Hollow Quotations

Hollow Quotations

"This must be where Ichabod Crane takes his dates."
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Beginning of the End
(spoken as the movie opens on a spooky night in the forest)

"The light... came in through the big window at the east end, and splashed over my easel, making an elongated Ichabod Crane shadow on the floor."
—Robert B. Parker, Family Honor

"The trees lining the road seemed almost to be marching along with him, tall sentinels guarding the silent forest behind them that could — might, surely — be inhabited in this dark night by ghosts, a headless horseman, or — he thought with a smile — a witch who cast spells."
—Dorothy Gilman, Thale's Folly

"Aloysius, who looked a pass between Ichabod Crane and Smike; Aloysius, with his bit of scandal burnished with wit; who, after a long, hard Saturday, would go home to scrub the floor of the dingy lodgings where he lived with his invalid mother, and who rose in the cold dawn of Sunday morning to go to early mass, so that he might return to cook the dinner and wait upon the sick woman. Aloysius, whose trousers flapped grotesquely about his bony legs, and whose thin red wrists hung awkwardly from his too-short sleeves, had in him that tender, faithful and courageous stuff of which unsung heroes are made."
—Edna Ferber, Fanny Herself

"post equitem sedet atra cura."
"Black sorrow sits behind the horseman."
—Horace, Ode 3.1

"Ichabod was horror-struck upon perceiving he was headless...."
Gil Grissom, cop character on the TV show C.S.I.,, upon finding a headless corpse

"He looked like a bad cross between a nerdy scientist in a movie and Ichabod Crane."
~Dean Wesley Smith, "The Life And Death of Fortune Cookie Tyrant", If I Were An Evil Overlord

"Nothing says 'Ichabod Crane' like three inches of neck protruding from a one-inch high collar."
~Nicholas Antongiovanni, Befitting Quality, Classic Style Magazine, Summer 2008

"From the ghouls in Dickens and Charlotte Bronte, to Ichabod Crane, to the sexually frustrated, spindle-shanked Miss Sidney in William Inge's Picnic, [WASPs] have drawn teachers as loathesome, utterly ridiculous, and inadequate in all ways. And, of course, skinny, should anyone miss the point of their poverty."
~Florence King, WASP, Where Is Thy Sting?

"You live here?" Barton had asked, expression of disbelief etched across his face. "No, it's nice. I like it. Always wanted to see where Ichabod Crane might live."
The Unwinding of Loki


Sleepy Hollow