorian was asking, sitting up slowly.

Klaus gave him a steady look. “You,” he said simply. “Why do you think I fought you off for so long? I know what I’m capable of, and now, you do to.” He paused before admitting, “You intoxicate me, Dorian. You’re like…a drug that I can’t get enough of. Sometimes, I just want to devour you whole.”

Dorian’s eyes grew wide, and for a brief, heart-stopping moment, Klaus was sure his time in paradise had ended. “Oh, my darling Klaus,” Dorian sighed, leaning over to kiss him. “That’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever said to me.”

Relief flooded visibly over Klaus’s face. “I’m sorry I frightened you,” he said quietly. He drew a deep breath, adding, “And, I’m sorry I didn’t know when to stop.”

Dorian reached over, pulling his repentant lover close to hold him in his arms. “Yes, you did. You stopped when I told you to.”

Klaus blinked, a stunned look coming to his face. “What are you saying? That you had the power all along?”

Dorian smiled. “Right from day one, it seems.”

Klaus gave him a sideways look. “And you don’t hate me?”

Dorian rolled his eyes. “You idiot,” he grinned before bearing Klaus to the floor. “Now, let me devour you whole.”

“Yes, Master.”

* * *