Tales of Romance

I have divided the stories by the "Masbath Index", meaning that the different "universes" are called by whatever Young Masbath's name turned out to be in that universe, unless he doesn't figure in it. Mine is the "Josiah universe". In the "Highland Hollow" universe, Masbath does not appear except in a brief reference.

Recommended SH fics which are not archived on this site can be found here.

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The Josiah Universe

Stories by Kadorienne (email: moggy at belladonna.org). The further investigations of Ichabod Crane.

A New Century
Ichabod Crane's first investigation after Sleepy Hollow. While trying to find the secret behind a haunted house, Ichabod also must strive to solve that greatest of all mysteries: a woman's heart.
Cesare Beccaria's book An Essay on Crimes and Punishments is a real book, and was published in the right era for Ichabod Crane to have read it. Dr. Zabdiel Boylston may have a name that sounds like it came from one of Washington Irving's tales, but he was also a genuine historical personage, and is in fact my ancestor, though his grandchildren in this story are fictitious.
Swoon count: 1.

The Strange Case of Ichabod Crane and Dr. Frankenstein
Ichabod investigates the original Mad Scientist. This story is narrated by Young Masbath, who is acting as Watson to Ichabod's Holmes. Ichabod's predictable reaction to Dr. Frankenstein's hobby of digging up and dissecting corpses was irresistible.
This is the only SH fanfic on the web which does not harp on how pretty Ichabod is, because it's narrated by Young Masbath, who doesn't care. Those familiar with Mary Shelley's novel will notice that I have taken a few liberties with her story, mostly adjusting time and place so that Ichabod's involvement is more plausible. I have taken a few passages directly from her classic novel, changing a pronoun or two to weave it into my own narrative; these passages are in bold letters. The italicized passage at the beginning of the story is an excerpt from an imaginary reference book that I made up entirely.
Swoon count: 3.

The Slash Universe, AKA The Andrew Universe

In the universe where it was Brom and not Katrina who won the heart of the fair Ichabod Crane, Young Masbath is an unimportant character who plays no part in the second story. However, he did appear in the fourth, in which his name was be Andrew.

Incidentally, an acquaintance told me that her 12-year-old son, upon learning that I write Sleepy Hollow stories, exclaimed, "Tell her to write one where Brom doesn't die!" Well, I already did, but I don't think this is what he had in mind.

The Love Story of Ichabod Crane and Brom Van Brunt
Write the authoress at moggy at belladonna.org.
Learn the real reason that Brom was jealous when the Pickety Witch kissed Ichabod.
Swoon count: 5.
Pairing: Ichabod Crane\Brom Van Brunt.
Rating: PG-13. No sex, only innuendo. In fact, no actual innuendo; I just imply that innuendo is going on.
Alternate Universe: Brom and Ichabod are both queer from the start and know it all along. Also, Brom is not killed by the Horseman; otherwise, the story would have ended, "And just as soon as Brom started to think the cute cop might be interested, he died. The End."

Nor Check My Courage
Write the authoress at moggy at belladonna.org.
It is you, Brom Van Brunt, who is now put to the test.
Swoon count: 2.
Rating: R - for violence, not sex. The sex is all poetry and precious few actual facts about what's going on.
The Rest: Same as the first story.

Benefit Of Ghouls And Goblins
Write the authoress at moggy at belladonna.org.
Brom and Ichabod take a holiday and encounter a vengeful ghost.
Swoon count: 1.
Rating: PG-13.

The Better Part of Valor
Write the authoress at moggy at belladonna.org.
A few Brom/Ichabod snippets.
Rating: PG-13

Sleepy Hollow Slash Snippet
Write the authoress at moggy at belladonna.org.
Brom\Ichabod AU snippet.
Rating: R.
Pairing: Isaac\Brent, Ichabod\Brom avatars.
Setting: Contemporary.

For more Sleepy Hollow slash fiction, check out Slash Hollow.

The Highland Hollow Universe

The Ancient Ones Endure
by Kadorienne
Write the authoress at moggy at belladonna.org.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: The world's only Sleepy Hollow ~ Highlander ~ Beauty and the Beast ~ From Eroica With Love crossover!
Notes: This story contains Beauty and the Beast's third season, non-explicit heterosexual romance, and non-explicit slash romance.
Swoon Count: 3.

The Ancient Ones Endure with author's commentary
Find out what the heck Kadorienne was thinking when she wrote this.

In Honor Bound
by Kadorienne
Rating: PG-13.
Summary:Crossover with Sleepy Hollow, Highlander, and Queen of Swords.
Swoon Count: 1.

The David Universe

Villainy Wears Many Masks
Collaboration by Adrienne and Kadorienne. This is a Sleepy Hollow novel by the two most prolific SH fanficcers on the web, with Adrienne writing as Katrina and me writing as Ichabod. I posted pictures of the characters to signal who is narrating; after a picture of Ichabod, he is speaking; after a picture of Katrina, she is. This story has everything: magic, detection, quarrels, romance, a brief appearance by the Horseman, and a record-breaking swoon count. The last three lines of the poem that appears in part 5 are by Kahlil Gibran.
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Swoon Count: 9+ (There is one scene where he lost count.)

The Knights of the Round Table
Email: moggy at belladonna.org
By Kadorienne. This vignette is about what Ichabod was thinking when he found her reading... okay, okay, it's about what I was thinking! Because it is such a short vignette, and because the events of this scene were determined by The Movie, the "swoon rule" was relaxed.

Ichabod's Childhood
Email: moggy at belladonna.org

The Proposal
Email: moggy at belladonna.org

The Grey Bard Universe

Genius At Work
Fandoms: NCIS, Sleepy Hollow.
Rating: G
Summary: Of course Abby would write fanfiction about Ichabod Crane. Tim Burton meets forensic science for the win! (Written for fiandyfic's write a character's fanfiction challenge meme.)
Author's Note: I blame Kadorienne for this, entirely. Just so you know. See, this is what I get for dragging her into fandoms!

The Heather Sparrows Universe

Heather Sparrows now has her own website!

...That Has Such People In It
by Heather Sparrows
Email: kargoo at arcor.de
From Eroica With Love crossover. Slash.
Rating: R.
Pairings: Ichabod\Horseman, Dorian\Klaus.
Summary: It's 1805, and the search for secret construction plans leads Major Eberbach and Lord Gloria to the New World, where they join forces with Ichabod Crane, an early police detective with special methods and his friend, an uncanny policeman.

The Strange Case of the Reverend
by Heather Sparrows
Email: kargoo at arcor.de
Not in the same universe as the above, but by the same sterling author! Massachusetts 1781. A grim view of what might have happened during Ichabod's childhood.
A short summary: Massachusetts 1781. During a snowstorm, Professor Abraham Van Helsing and his friend lose their way and find shelter in the house of a Reverend Crane. Neither the Reverend himself, a strict, forbearing, cruel man, nor the morose housekeeper or the Reverend's friend, the bigot schoolmaster, are very happy about their guests. And there is the Reverend's son, ten-year-old Ichabod, a frightened and lonely child. During the night, a murder happens ...
Rating: NC-17
Warning: deals with adult themes.

The Joseph Universe

Only A Stranger
by Diana

Email: PTIByrne at aol.com Rating: PG-13.
Summary: A beautiful prose poem about Ichabod and Katrina's first meeting.
Swoon Count: 0.

The Wolfychan Universe

So Tired
by Wolfychan
Email: wolf at glomph.com
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: A haunting story based on the Washington Irving story, not The Movie.

The Jonathan III Universe

Two Different Worlds
by Glacier
Email: Glacier571 at aol.com
This story retells The Movie with a few things added and a few things changed. For those of you who are Killian fans, Killian is highly featured, and there's something of a twist on the end.
Swoon count: 5.

Sleepy Hollow