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Official Fanfiction

The Sandbaggers by Ian MacKintosh
Novelization of "Always Glad to Help" and "A Feasible Solution" by the show's creator. Contains one vital detail left out of the show: a scene where Laura Dickens asks Neil Burnside what her career path would be if she chose to stay with the Sandbaggers.

The Sandbaggers: Think of a Number by Donald Lancaster, a pseudonym for William Marshall
Original novel, not based on an episode.

The Sandbaggers by Ian Mackintosh
Published in the Sept. 16, 1978 issue of the British magazine TV Times

Hongkong Rendezvous With Death by William Marshall
Published in the Jan. 26-Feb. 1, 1980 issue of TV Times

Fanfiction Online

The Wrong Side
by russian_blue
Summary: A snippet of the future that might have been.

Something Different
by fawatson
Summary: An Anglo-American-Norwegian collaboration.

The Rest
by russian_blue
James Bond xover
Summary: Very few people remember where M came from.

On a Short Leash
by fawatson
Summary: Willie Caine, now D.Int., follows the exploits of Neil Burnside from a distance.

The Fairy King
by Grey Bard
Inappropriate Elf fic.

Trade Secrets
by Pat Nussman and Another Lady
Spoilers for the first season's finale.

The Sandbaggers
by Chris
Jane Austen mashup

Operational Necessity
by Circadienne
Karen Milner-centric. (She's the CIA agent Ross tried to fix up with Neil.)

Sandbaggers fics by Nikki Harrington
Neil Burnside/Willie Caine slash


  • Single Media Zines
    • A Sense of Occasion (1990-1992) (discussion, no fanfic)
    • Sandbagger Briefing Document (a reprint of the APA "A Sense of Occasion")
    • First Principles #1-3
    • It Couldn't Happen Then, It Couldn't Happen Now #1 (all gen)
    • Trade Secrets (now online)
    • Apparently, there was an APA called Kill a Commie for Neil. EDIT: It turns out that this was the title Pat Nussman used for her columns in the APA "A Sense of Occasion".
  • Multi-media Zines: Fiction
    • Amare #10: "Plots and Counterplots", a 25-page Tomorrow People Crossover by Janet Ellicott
    • Enigma #5: Pros xover "Cities and Thrones and Powers" by Sue S.
    • Disinformation One: Pros xover "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" by Sue S., sequel to "Cities and Thrones and Powers"
    • No Holds Barred #11: "Who Needs Friends?" by K. Ann Yost (Neil Burnside/Willie Caine slash)
    • Zine Aid #3: "Haunting the Blues" by Chameleon (one page, Willie Caine soliloquy)
  • Multi-media Zines: Poetry
    • Dyad #12: "Bags of Sand" by Dovya Blacque
    • Frak #1: 3 untitled poems by Yvonne McKinney
    • The Celestial Toybox #16: Series of poems by Melissa Mastoris
    • The Celestial Toybox #19: Two poems by Melissa Mastoris, "Something Has to Give" and "Black Nightingale"
    • Remote Control #17: "Tyler's Last Thoughts" by Melissa Mastoris
    • Fireside Tales: "Staying" by SAH and "Laura" by SAH
    • Southern Lights 5: "Neil Burnside" by Pat Nussman

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