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Seven Skies, Seven Seas
from Nico, Emily & Mme Cusack


Seven Skies, Seven Seas is to my knowledge the first Tyrian story and Aoike did El Halcon [sometimes translated as "El Alcon"] as background story for Seven Skies later. That's why El Halcon looks a bit more like early Eroica while Seven Skies looks even more shoujo-style.

The story has three main characters, Tyrian, Luminous and a girl named Juliette Green, who looks a lot like Sugar from the first Eroica manga, only with longer hair. She is acquainted with Tyrian, her family seems to have some influence and seems pretty rich. I am not quite sure if she comes from a Spanish family or if she is British... from her outfit I would guess Spanish though.

For some reason (and Tyrian is certainly playing a role in this) she is sent off, probably to visit somebody, but her ship is brought up by pirates and Juliette is kidnapped. Next thing the pirates come across a ship with mostly women on a pleasure cruise. They decide to kidnap those women as well, but when they are about to enter the ship it becomes clear that they picked the wrong ship, that they brought up another pirate ship. The two pirate crews, men and women, start fighting, and Juliette warns "Captain Red", a dashing blond(e) with long curly hair in a long dress, the Captain of the second crew, when somebody tries to backstab her. Captain Red picks up Juliette and she and her crew escape with the other crew's treasures to their own ship.

Juliette is instantly fascinated by the strange woman, who fights like a man... it's a mixture between hero worship and quite a crush:) Well, she's in for a little shock when the thought to be female crew reveals itself as fully male, earlier in disguise to bring up the pirate ship Juliette was on. Captain Red takes off the dress as well, but, even though the Captain is dressed in high boots, tight trousers and a shirt Juliette still assumes "she" is female, because of the long hair (do I need to say "Oscar"? ^_~) She has a longer talk with Captain Red in the Captain's private cabin, where the Captain makes it very clear he is male as well, his actual name is Luminous Red Benedict, who, after his family was ruined by Tyrian, became a pirate. Juliette's reaction is typical for a airheaded, hopelessly romantic blonde heroine ^_~ Panicking, and when Luminous comes a bit too close she starts squealing, which makes Luminous’ crewman entering the room (fearing for the safety of their Captain:)) The following scene reminds me a bit of Dorian's reaction to James "don't rape the Major" comment:) Juliette is crying in the arms of one of Luminous' men (I think his name is Pigeon (darn katakana), he's one of Luminous' closest friend and looks almost like Bonham), while poor Luminous looks rather confused and totally embarrassed (adorable!!)^_^ Well, to cut the whole thing short, Juliette stays on the ship, I don't know if it's supposed to be a temporary thing or not, and dresses like a man as well, trousers, shirt etc.

A meeting with another pirate ends up with a duel between Captain Red (Luminous) and Captain Black, who, after injuring Luminous, stops the fight and becomes an ally instead. To me it looks very much as if Black is simply trying to teach Luminous a lesson, making clear to him that even he has been lucky so far he is far from being a real pirate and certainly not up to a real sword fight yet, especially not with Tyrian. I have the feeling that Black knows more about Luminous and Luminous revenge on Tyrian. In addition it looks as if he is constantly flirting with dear Luminous, who is somewhat embarrassed about it. I especially like the rose thing:) (Juliette puts a rose into Luminous’ hair, which is later on picked up by a dove, which carries it to Black - and Black holds the rose between his teeth while (mock-) fighting Luminous in their first duel:) Anyway, Black becomes Luminous' mentor, they join forces. Juliette, who is worried for the injured Luminous, visits him in his cabin and I somehow get the feeling that there is something going on between them. Luminous doesn't appear to be gay, at least he doesn't react overly panicked towards her, as Dorian does with any woman. Instead, he is friendly, but I am not sure if he's interested or simply treating her like a younger sister. In any way, after she leaves his cabin and climbs up to the upper deck (groan, what kind of idiot without experience goes out there during a storm???) she is swept into the sea by a huge wave... and wakes up again (I have no idea how she got there!!) on Tyrian's El Halcon.

There seems to be some sort of conspiracy going on in which Tyrian is involved as well as Juliette's family (I think the conspiracy is against them) and Tyrian's former lover Sigrit (his first lover). Sending Juliette on that journey at the beginning of the story seems to have been part of the plan as well, but I am not sure if letting her get kidnapped by the pirates was. With Nicholas' (Nicholas is Tyrian's cabin boy, only confidante and maybe also his lover) help Tyrian learns of the connection between Juliette and Luminous and decides to use her to capture the pirate. Somebody (could be one of Juliette's family members, who looks like the Chief) is murdered, Juliette framed by Tyrian and Tyrian is using Juliette, who of course is innocent as bait to lure in Luminous. Sigrit is (for whatever reasons) murdered by Tyrian's men, but Luminous learns from the dying woman that Tyrian is near and that he has Juliette. Of course he has to play hero, rescues Juliette and escapes with her from Tyrian. Tyrian's following actions (I cannot give you details, because I am not really clear on what's going on either) have something to do with the naval battles between the Spanish Armada and the British Marine. Through all of this he is being followed by Luminous, who, one day, tries to sneak on board of Tyrian's El Halcon and is trying to capture or kill Tyrian, a plan, which sort of backfires when the actual sea battle gets in the way and he is captured by Tyrian and almost hanged. Captain Black and Pigeon and some of Luminous' men rescue their Captain, but Pigeon is mortally wounded, while protecting Black and Luminous from a backstabbing attempt. He dies later, back on Luminous' ship.

After the death of his friend Luminous gets somewhat more determined and a bit desperate. He takes up practicing fencing with Black again and prepares for another fight with Tyrian (their last one). It seems he joined up with the British fleet. If I remember correctly during that time there were pirates working for the British crown, against Spain, so that could be a reason why Luminous was never hunted by the British, never really an outlaw... and a possible reason how turned from being a merchant's son to a pirate to a British aristocrat (or at least his descendants)... winning a major battle against the enemy, getting back whatever money or land his family owned and elevated to the position of an Earl by the queen... but all of that is pure speculation on my part:)) Finally the last (or at least one of the largest, most important) battles between the British any Spanish fleet draws near. Luminous asks Juliette to leave the ship, he doesn't know if he'll survive and doesn't want her on board during the final battle. The battle starts, lots of fighting going on, but the advantage is clearly on the Spanish side. Finally, when there is no other option, Luminous comes up with a desperate plan. They ask most of their crews to leave the ships, let the Spanish fleet come very close and set their own ships on fire, steering right into the Spanish fleet. Luminous stays on his ship and during the battle between the remaining crew and the Spanish (who try to rescue their own ships from the fire), and manages to get onto Tyrian's El Halcon again where they fight their final duel. Since the ship is burning as well, especially the part where the gun powder is stored, they are both in a bit of a hurry, fighting quickly and desperately and with their final strike both hitting the other... Tyrian injures Luminous’ right shoulder, Luminous’ final strike was placed better, he hit the left side of Tyrian's chest, Tyrian is mortally wounded. Luminous is dragged off the ship and into the sea by Black, while Nicholas, who stayed with Tyrian, is supporting his captain and has decided to stay with him. They both die in the (gunpowder) explosion which rips Tyrian's ship to pieces. Luminous returns to his crew (Juliette, in men's clothing among them), and they sail off into the sunset:)

Masae translated the last part for me. It's from the ending of Seven Skies, Luminous' last comment when he stands on his ship, throwing flowers into the sea and remembering Tyrian:

"His (Tyrian's) fierce death is imprinted in my memory. I hated him at heart, but... Tyrian. You also risked your life in the ocean and fell in the sea. Good-bye, Tyrian. You will never be forgotten."



There are several things I think I could add to it and answer the questions she raised. In order to do so, please let me summarize an opening scene of SSSS. This should provide a concrete background to answer most of the questions. The numbers in parentheses show the page each scene takes place on in the manga so that you can follow the story.

The story starts in the castle of Marquis Greenwood, located in Dover. The Governor of Cornwall, Lord Persimmon and his stepson, Tyrian, are paying a visit to the Greenwood family. Lord Persimmon, who resembles Klaus's Chief in "From Eroica With Love", discusses the repeated pirate attacks with the Marquis. From their conversation, we can see that Lord Persimmon's social status is higher than that of the Marquis. Tyrian became a member of this powerful family not by birth, but through his mother's remarriage. He was the son of Lord Edlington, a lawyer, and Isabella. But after his father's death, in which Tyrian played the critical role -- little Tyrian stabbed his father with a sword when his father tried to kill him -- his mother married Lord Persimmon. She did not do it out of love - Lord Persimmon, who seems too old to be an ideal match for the still young Isabella, has numerous mistresses in his castle before their marriage and demanded that Isabella live with them. Isabella decided to take his hand just for the better future of Tyrian. This part of the story is described more in detail in "El Halcon". Lisa's site has an excellent summary regarding this passage here.

Anyway, when Lord Persimmon, Marquis Greenwood and Tyrian are walking down the hallway of the Marquis mansion, a blonde teenager appears and introduces herself to Tyrian. She is active and lively and still maintains a somewhat childlike manner. She wishes to speak to Tyrian because she is curious about pirates. She is attracted to romantic tales of pirates and wants to hear more stories from a real naval officer, which Tyrian happens to be.

Tyrian coldly answers to her questions by saying, "Pirates are filthy spoilers, treacherous to the state. Nothing more." These blunt words scare Juliet a little. Lord Persimmon, however, adores Juliet's behavior and decides to marry her. (Tyrian's mother has already passed away.)

He asks Tyrian's opinion. Tyrian's initial comment is, "She is only a child. You have Sigrit and others waiting for you at Cornwall." (Sigrit is his father's favorite mistress.) But his stepfather insists he likes the girl because of her age. She is seventeen years old and her youth has dazzled his eyes. Tyrian was not pleased at his stepfather's outspoken preference for young women, but says, "Please, feel free to do as you wish... just as you have been doing." He adds with a smile, "I respect your never-ending passion, father." To himself, he thinks, "I don't care how many mistresses you take, so long as you don't stand in my way...."

Meanwhile, Marquis and his wife rejoice over Governor Persimmon's proposal. They tell Juliet not to mind his age; older man can be very kind. Juliet says, "Is he that old? He is 24 or 25, isn't he?"
Apparently, Juliet mistook it as Tyrian's proposal, never imagining that she would marry a man older than her father. Her parents do not dare tell her the truth, fearing she will refuse the golden offer out of her childish dreams of freedom and adventure.

As they expected, Juliet starts mumbling about freedom and dream that can't be bought. Her father threatens her by saying if she does not consent, he will sent her to a convent and make her a nun. Realizing that there is even less freedom in a convent, she agrees to marry. She tries to comfort herself that Tyrian's icy impression could be wrong. After all, he is a naval officer, so he must be brave and good.

Juliet's parents tell a messenger from Persimmon family that they could not tell Juliet who her real groom is. They beg the messenger for understanding. Meanwhile, the news of Lord Persimmon's engagement shakes his household.

The Governor is planning to construct a new castle for Juliet. Tyrian enters the governor's room and asks how he would deal with his numerous mistresses when the new bride arrives.

Tyrian points out that Sigrit shouldn't be shocked, since she served the governor even when Tyrian's mother was around. His stepfather is displeased to hear the words. He says he has already rewarded Sigrit enough for her long service. Tyrian chuckles, "You prefer a brand new product to second-hand goods." The governor dismisses him by telling him go and catch the pirates. When he is about to leave the castle, Sigrit and others demand to have a talk with Tyrian.

They beg Tyrian for help. From the governor's lovesick attitude, they are now aware that Juliet has really won the old master's heart, and that her arrival may mean an end to their lives of luxurious. Tyrian refuses, saying that his stepfather would not listen to him. Then, Sigrit invites him to her private room and offers a secret deal. She says, "Please use your power to get rid of her."
Tyrian: "Are you trying to mobilize the Royal Navy just for a teenage girl?"
Sigrit: "I know you can do something about it. With your... other resources."
These words earn Tyrian's attention. Tyrian: "I can not understand what you are referring to."
Sigrit: "You, in spite of being a naval officer, are secretly involved in...."

Sigrit: "Edward Colsak, the merchant, is my elder brother."
Tyrian: "Is that so? How careless of me."
Tyrian: "Then you are well informed about the Benedict Incident a year ago..."
Sigrit: "I know every corner of the incident."
Tyrian: "And you kept silence until today. Splendid actress."
Tyrian: "Such streetwise behavior might have caused my father to keep you away." (To himself: "I also dislike a streetwise woman.")
Sigrit: "How sad. After years of serving him..."
Tyrian: "Serving him as well as serving me, yes."(They had a secret sexual relationship.)

Tyrian rides a horse to return to his ship in Plymouth. He says to himself: "Juliet seemed to be a curious girl. If she becomes interested in my work... I must stop her before something happens. I have no wish to mount the gallows."

End of the opening scene.

Next you see Juliet on a ship. She is heading for Cornwall to marry the governor. This is the reason she was sent off from her home. We can also see that the first pirates who attacked Juliet ship were hired by Tyrian. She was extremely lucky that Luminous, a pirate who hunts pirates, happened to come by to rob the attackers.

Nico in her summary asked why Juliet was sent away to sea, and whether Tyrian has anything to do with it. I think above answers her question.

Luminous' friend who resembles Bonham is named Big John. We can easily guess that the name is from John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. In SSSS, Bonham, James and the rest of the crew were all Luminous' former classmates at Oxford University. When Luminous was forced to leave school because of his father's shameful death, they decided to follow Luminous to help his revenge.

Another question Nico raised in ML was regarding Tyrian's conspiracy. In fact, it is not against Juliet's family, but against Juliet and Sigrit. (I see that Nico took the governor's home as Juliet's in the opening scene.) Tyrian tried to have his hired pirates kidnap Juliet to get rid of her, thus keeping the promise he made to Sigrit. However, Juliet fell into the hands of Captain Black and the pirate demanded a large ransom. Tyrian used Edward Colsak to intercept the messenger and arranged to attack the ship which carried Juliet's ransom money. If the money did not reach the pirates, Captain Black would certainly kill Juliet. Then, Tyrian would come and attack Captain Black in his lawful capacity as a naval ship. However, Juliet accidentally fell into the sea and was rescued by Tyrian's ship, which was searching for Captain Black. Since there are witnesses to her rescue, now Tyrian has no choice but to escort her to his stepfather in Cornwall. Sigrit witnesses the arrival of the new bride, guarded by Tyrian, and believes that he did not keep the promise. She decides to threaten Tyrian with information she learned from her brother. The result is disastrous. She only knew that Tyrian was hiring pirates and framed the Benedict family to reward Colsak. She did not notice a deeper secret. Tyrian's true purpose for playing a double role, one as an able officer, another as pirate manipulator, is to act as a spy for the king of Spain. We can deduce from the story what made Tyrian a traitor and a spy. It is probably a mixture of his love for his unseen ancestral land, memory of his Spanish mother and Gerald Peru, his childhood idol (and possibly his real father), his harsh English father (or at least, his mother's husband), but most of all, admiration for the Spanish navy, which conquered seven seas at that time. His dream was to command the best navy and see the wide world -- seven seas and seven skies --with his own eyes. He plans to betray the British Navy at a critical moment and bring victory to Spain.

Meanwhile, lovesick Lord Persimmon eagerly welcomes Juliet, who decides to use his power for Luminous. She asks the governor for a favor: to reinvestigate the Benedicts' case. She says it concerns her dearest friend. The governor agrees to do so. Tyrian is outraged to learn this. If his father finds out that he hired the pirates, that could be end of his plan. As the governor seals his letter of request for the reinvestigation, addressed to Admiral of the Royal Navy, Tyrian enters the room and offers to hand the letter to Admiral himself. Then he explains that Juliet's dearest friend is a pirate, Captain Luminous Benedict Red, the son of a hanged Benedict, and the very pirate who kidnapped Juliet. He points out that Captain Red is a handsome, attractive young man, and reminds his stepfather how pirates treat hostages if they are young women. These words made his stepfather lose affection toward Juliet, and bought some time for Tyrian's conspiracy. Tyrian is now determined to eliminate every potential risk to his plan. Before his stepfather changes his mind, Tyrian assassinates him and then frames Juliet for the murder. Then he hires an assassin to kill Sigrit, who knows too much. As Nico described in her summary, Luminous, who had been following Nicholas, suspects there is some conspiracy going on between Tyrian and Colsak. As he tries to search Colsak's warehouse, he witnesses Sigrit being stabbed by an assassin. He learns from the dying woman the truth of the Benedicts' family case: that his family was innocent and it was all Tyrian's setup.

The new governor of Cornwall, the successor to Tyrian's stepfather, was a clever man. He notices an official record that informs him that the former governor had submitted a letter of request to the admiral for the reinvestigation of a specific case right before his death. He starts to suspect Tyrian, especially his hidden connection with Spain. Tyrian decides to defect to Spain when he learns this, and seajack an English battleship. On his way to Spain, he encounters Luminous. After this, the story goes just as Nico described in her summary. But I must add that Tyrian was disillusioned when he witnessed the reality of the mighty Spanish fleet from inside. They are outdated; the captains are living on their past glory, and they don't recognize the English Navy's recent technical progress. Most of all, they doubt Tyrian as a double agent for England. However, he was not totally disappointed. He designs his own ship, El Halcon, a hybrid of Spanish and English naval designs, and trains his own men. Thus, his ship becomes a nightmare to English.


~Mme Cusack~

Note: This information comes from numerous different email posts and so there are repetitions and redundancies.

First, let me remind you that the chronology is a bit complicated. Aoike-san wrote "Seven Seas, Seven Skies" first in 1977, but as explained above, the story takes place after the incidents recounted in the two volumes of El Alcon. SSSS is a historical romantic love comedy that the writer playfully started, which features the pirate hero Luminous Red Benedict. Tyrian simply came out as a typical villain, the opponent of Luminous, but while working on the story, Aoike-san fell in love with the cold-blooded traitor: I'm not making this up, for she writes, in various articles, how she became dead serious about writing Tyrian rather than Dorian's ancestor in the middle of the story. So much so that Aoike-san was heartbroken when she had to conclude the story by killing Tyrian in the explosion of his ship. To make atonement and probe into Tyrian's personality and life, she wrote two volumes of El Alcon in 1977 and 1978. By the way, please note that Eroica series started in 1976, which is before SSSS was first published.

Here's the list of the important characters who fell victim to Tyrian: (As always, I'm not certain of the spelling of the proper nouns; they are only transliteration of the katakana names.)

El Alcon 1

O'Brien, the captain of Cloud, the first ship he went aboard immediately after the military academy. Having learned that the ship had a secret pact with the pirates not to be attacked by them, he deliberately applied to the ship notorious for its rough crew, blackmailed O'Brien, egged the frustrated officers to rebel against the captain. O'Brien, who couldn't swim, was thrown into the ocean. (The middleman of the secret agreement was the merchant Edward Colsack, who took part in destroying the Benedict family later. Colsack's sister Sigrit was one of the mistresses of Persimmon, Tyrian's father-in-law. Sigrit was Tyrian's first woman.)

Edwin Graham, Tyrian's friend from the military academy. Tyrian happened to meet him in Plymouth to learn that Edwin was engaged to Penelope Garrett, a daughter of the Admiral Garrett of the navy. Edwin was going to escort her to London on his ship. Tyrian hired rogues to attack Edwin and stole his role. Edwin was only beaten up this time, but eventually murdered by Tyrian's henchman later.

Penelope Garrett. During the voyage to London, she was seduced by Tyrian and fell madly in love with him. Just as he planned, Tyrian won the Admiral's favor through his daughter.

Lucas Elliot, Penelope's friend from childhood and the commander of the Guards. He suspected Tyrian of a spy of Spain (which was true), tried to reveal his conspiracy, fell into Tyrian's snare conversely, court-martialed and executed. Penelope came to know the truth, and was stabbed to death by Tyrian.

El Alcon 2

Gilda Lavanne, the chieftain of the French pirates' Les Fleurs Blanches. The English navy ordered the Commander Persimmon to either negotiate with, subjugate, or wipe out the French pirates at his discretion. All went according to Tyrian's scenario so that he could demonstrate his loyalty to the Spanish navy. His ship, disguised as one of Les Blanches Fleurs' ships, attacked the French pirates' island and defeated them. Gilda surrendered. Tyrian raped her the night before he turned her over to Spain, which would execute her in most cruel manner imaginable. To convince England that he had finished Gilda Lavanne, an innocent woman of the island was hung as her substitute. Gilda managed to free herself from the burning Spanish ship and traced Tyrian to Plymouth for vengeance. Her attempt failed, and she died in Tyrian's arms, rather contentedly.

Seven Seas, Seven Skies

Sigrit, who knew too much, was killed by Tyrian's man.

The history behind Tyrian's persecution of Dorian's ancestor:

The Low Countries were under the control of Spain since1516. During the early 1500's, the Protestant movement called the Reformation spread through the Low Countries. The story (1585) took place in the period when England supported the Netherlands as the same enemy of Roman Catholicism, and Queen Elizabeth I encouraged Captain Drake's "sea dogs" to raid Spanish ships. Gregory Benedict (Luminous' father) helped the Dutch Protestants suffering from the persecution of Spain by sending them goods, as the wealthiest, respected merchant of Plymouth.

Spain needed a naval base close to the Low Countries, and the island of Les Fleurs Blanches was ideal for their purposes. Spain assassinated Gilda's father in an attempt to take the island out of the French pirates' possession, but Gilda took over her father's position as the chieftain, and in return launched a concentrated attack on Spanish ships. Spain sent a secret message to Tyrian demanding him to destroy the French pirates. Tyrian, who had killed Gerald Perou and damaged a Spanish naval base island, had to comply, or he would lose the confidence of Spain.

Tyrian directed his attention to Luminous' father as a scapegoat. He approached Gregory Benedict using sweet words, offering his officers in Benedict's ships under the pretext of guarding their voyages from attacks of Spain. Colsack, being more than happy to take part in ruining the greatest rival of his, cooperated with Tyrian by building carracks with sails similar to those of Les Fleurs Blanches. Then, Les Fleurs Blanches, which had been known to raid only Spanish ships, started attacking English vessels indiscriminately.

Gilda Lavanne dispatched a messenger to England to vindicate themselves from the groundless accusation. She claimed it was an evil plot by Spain. The English navy sent Commander Persimmon to La Rochelle for the meeting with Gilda. The negotiation broke down as Tyrian intended, which gave him full and fine reasons to attack Gilda's island.

He occupied the island and raped Gilda. Then, the Spanish messenger from Netherland arrived, asking for Gilda and the evacuation of the island, with a personal letter from Duke of Paloma, the governor-general of Netherland. The letter thanked the unstated addressee for the cooperation to Spain, and asked for further collaboration to Spain in the coming opening of hostilities against England. Tyrian left the island with the captured French pirates, which was enough to convince England of his efforts and loyalty.

Back in Plymouth, arms and munitions for Spain and the personal letter from the Duke of Paloma were found in one of Gregory Benedict's ships. He was brought to trial on a charge of treason. Tyrian appeared in court and testified against Gregory. Benedict was sentenced to death.

Prior to the trial, Colsack suggested Tyrian to finish the only son of Benedict as well, but Tyrian dismissed the idea, thinking that the naive-looking law student raised in a wealthy family would not be a problem. How wrong he was.

Bisexual Tyrian sleeps with lots of women only to exploit them, while being more affectionate and caring to his cabin boy (their relation is not explicitly drawn but apparently they are sleeping together). He shows strong despise to every woman including his mother. It's almost like Tyrian has sex with women only to degrade them. An exceptional instance when he shows a bit of respect to a female character is a bed scene with a French woman who leads a group of pirates, defeated by Tyrian, raped by him, sold to the Spanish navy, and ends up dying in his arms failing in an attempt to kill him.

He is a traitor who shows no remorse in using every possible dirty trick to climb up the ladder of the British navy (he became a colonel of the British Navy at the age of 24), only to betray his country in favor of Spain. His ambition is to take over the control of the Spanish Armada and conquer the seven seas. (But the ambition is frustrated by Luminous Red Benedict, the ancestor of Dorian, and he dies in the explosion of his ship El Alcon.

No one's sure who Tyrian's real father is. His legitimate father (an English lawyer) suspects his real father is a Spanish navy officer who's long been a friend of Tyrian's mother (Spanish). Only his mother knows, but she dies without telling him the truth. The legitimate father hates him, ill-treats him, and dies of an injury that Tyrian inflicts upon him when he's still a boy. Later on, he encounters Gerard Perou, the Spanish lover of his mother, on an English ship taken over by the Spanish navy. Despite the suspicion that Perou may be his real father, Tyrian hangs him on the ship. So whichever the case is, Tyrian is a patricide.

He steals his friend's fiancée, puts the blame on his high treason to an innocent army officer and have him executed, in which Luminous' father, a rich merchant, is involved and put to death also. With his family and the future totally ruined, Dorian's ancestor Luminous quits being a law student at Oxford University and becomes a pirate to revenge himself on Tyrian.

So, even if Tyrian is the Major's ancestor, the resemblance between Klaus and Tyrian is quite limited. But at least both seem the most comfortable when they are in a male company of the military. Tyrian cherishes his cabin boy like Klaus shows special care for his novice agent, Z.

One of the key words to understand what Eroica is to a Japanese audience is paternity in connection with Klaus' Karma. Klaus is the transmigrated being of Tyrian Persimmon. Tyrian killed his three fathers. First, the boy Tyrian, to protect himself, stubbed his mother's husband (Edlington) who had strongly doubted his son's legitimacy, and that wound was the cause of his later death. Secondly, he sent his man to assassinate the Governor of Cornwall whom his mother married after Edlington died. Thirdly, he executed by hanging his could-be biological father, Gerald Perou, the Spanish navy officer, once a lover of his mother and the object of his admiration. The mystery of his real father was buried unanswered when his mother died of TB. When Aoike-san decided to carry on Tyrian's descendant in the other series, it was natural that Klaus couldn't get away with the sin of the triple patricides committed by his former self. Not only that, Tyrian also killed Dorian's ancestor's father. Luminous Red Benedict was a wealthy merchant's only son and a law student of Oxford with a bright future ahead of him. Tyrian's dark conspiracy destroyed the family; Luminous' father was arrested and executed on a false charge, his mother died of grief and their entire property confiscated or plundered. Luminous became a pirate captain to retaliate against Tyrian Persimmon.

Therefore, Klaus in Eroica has to pay for the sins of his former life by bearing the heavy burden of being a father for everyone. By the time we get to 'The Laughing Cardinals,' his mission/role in Eroica which Aoike-san assigned to him becomes fairly clear. He's the lonely father of the incompetent alphabets and the flabbergasting thief, deprived of all the carnal pleasures his ancestor enjoyed; he is not allowed to get married, nor indulge himself in a homosexual relationship.

As a matter of fact, to me it seems that Klaus even acts as a father for his own father; the boy Klaus was raised in a motherless household, but I don't see any trace of dark childhood experience in him. Klaus' father married a woman who gave him a fine son and left them too soon. What if father Eberbach loved his lost wife too much to seek another woman? And if the boy Klaus understood his father's grief on his mother's loss and tried to console him as best as he could by becoming a good military man like his father? That's my impression of Klaus and his father. Children are often good at sensing their parents' emotions, and try their best to help them. But unfortunately both men were not good at subtle communication skill. And that kind of father/son relationship used to be so typical in Japanese family life - or even encouraged in the male dominant communities like the yakuza world or military society; eloquence was not a virtue for Japanese men for a long time. The Japanese Eroicafen talk a lot about Klaus' father in the official site message board, all of them are favorable, or even affectionate comments. I've never read an interpretation of Klaus' father as a cold-blooded monster. We never dream of Klaus hating his father nor his father abusing Klaus.