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Headless Horseman webcomic
And another


Top Ten Reasons that Brom and Ichabod belong together
by Megan


Sara, Beautiful And Short
by Rosiekins
Summary: Delightful spoof of the various Horseman/Mary Sue fics out there.

Rod Hilton

Sleepy Hollow: The Abridged Script.
by Rod Hilton
Summary: Hilarious spoof of The Movie, archived from The Editing Room.


Humor by Kadorienne


Inappropriate Elf Challenge

The Top 10 Things The Cranes Would Say To Each Other In A Quarrel

The Top 10 Reasons To Slash Sleepy Hollow

The Top 10 Reasons For Choosing Ichabod Over Brom

The Top 10 Reasons Ichabod's Hair Is Always A Mess

The Top 10 Job Perks Of Working For Constable Crane

You Know You're Obsessed With Sleepy Hollow When...

Constable Crane reports to the Burgomaster.
This is for those of you who, like me, have wondered what the hell Ichabod told his superiors when he got back to New York.

Sleepy Hollow Emoticon!

The Secret Diary of Ichabod Crane

The Secret Diary of the Headless Horseman


Creepy Hollow

by Darth Maligna AKA Darth Rage AKA Amy-Wan Kenobi, Mel Brooks's long-lost twin
A hilarious parody of The Movie with plenty of Phantom Menace and Sixth Sense references.
Swoon count: 2.
Check out Darth Maligna's homepage here.


Humor by Glacier

Ichabod Crane's Top 10 Excuses For the Katrina Illustrations In His Ledger

More Sleepy Hollow Song Dedications

Sleepy Hollow Song Dedications

The Top 10 Failed Sleepy Hollow Marketing Gimmicks

Sleepy Hollow